Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here and There

Whoa, what a weekend! I was all over the place man!
On Saturday, attended Mum's Family Day i.e MITCOO Colorama at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park. Thank God Sasa was there too so we gossiped like there is no tomorrow. We did pocho pocho too HAHA. It was my first time, but Sasa, oh my Sasa knows how to do Pocho Pocho man! But whatever, I enjoyed it so much yang menari-nari dengan orang-orang MITCOO tu.
In the evening, attended birthday dinner for Kak Nazuha, my fiance's eldest sister who is now 8 months++ pregnant. The EDD is in two weeks time whoa, I am happy for my fiance as he will be an uncle somewhere soon.
Early on the Sunday morning, I drove mum to pasar and TESCO for groceries shopping. Then at 11AM, left for Putrajaya for the Pameran Pengantin at PICC. Seronok jugaklah because the Pameran is even better than the one at The Mall and Ampang Point. Apa kah hasil tangkapan di sana? Chocolate as gifts for the wedding, yippie :)
After that sebelum balik, look around for potential love pad around that area and bumped into one at Putrajaya. The landlord wishes to paint the house before he calls us for site visit in two weeks time. So okay lah, not a problem. Furthermore, we told the landlord we wanted to see the house first, only then we will decide for yes or no. But if we agree to take the house, we will move in as early as in May 2009. Okay jugak tu, boleh lah we prepare + furnish + decorate the house a bit. Tiba-tiba excited pulak on the house thingy. Yippie!
Oh ya, we choose Putrajaya because it's easier for me to go to the office either by ERL or opting to cruise the KL-Putrajaya highway to escape Tol Sg Besi and straight away exits at Jalan Tun Razak. In addition to that, senang lah my fiance nak pergi main tennis either after work or during the weekend because the place is quite near to Bangi. But this is only one option. We also open few options to look for houses in :
1. KL
2. Bangi
3. or even live with the parents in Seremban
Let's see which one is the most convenient for both of us and our two housemates (the cats).
On my way back from Putrajaya, dropped by Nilai 3 and booked my door gifts and lega gile because already settled this door gifts thingy.
Now yang tetiba dalam my mind is the table centerpieces. I was at CRES for my facial this evening and saw orange gerberas at the reception. At first it looked like bouquet of fresh gerberas but it is not! They are artificial gerberas and they looked real! And the hunt for gerberas begin.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Time as A Bridemaid

I've been appointed as a bridemaid!
Yes, I am going to be the bridemaid @ Maid of Honor for my dear cousin, who is getting married in 2nd of May this year. I will try my best to be a helpful bridemaid to my dear cousin. She already passed me the cloth bought from Jakarta. It was a beautiful lace and satin and the colour is gold. My fantasy tells me it will be a beautiful kebaya or something else maybe? Oh I will to go the tailor and ask for her advices. And yeah, I need to get a tudung for that too.
Speaking of bridemaid, I still haven't identified who is going to be my bridemaid for my wedding. For me, it is important that my bridemaid is someone who can calms me over my nervousness, someone who is helpful and someone who is fast and quick. Someone like Miss *. I always come to her whenever I am feeling down, because she will always bring me up, whenever I need help, because she is always there for me. And she is very good in every area for example dari roads in KL kepada cara-cara nak mengubah hantaran. I feel safe whenever I am with her. She is also close to my fiance. Well, she was there when it all started, she kind of know our story, she is also part of the story. So she would be the perfect bridemaid for me.
To Miss *, sudi tak you jadi my bridemaid? :)

A Relaxing Weekend

All this while, I was so worried and nervous about my work and the presentation which was successfully held on last Tuesday. When all done and completed, I was so relieved and felt as if I am a feather, very light and danced happily as being blown by the wind.
So this weekend, I reward myself with series of theraphy and treatments. I redeemed the Slimming promotion offer I purchased last year (whichexpires this month) and also the complimentary PMS Body Treatment from the CRES Ladies Club which I signed in last month. The full body slimming uses a machine which help to improve cell absorption and resolve fatty acid. The beautician attached series of plasters with wires to concentrated areas like the arms, the abs and the thigh. Andthen, when the machine is turned on, I could feel mild electricity penetrating my fatty cells. And it went on for 30 minutes. After that, it continues with the PMS massages at neck, shoulder, head at front and back. Ah, serious best. I almost fell asleep when the beautician massages my head. And I love the essential and aromatheraphy oil they use. It was a one hour massage treatment.
At first, I felt like staying in CRES and do the steam bath but I didn't. I could not get enough of the head massages so off to the hair saloon I go. Got myself a haircut and hairwash, and another head massages too! Ah, it was pure bliss!
After that, I drove to my favourite beautician, Jane and did the cheap honey waxing for my leg, for only RM28!
I think I am addicted to Beauty Saloon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oxidation Reduction Potential Energy Therapy at Aster Spring, KLCC

I jumped happily knowing that I'm one of the lucky person to experience free ORP Energy Therapy at Aster Spring, KLCC. If not for the promotion, the treatment worth RM188 each, for a 30 minute session of sitting inside the ORP Chamber. Yeah, the chamber really look like a tempayan, siap ada tulisan Jepun lagi ok. The ORP stone was discovered 3000m below sea-level under the mountainous region of Fuji in Japan and it has the highest content of negative ions in the world.
Aging is a process of oxidation within the body. In simpler terms, the body rusts and is damaged by oxidation (free radicals). To counter the effects of aging, an antioxidant molecule (negative ions) donates an extra ion to the free radical which neutralises it, vital for promoting good health and longevity. The antioxidant activity is also called ORP.
So when I did was sat naked inside the chamber for about 20 minutes. In the chamber room, TV and magazines were provided so okay lah, can watch the telly. After 5 minutes, I could feel the sweats started to came out non stop, berjurai-jurai macam air matalah katanya. No wonder it wrote that this therapy is able to burn 600 calorie within 30 minutes! The other 4 benefits of ORP are Energy Booster(reduce blood viscosity, balance cell metabolism), Detox Wonder (improve blood circulation, boost immunity), Slim Easy (enhances metabolism, inner cell detoxification) and Power Recharge (kill bacteria and germs, neutralise free radicals).
But sadly they only have these 4 chambers in KLCC. I hope one day they will extend the therapy in Aster Spring Seremban
Anyway, if you sign-in the Passport package with Aster Spring (I called it Passport package because I forgot the name of the thing, Ladies Healthy Club maybe?). They also have Juice Bar in KLCC. Cool kan? Sign in at RM1980 and get
+ Twelve facial coupons worth RM198 each
+ Few coupons for massages (I cant remember how many but it was a lot believe me!)
+ Unlimited usage of sauna and ORP chamber
Aha, yes I like the last part, unlimited usage of ORP chamber, how cool is that? I will definately sign-in the package one day!! (after knowing where I am going to stay after July 09)
*Infos on ORP are extracted from the pamphlet

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MATTA Fair March 2009

I am on tight budget so I never have this in mind - to visit the MATTA fair or go near Air Asia Go Holiday website. But when my fiance invited me to MATTA fair last Friday, I straightaway say "Yes!"
That was my first time to MATTA fair. I let him to lead me where ever he wanted to go. I know he has passion in berjalan/berholiday.
His pick - Pulau Perhentian/Pulau Kapas/Pulau Redang
Both of us love beaches so much. We are true Piscesan :D This vacation is meant for the Year End Holiday but unfortunately, during December is the monsoon season for Pulau Perhentian/Pulau Kapas/Pulau Redang. So we put this venue in KIV and will revisit MATTA fair in September to book for travelling period of Jan 2010 onwards.
My pick - Nexus Karambunai
Aha, I've always wanted to go to Karambunai. They offer RM299 per night and that is cheap compared to the price outside MATA fair. But sadly the promotion is valid till July 09 so bye bye Karambunai. We will try again in September
My pick - Avillion Port Dickson
I lurve this place. I love their Water Chalets, with balcony facing the sea and open sky bathroom!!! How cool is that. I memang suka benda benda pelik ni. And furthermore, the sales girl told us that we can hear the ombak from our room. Best kan. They are selling at RM350 per night. Outside MATTA fair is around RM400++
Our pick - Langkawi
Why oh why? Because my fiance have already bought 2 tickets to Wildlife Park HAHA. The tix was sold at RM8 at MATTA fair. Outside MATTA fair is RM12. Well at least he approved my passion for animals. He called me AJK Haiwan dan Alam Sekitar. What ever! Anyway, they had one of the ular sawa at their booth on that day. I was like freaked out when I saw the ular sawa but sentuh jugak lah. The ular sawa is a baby ular sawa but she is big jugak lah. I told the Wildlife sales person that I cant wait to meet her mother at their park some day.
Was lucky - We were very lucky when we got 3D2N stay in Swiss-In in Kuantan or Damai Laut for FREE. Benda free, sape tanak kan? But since the expiry date is on June 2009, I guess I will make it a family outing to Kuantan/Damai Laut. I've already told mum and auntie and they choose Kuantan. To Kuantan, here we come!!

Free Willy

It's me again. HAHA
Actually, I've just finished the Peer Review of my work, so that means that, my one year reservoir engineering studies have been presented and commented and now I can sit down and relax a bit. And that mean that I am now allowed to go for courses and offshore trips which have been ignored and quarantine for months and months. Seronoknyer. Tomorrow I will want to review the list of courses, pick the one in PERMATA or outside KL and also register my name for Well Sitting program :D:D

Wedding Day

4 months until my Wedding Day :D

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Ahmad Faizal and Noruzila

I left for JB on Friday to attend the Solemnization of my dear cousin, Ahmad Faizal and his beautiful bride, Noruzila. Selamat Pengantin Baru Abang! It was a simple and sweet ceremony and very touching to see everyone cried when you are officially a husband to someone. I can also feel tears coming down from my eyes as eventhough at that time I was busy snapping photos of your Solemnization. Semoga Berbahagia Hingga Ke Anak Cucu.
The Reception for his side will be on 4th April, so the whole family will gather again in April. I am thinking on buying Abang honeymoon ticket, but will need to check their availability first. But Mama and I have already agreed to sponsor the cuppies for his reception and the cuppies will be done by my BFF, ratukek of Seremban :):)

January and February Babies at Bora Ombak, Ampang

Thanks to Ikzal, the organizer and thanks to all wonderful and febeles friend for the superb birthday party :)
It was hella fun, thanks to Ixxu for the Belaian Jiwa, thanks to Pocong-pocong for the Pocho Pocho.
Thanks to makcik bontot lentik for the free avenue for us to gelak ketawa.
To Hafiz Ngah and Faizad, Happy Belated Birthay, can't believe that we are already 27 years old :p

Monday, March 16, 2009


I subscribe to Daily Kitten, which publishes new kitten profiles everyday at 3.07PM. I have this in mind, to submit Meena and Cookie photos to the administrator, so they can be famous HAHA. Will ask Mum to do the description.
I've also received weekly newsletter from SPCA. Love it. Sometimes I share the stories with Mum and few animal lovers friend *hi apau*hi aritha*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love Pad

Yesterday, Jes and I chit-chatted about where to stay after the wedding. Well Jes has already find a place and housemates and tentatively, they will move in to the new home soon. She said it's fine with her to have housemates so whenever hubby is away, she still has someone to accompany her. At one condition, the housemates are not their own parent lah. HAHA.
I told Jes, that I will too have 2 housemates staying with me. So there will be us, the family of four, but thing is, we still have not find any place yet. My fiance volunteered to look out for the houses. But I guess I will also help him looking for the house. He is so busy nowdays. His birthday is on this coming Friday and just a minute ago, he told me that he will be outstation starting from tomorrow until Monday. So sad to hear that. Baru nak buat suprise.
Okay lah, not a problem then. Aster Spring called, I am lucky that I get this free trial this new chamber thingy on this Saturday. It worth hundreds on RM and I got it free, so I must go. And a confirmed facial at SKII on this Friday. Shiseido and Dior make-over and even discounts at KFC HAHA. All this free things this month, most of it are birthday treats from all those membership I owned. And for the weekend, yeah, so many things to do this weekend i.e survey for my theme flowers, looking for ideas on card and signages, cikcur with Hazlina and house hunting too maybe?
p/s Our two confirmed housemates are Cik Putih Cantik and Meena :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not A Gym Freak

The other day, Fitness First called and invited me to their Open Day in February. It was Irwan who nominated my name, yeah, Irwan is now in KL and regularly goes to the gym after office. One one fine day, I skipped my lunch and agreed to take a short tour to FF in Menara Maxis, the nearest branch to my office. The membership executive gave me a free body analysis and asked question on my expectations and my area of concern for fitness. I was so impressed at the facilities, equipment and classes they offer. They have Yoga (I miss my Yoga so much!), Body Pump and even Ballroom dancing. It is worthit for the hundreds you pay, provided that you consistently visit the gym at least 3 times a week, for at least 2 hours. For 3 months commitment, the monthly fee is around RM2++. For 12 months commitment, the monthly fee is cheaper, around RM1++ per month. But the joining fee along with some other additionals will cost you around RM6++ to RM8++ for you to sign in as member. Quite pricey. I am not sure how committed I will be because it's quite scarry to see some friends suffered to finish the 12 months commitment. Some even dying to look for replacement because they can no longer give their commitment to visit the gym *hi nasriq*. But there are also the dedicated ones, and I am very proud of them (and their body) *hi KJ, *hi my ex- SM*
But looking at my current scenario, I choose to forget about it. I travelled from Seremban to KL every weekdays. I left home as soon as I performed my Subuh prayers and headed back home latest by 5.30PM everyday, just to avoid the traffic congestion. On weekend, I try my best to stay away from hectic KL so I will just stay at home. The only possible time for me to work out is during the short 1 hour lunch break. Time is my constraint. I was left with no choice, as such I plan tick to the weekend routine of tennis or jogging at the S2 park. I told the membership executive to call me again once we move to KL in August.
But God answered my prayers when I came across this wonderful offer by CRES Wellness while I was having my promotion facial and detox the other day. The beautician was excitedly offering the variety of treatment at the price of RM3++ but I was more magnetized with one of their offer which was "Unlimited usage of CRES sauna and gym". Oh my, I took it straight away. RM3++ for one year, unlimited usage of sauna and gym!! Fitness First is no longer in my mind. CRES Wellness in Seremban is situated at Jusco S2, which is 5 mins drive from my place. I am so glad that I can now hit the gym even on weekedays. I plan to come after Maghrib prayers, work out, steam bath, take shower, hit home, light snack and sleep. I give my 100% commitment on weekends, provided that I dont have anything to do lah.
And yeah, since it's my birthday month, they gave me one RM100 vouncher for facial, one RM100 voucher for massages/slimming and RM40 vouncer for product. The beautician recommended me to go for Shiatsu massages, it's one of the best she had, talking from ther personal experience. Hmm, sounds interesting eh? I am sucker for massages. I've had authentic Thai massages last time in Bangkok and now look forward to experience Shiatsu.
So if you are interested, you can also join CRES Ladies Club at that price. This only happen once in a year. The place is so serenating. I love the ambiance and the decor, they even have those peaceful music to accompany you in the gym and pile of reading materials. Don't be suprise to see me reading while hitting the elliptical trainer. I will snap some photos for you all later okay. This is just an effort for me to stay fit and healthy. Furthermore, the wedding day is also coming soon. Would love to look good and cute on that day. Wish me luck :D

CRES Ladies Club at RM3++
* 1 BioCell Triple Action Treatment worth RM220
* 1 PMS Body Treatment
* 1 Anti-aging Eye Treatment
* 1 Advanced Neck Lifting Treatment
* 10% discount off every ala certe CRES therapy
* Unlimited usage of CRES sauna and gym
* Birthday invitation and special gifts
* Facial Travelling Kit worth RM175