Monday, June 21, 2010

Attention : H and H

Girls, I could not upload this page in FB, so, inilah dia. I will inform you the price later.

Hello Monday

Currently at my parent's place and this is where I will be until Wednesday. Hubby is out station since Saturday for one week. I decided to lepak at my parent's place knowing that I will die of boredom if I were to stay home alone in BBB.
Just like in my single's day, I take a bus to the office and will be taking the same transportation for the next 2 days. There are continuous supply of food in here, so hello to a chubbier me! And the most exciting part is I get to be with my baby cat, Meena. Such a bliss!
Today's presentation went well. They know they can't expect much from my one week experience in the department. But as for myself, it was a personal satisfaction to take the challenge and present even though I am new. I have one more presentation next week.
Looking forward for my 2 days off on Thursday and Friday, to join my husband and go for a mini holiday until the weekend. Ticket is already booked for Thursday morning, very early in the morning. Can't wait for Thursday to come, as I already feel a bit lonely without him around. It has been 3 days already.
For the mean time, I have Farmville and Trip Advisor to keep me occupied. I am still struggling to finish up my Travelogue and reviews. Grr grr. I will post them once they are ready.
On the other note, my only and favourite watch suddenly went off today. Am not sure of the cause, could it be the battery? or could it because of it's nearning to 22 June? That watch really know when is the right time to stop eh. And anyway I could not get of my head on this Topshop wooden clog. I tried it on already but did not make the purchase because I was rushing. If that clog is still around on my next visit to Topshop, I must say that I am destinied to buy the clog.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Help Me

I am bored~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There Is A Time When..

I love to write and express my feeling, which is now.
I am thinking to buy myself a sewing machine. Yes, a sewing machine! Please don't laugh or even cry. Reason why, I, we :
- Find it very hard to find time to send our pants for alteration
- My favorite tailor is now charging me RM160 for simple baju kurung with lining
I tried a simple trick, to drive my 10 years old car to pick up the baju, hoping that she would reduce the price.
But it didn't work.
I sent my baju to other tailor and it all ruined.
It didn't work too.
So in the end, I decided to pursue in this love-hate relationship. Her work is good and neat, and the baju kurung always ends up nicely put to my body, she really does wonders. I guess that was what I paid for. She is also super efficient. It took her only few days to finish up my baju and she never rejected any of my order, even the Raya is around the corner. And she never dissapoints me.
Oh sorry I got carried away on writing about auntie Nancy. Where were we just now? The sewing machine right? Yeah, the sewing machine. HAHA. Oh well..

The Furry Kids Updated

The Furry Kids is updated!

Templete Baru

Nice and sunny, I loike it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nothing Much

Nothing much except busy clearing my workstation at L17 to move to L13 next week. The new department looks ok,thumbs up to my new big boss who kindly approved my advanced annual leave for June and July. But.. anyway it comes with a price. I was ask to present stuff on this new field next week. Can you imagine someone with zero knowledge to present on something so difficult and complicated. Wish me luck. That is why I am so stressed up and cranky these few days.
I am also due to present stuff to close out the study in my current department. So 2 presentations means double stress! But being me, I know how to tell myself not to worry about it too much and just to enjoy life. Trying.
In the reservoir studies group, I dated oil and gas reservoir. My first relationship with Pulai was for only few months. Pulai is like a typical Malay man, nothing interesting about him, just ordinary. It lasted for only 3 months. My longest relationship was with a carbonate reservoir hailed from this Middle East country which hold among the biggest oil and gas reserve in the world. Ymm reservoir is so so interesting to study and explore. Ymm reservoir is huge (ehem) and heterogeneous, which means it is full of suprises. And in our 1.5 years of courtship, Ymm reservoir showered me with so much love, something like when that you dated an Arabic guy. HAHA
Okay so after Ymm reservoir, was this guy, Angsi. The relationship with Angsi was also a short one, around 2 months plus. It was very dynamic and full paced. Angsi has huge potential and it was fun working with him too. After Angsi was this reservoir from the Soviet country. We ventured gas recycling together. Unfortunately, the relationship didnt work out well. Too many problem with the simulation model.
My last love is with one imaginary lover. It is a conceptual reservoir that I created to study storage of CO2 in saline aquifer. He is one of a kind in this world. The technology is new but soon will be big I tell you.
Okay, so now after series of dating and much fun on flirting with domestic and international reservoir, I am getting married to a domestic reservoir/field called Tiong Kepong. Starting from next week, I will focus only to TK and give my full attention and care for TK, for at least 2 years. I am not sure how well will I do this. Will I become too obsess of TK? Or will I get bored, on one fine day in between of the 2 years? I have no idea. Seriously. But one thing for sure, there are lots of tit bits sold at the pantry at L13. So maybe during my ups and mostly downs with TK, I know where to channel it to i.e to the pantry.
Please pray for us. Pray that everything goes well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Offices!

I am supposed to move to new department today. Thing is, I am not sure whether this is possible or not because my previos work is still ongoing. My things are still where it should be and my previous simulation works are all in my current pc. Let see how it goes today!