Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orang Gila

When I am at the right lane, I don't drive slow. I don't speed either, enough say that I follow the allowable speed limit and crusing a lil bit faster compared to people from the left lane. So when ever there be cars cucuk or flashes their lights from my back (mmg byk kali ar, especially in the high way), I straight away know that :
1. They are way over the allowable speed limit
2. They are rude drivers
So on this one fine day, ttba ada satu 4WD cucuk cucuk my back. Geram gak ar. Tapi since I was not pmsing at that time, I kind of drove to the left lane and kasik die lepas. Orang Gile, dalam hati berkata.
Few meters at the front, seems macam ada bottleneck. Cars suddenly slowing down.
Sebab jarang kat sini jem or ada accident.
Then ttba nampak polis traffic pegang list (which is the list of kereta yang bawak laju ar) and they were asked to go to the side of the road. Ada speed trap rupenyer. Nasib baik I drove biasa biasa je tadi.
Sekali mamat 4WD tu kena tahan u ols. Haaa memang best. I actually slowed down to see the expression of his face. Masa die bukak tingkap nak cakap dengan polis tu, muka die macam teddy bear sangat (buat muka baik ar)
Dalam hatiku berkata "Padan muka kau" :p

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1 - Meena Lepak Atas Washing Machine

Photo courtesy from Mama

Ikan Cencaru

Inilah ikan cencaru.