Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello :D

Hello people! Wow it has been a while hasn't it?
If you've been wondering where I've been this while...
Tak de pergi mana pon. I am still around, just bit busy with life, work, new home, Facebook and now Hari Raya open house and gathering here and there :>
Work related - Finally I am free. Hurrah :D:D. The work on Project X and Y are now completed. Mid Year Performance Appraisal is done. I am planning to go for Leadership courses (course lepak-lepak) somewhere in November and another skill group training probably before the year end. I will be off to offshore on Sunday for few weeks, need to be out of office for a while. Mana tak nyer, I've been with Project X since April 2007, memang super saturated lah kepala ni. Memang kena keluar jalan-jalan sikit. And right on the time, Bos handed me new assignment. I cant wait to start. Tunggu balik offshore dulu lah :)
New home. Yeah new home is 50% done. Another 50% goes to furnishing the place. Well, dont be suprise to know that we will be moving again somewhere soon. So bile dah settle tempat baru nanti baru lah fikir nak furnish the place and also organize the long awaited Housewarming or Open House. Semua orang pon dah sibuk tanya.
Married life. We are expending! Now there are 4 of us! We've just adopted Niki Niki Nu, who is Meena's scratching post and stationary friend hehe. We are on our way to teach Meena to scratch Niki Niki Nu and not the carpet, but it seems that doesn't work. We've tried to spray catnip to Niki Nu, tapi tak berkesan gak. Haih. I have this feeling that Meena is scared of Niki Niki Nu. Her fakeness is so obvious kan?
What else? Well I now drive to work and seems to enjoy it. I cook for us and love to experiment new recipes. Everything seems wonderful now. Syukur Alhamdulillah.
Okay, see you all in 2 weeks time. Toodles.