Sunday, September 13, 2009

Janji Manisku

Sorry for those who actually waited for my updates (check out last post). I don't intend to menabur janji manisku okay, but something came up while I was writing that post and only today I had the chance to resurface, after went missing for a while. Sebenarnya I wanted to share about Loccitane Brume Mist I bought. I lurve this spray so much, it removes unpleasent odour and rambut berbau wangi :>

How is life? Well, busy with work, as always.
And both of us were busy with stuff too. We moved to a new place, this week is our second week residing at our own love pad. The day I wrote "la la la" post was the day we got the house. Hubby went back from his class and invited me have a look at this new place. I like it and we straightaway took the key on that day. So, starting from that moment, we were tied up furnishing the place with necessities, beli barang, kemas-kemas etc.
And on yesterday, mum and dad came to visit us and brought Meena along. Meena is now with us in our new apartment. She completes us :D
We spent this weekend at our new place and made kuih raya, bake cakes and cook stuff (dapur baru beli semalam haha). Other than that it's either Farmville, the Internet or reading Body2Body or New Moon. And today we were quite free so we went shopping for groceries and shopping for my tudung raya at Ariani.
Okay people, time for my New Moon. Toodles!