Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love Pad

Yesterday, Jes and I chit-chatted about where to stay after the wedding. Well Jes has already find a place and housemates and tentatively, they will move in to the new home soon. She said it's fine with her to have housemates so whenever hubby is away, she still has someone to accompany her. At one condition, the housemates are not their own parent lah. HAHA.
I told Jes, that I will too have 2 housemates staying with me. So there will be us, the family of four, but thing is, we still have not find any place yet. My fiance volunteered to look out for the houses. But I guess I will also help him looking for the house. He is so busy nowdays. His birthday is on this coming Friday and just a minute ago, he told me that he will be outstation starting from tomorrow until Monday. So sad to hear that. Baru nak buat suprise.
Okay lah, not a problem then. Aster Spring called, I am lucky that I get this free trial this new chamber thingy on this Saturday. It worth hundreds on RM and I got it free, so I must go. And a confirmed facial at SKII on this Friday. Shiseido and Dior make-over and even discounts at KFC HAHA. All this free things this month, most of it are birthday treats from all those membership I owned. And for the weekend, yeah, so many things to do this weekend i.e survey for my theme flowers, looking for ideas on card and signages, cikcur with Hazlina and house hunting too maybe?
p/s Our two confirmed housemates are Cik Putih Cantik and Meena :D

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