Thursday, February 26, 2009

Written by A 27 Years Old

I can't believe it that I am already 27. Mum still buy me soft toys and I bet she either didn't realise she has a 27 years old daughter HAHA. I am not afraid to face any numbers given, I just want to thank God for giving me changes and opportunity for me to enjoy life at this far.
Friends, thank you so much for the lovely smses, messages, e-mails and thoughts.
Thanks to Sasa and Hafiz Ngah, my favourite banana and cikus. Thanks to Azreen :D
Mum, thanks for the soft toys, they are so cute.
Dad, you made me cry. You know how much I love chocolate and cheesecakes so you ended up buying me 3 birthday cakes i.e chocolate, cheesecakes and chocolate cheesecakes.
Love, thanks for the dinner, card and suprises.
Happy Birthday to ME :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

E.F Balik Kampung

E.F sudah pulang~ Hurrah! Seronoknyer :D
E.F is my best friend from the uni. She is now working with Norway and currently engaged to a handsome blue-eyed hunk i.e PT :p She is back for 2 weeks, one of the brother is getting married.
I was so happy and volunteered to pick her up at the airport. ETA is 3.30PM on Saturday. I told E.F this
"Plan A : Sms me when you are done with your luggage. Plan B : If I hear nothing from you or you accidently lost my phone number, I will wait for you at Mc D at 4PM. The last resort : Guna announcement airport" HAHA
So on that day, E.F smsed and asked me to wait for her at the Domestic Arrival.
"Peliknyer perempuan ni" My heart says. Rupe-rupenyer nak elakkan congestion katanye.
So lepastu jumpe E.Fsudah. Ahhh rindunyer kat E.F. Rasanyer the last time kami jumpe was after we finished uni lah, and that was 4 years ago.
E.F is still the E.FI know. Bubbly, fun and huggable. She bought for me Easter Eggs from Norway.
"Saya cari benda ni di semua kedai di Norway, nasib baik masih ada" The way E.F talks mmg funny. She uses proper BM.
"Arak ada beli tak?" I joked
"Ada ada, kenapa kamu nak ke?" HAHA E.F gile :p
I seriously thought that E.F bought me the Easter Eggs. While driving, I had this thought in my mind, sedap ke Easter Egg tu ar? From the cover, rupa Easter Eggs tu macam telur pindang aje. I hate telur pindang, I hope EE tastes better than telur pindang. I asked Ee Fei, how do people eat the Easter Eggs. Then she replied,
"Mula mula kamu kopek the decoration at the shells, then amik sudu and makan isi die yang putih tu, then kamu bole makan shell die pada akhir sekali" E.F explained
Hmmmm, makan shell die sekali? OMG for real ke?.
Then I asked her "Sedap ke shell die tu E.F?"
"Mesti lah sedap, kalau tak takkan saya beli untuk kamu. Satu Norway saya pusing. I know you love chocolate"
"Chocolate? Where the hell is the chocolate?" Lepastu I gelak kuat kuat
Aiyorrrr rupenyer the Easter Eggss tu cokelat ye. E.F kata "Zaman mak nenek dulu je Easter Egg tu egg. Now ni kan, all Easter Eggs are chocolate" HAHA.



After that, we rushed to Seremban, because E.F wanted to do facial and I brought her to see my favourite beautifican, Jane Wong. I love her work, Jane is very very good in giving massages and extraction during facials by her is painless. Not like my beautician from NYS. Gosh, I really hate her. Kasar gile (the NYS beautician). But I keep coming to Jane for detox massages, sauna, eyelash perming, honey wax, eyebrow trimming and macam macam lagi. And I am so glad that E.F approved Jane's excellent work. She even upgraded her facials to deep cleansing facial which costs her RM98. While E.F was at the beauty center, I went back home and took a bath. E.F sibuk suruh masak rendang. Aiyor Ee Fei, nak masak rendang in one hour? Tak sempat ye. So, after the facial, I brought E.F to Jusco Seremban 2 and to Oldtown Kopitiam. E.F requested for something Malaysian, yeah I can see how she misses Malaysian food. And she helped to abiskan my meal because I couldnt habiskannye. We gossip and share stories. Seronok sangat. I miss E.F so much. She shows me her engagement ring and know what? Both of us had channel ring as our engagement ring! Cume Ee Fei's are gold and mine are white gold :)


When we finished eating, it's already 8.30PM. So, we left Jusco and headed to Sunway i.e Ee Fei's home.
In the car, we continue to gossip and share stories. We dropped by Bangi, at my fiance's place to pass him the cat food he ordered. My baby cat, Cik Putih only eat the friskie Me-O that Dad bought from S2. Mengada betul the cat. And at the same time, it was a nice moment to introduce E.F to my fiance. We lepak at his place for a while and E.Fhas fallen in love with the cat. The cat memang dearly manja with E.F. E.F even wants to take the cat home with her hehe. After than, we excused ourself because we need to send E.F and her bags to Sunway and also for my fiance to finish his paperwork. E.F kata my fiance is soft spoken. Die memang pemalu orangnyer Ee Fei :p In the car, we sambung bercerita Part 3 :):)
We reached Sunway at around 10PM, met Big E, E.Fs friendly and horny dog hihi. Sebelum balik,E.F sempat bagi satu beg of her favourite cereal from Norway.


Thanks E.F. Memang seronok dapat jumpa E.F semula. I sempat tanya E.F
"E.F, awak penat tak jalan-jalan ni? Awak kan baru sampai"
"Eh tidaklah, not at all ye"
"Saya pun begitu juga E.F" I answered :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate Story

I am currently hunting for chocolate as door gifts for my wedding. There are few chocolate vendors I contacted, most of them sold the chocs at quite unreasonable price. RM1.5 for a piece of50-cent size cholocate? Famous Amos love foil choc pun only RM0.4 per piece. Might as well I go for Famous Amos chocolate kan.
But my prayers were answered when suddenly, out of nowhere, a friend of mine from my project team came to me
"Dear come here, I have something for your wedding" she said
"What is that?" I was so curious
Then, she presented me these cute lil chocolatee with shape of a teddy bear, sunflower and many more.
"I jual chocolate tau, and these are the testers, rasalah"
I refuse the offer because I was fasting on that day and but picked up 3 of them to bring back home.
"OMG Aisha, they are so cute! Tak sanggup nak makan rasanyer"
"Berapa ringgit satu ni, RM1.5?" I asked
"Ehh tak delah. Untuk you, I jual dengan harga kawan-kawan, lower than RM1 and cukup dengan boxes sekali"
Wow that is so cool!! I headed back to my workstation happily. After Maghrib prayers, I ate 2 of them, the teddy bear and the sunflower, sebab satu I dah bagi my friend in the bus. Die kata sedap. And bila I abis makan the chocolate, OMG memang sedap!
I am so bersyukur kerana Allah telah mempermudahkan my job on this. Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something Big Is Coming

Pisces - the Fish (Feb 22 - Mar 21)

This is a profoundly psychic sign, and the Piscean should use their ability positively to live a better life in every way.

In fact, many fish become fascinated by black magic and the occult because they are seduced by secrecy. They are also intensely interested in spiritualism and many of them tend to day-dream to their heart's content and aren't part of this world at all! They will appear magical and mystical and can be profoundly artistic and unworldly at times.

Hyper-sensitivity will be strong and most of them will feel neurotically nauseated by anything ugly whether its society, sights, sounds or situations. On the positive level they can be sentimental, wonderful and sensitive writers and divine dancers.

Fish are vulnerable, and the worst thing Pisceans can do is to drift along in an aimless sea, where their phobias and fixations may well get the better of them. Positive Pisceans can cultivate tremendous inner peace and serene qualities that will bring them total fulfillment and joy.

Think of your fishy friends, and you'll realise that something strange sets them apart from everyone else though you may never be able to put your finger on it. This is a sign of sophistication and top class stuff and Pisceans like to live and work in a world far removed from any slummy stuff.

They need to work in an enchanting, entrancing environment to help bring about the best in them. Travel too is one of the more calling careers for them. However, whatever work they may end up doing, they need to be happy or their finely tuned sensitive systems can get jarred and they become extremely flustered and uncomfortable.

Strangely enough, Fish who are foot loose and fancy free don't really care much about their homes. They are lovers of the water, the sea, ocean and beyond. This is a mutable sign, so Piseans will flow in very fluid way in whatever direction their fancies take them. In fact, because of their love of fantasy it will be important for them to constantly meet new people. They will often do anything to avoid angry outbursts, and some Fish won't say a word to friends who are being rude and repellent, although they may despise themselves later for having no backbone. Even in their love life many Pisceans are victims of unrequited love, more than any other sign.

As a friend, they can be sympathetic and warm with a tinge of being fair-weather at times. They just basically change their minds a lot. One day they'll say they adore something and the next, announce they loathe it. When you accuse them of lying, they will look hurt and then confused. Most times, a Piscean pal will be a smashing social success and you will have a whale of time with them whenever you'll meet. Home will become the 'be all and end all' of everything, but, only when they finally settle down contentedly in matrimony.

Pisceans love cats and there are bound to be a few cats running around their homes, along with a big alcohol cabinet for sure. Pisceans drink like the fish they are, and this can land them in trouble, causing havoc with their liver if they tend to over-do it, which ofcourse, most of them do!

When it comes to relaxing, a Piscean can only unwind in a soft, soothing environment, as well as in artistic endeavours like painting or reading spiritual stuff. Very often Piscean pursuits include all this and of course, being with the ones they love.

Pisceans are sensitive and charming. If you are looking for someone who is understanding and can understand your feelings then you have met the right person. You should appreciate their feelings too, as in your time of need they are sure to help you. Pisces have a keenly developed sixth sense and have great intuitive powers. Their hunches may usually be right on mark. But they can exhaust their physical and mental energies. They are born dreamers and you can build palaces with your dream lover (only in real life it may become a little difficult preposition).

Pisces are dreamers and you should not expect them to have worldly ambitions. They are not materialistic in nature. It is not that they like living below the poverty line but they have no earnest desire to accumulate wealth. They are very sensitive and you have to be always careful about their feelings. The fishes are capable of drowning you in their tears (even men born under this sign). Pisces people are very intuitive but do not depend on them to make decision on important matters.

Do you all believe in horoscope? I came across this one from the net. Suprisingly (as expected), at one part of the write-up, it wrote "Piscean loves cats" and I wondered, how valid is that statement? Does every Piscean loves cats? Tell me if you don't and let's make this horoscope thingy another c.r.a.p.
But whatever it is, I couldn't not say more to agree with the line that Piscesans are dreamers. HAHA. Yeah, I love to daydream. In fact, something big has landed in my mind few seconds ago. I talked to few friends and my fiance and they kind of approved that it's actually an interesting area to look at (and venture). WOW. This is going to be fun. InsyaAllah. Pray for me. Pray for us.

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Things About Me - This is my Facebook Material, posted it here, by accident!

1. I am the only child to the family. So used of being alone at home and really enjoy the quite moment. Crowdy and loud (something like at the LRT or Komuter station) is the last place I want to go, with exception to the shopping malls haha!
2. Cats, panda, bear, any beary and huggable animals, I simply love them! I wish I could save all the stray animals especially cats and dogs and build shelters for them
3. Celebrity couples I adore - Jolie Pitt, the Beckhams, Bunga and Ashraff
4. Whenever I come across of people asking how old I am, I will let them to take a guess. They ussually say that I am 25
5. I hate ppl driving slow at the right lane, or ppl blocking my way at the escalator. I hate rude drivers and rude people too.
6. I am a homely person, I love staying at home, lepak at my bed with my machine, Baby Mac, pile of story books and magazines and my baby Cat, Meena
7. I hate pocho pocho and personally think that pocho-pochoing is such a waste of time (coz it will not help to shed your fatty fat baby) and called them pocong haha. No offense!
8. I prefer chicken than fish and red meat. I do 3 day to 7 day fruit diet detox occasionally.
9. I love Malaysian and Italian food but my Italian cooking is better than my Malaysian dishes
10. I love to bake too. My fiance loves my oreo cheesecake
11. Uni years, I had my braces on. For the ortho treatment, the doctor pulled out 4 of my tooths and I only have 28 of them with me now
12. I've always dream to become a musician or to venture business like a bridal shoppe/wedding planner or a book store with a small cafe
13. I dont like to stay late in the office. I would rather bring back my work and do it at home. I go for work-life balance
14. I love sunflower and fuschia/pink gerbera daisy
15. I went to India but missed out Taj Mahal. I will definately come back again for Taj Mahal.
16. My favourite do during Ramadhan is shopping for food at Pasar Ramadhan
17. My fiance and I had this cat exchange program. I take care of his cat and he take care of mine. Meena is his cat. She is a chatty cat, she loves to sleep at my bed and follows me where ever I go. Petite in size, the colour is tabby and I love it when she yawns and stretches, so cute!
18. My favourite fruit is buah ciku and watermelon
19. A place I wish to visit one day is Bora Bora in Tahiti
20. My favourite TV series is SATC and I dream to be Charlotte York (and Posh and Jolie too haha)
21. I just hate Myspace, full of wanabes and budak sekolah/hingusan. Facebook is ok. Even my Senior Manager have a FB account.
22. I aspire to do something different when I reach 30
23. I am scared of babies. I don't know what to do with them. I am more well versed on the anatomy of a cat
24. I love waking up early in the morning and jogs at the nearby park. I will jogs until my cloths are all wet with my sweat (and pass by the Pocong, indirectly signalling them that jogging is way better than PP) haha cruel me
25. I met my fiance at the tennis court. We got engaged in Oct last year and planning to get married this July after been together for about 3 years (3 years since we first met at the tennis court haha)

Nasi Ayam

Today, I cooked Nasi Ayam for my parent and the cats.
My cat lurves the ayam so much!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Masak Lemak Cili Api (Recipe for Lilly)

My dad is from Negeri but I don't know how to cook the famous Masak Lemak Cili Api. So today, I took the effort to cook Masak Lemak Cili Api without anyone's help (except for the recipe book lor). Mum is out so this is a great chance to cook coz if she's in, nanti die pulak yang menyibuk buat sume. HAHA. Okay she is out so I am all on my own.
The must have in Masak Lemak Cili Api is of course the cili api. Kecik kecik cili api, but the hotness, my God! So, I blend the cili api with bawang merah and serai. That's all. Pour the blended cili api+bawang merah+serai into the santan (coconut milk) and chicken. And left for it to boil. Don't forget to keep on stirring.
Masa tengah kacau tu, I dah start panik sbb my Masak Lemak tak jadi colour hijau/kuning. I called my mum but she didn't pick up the phone, she is too busy listening to the ESQ lectures I guess. Cemas dan panik, lepastu terus teringat kan serbuk kunyit. Maybe sebab lupa letak serbuk kunyit kot, so I main letak aje serbuk kunyit. Dalam resipi tu suruh letak kunyit hidup. Tak jumpe pulak kunyit hidup, so I letak serbuk kunyit aje. And then baru letak the potatoes.
So that is how people cook Masak Lemak. And another additional turun temurun recipe from my granny is to add on asam keping, where as some people tak letak pon the asam keping tu.
I never eat my own cooking so I serve it all to dad as lauk for today's lunch.


  • 1 ekor ayam dipotong 16
  • 10 biji bawang merah
  • 2 batang serai
  • 20 bili cili api
  • 2 helai daun kunyit
  • 2 cawan santan pekat
  • 2 biji ubi kentang (dipotong dadu)
  • Sedikit garam
Cara membuatnya :
1. Tuangkan bahan-bahan yang digiling ke dalam periuk, masukkan santan pekat, kacau perlahan-lahan sampai mendidih
2. Masukkan ayam, ubi kentang dan daun kunyit
3. Kacau sekejap dan masukkan garam
4. Biarkan sehingga pekat dan berminyak barulah angkat


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cream Caramel

During CNY, Tinie and I lepak at my house and masak dessert. Tinie taught me how she do her famous cream caramel. And then, we baked cuppies and masak Mee Hoon soup. What a great way to spend the holiday with your favourite girlfriend :D

Free Henna

Cantik tak? I got it free from the Pameran Pengantin at Alam Central, Shah Alam.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My 2009 Hair Styles

Something like this, in black :D