Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cekodok Pisang

Last weekend my auntie came to visit me and brought some pisang. I don't know what type of pisang it is but bile rasa sikit pisang tu, I know and straight told my hubby "Ok, pisang ni boleh buat cekodok". I plan to cook cekodok sbb dah berminggu-minggu hubby macam mengidam cekodok. So the cekodok was made with love. Sorry no photo taken sbb penat berperang di dapur haha. Disebabkan mixer yang rosak, I put all bananas in the blender and blend it with some sugar. And then I added bit of flour just untuk cukupkan syarat. Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, rahsia cekodok yang sedap ialah cekodok yang banyak pisang, not banyak tepung ok. So cekodok itu digoreng dan rupanye omg mmg agak ugly. Hitam dan leper, and came with all sizes sbb x consistent haha. And that evening my family in law pulak datang so we served the cekodok with love.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tol Gate Girl

Today nak cerita pasal tol. I am a daily user to macam macam tol like SMART, MEX and PLUS. My everday path to work is through PLUS highway from Kajang to Sg Besi (RM1.8), then masuk SMART tunnel to KLCC (RM2). On my way back, I use MEX or better known as Putrajaya Hi-way (RM1.5) and the PLUS. Did u know that PLUS offer 10 percent rebates if u access the hi-way between 12am to 7am? Untuk mendapatkan rebate (hanyalah 10 cent for my journey from Kajang to Sg Besi, I leave home latest by 6.45am untuk spi kat Sg Besi at 7am. So what usually happen is I always termiss the 10 cent rebates sbb banyak kereta beratur at the Touch and Go lane. Like today, I missed 0.1 second to get the 10 cent rebates sbb bile I nak punch my card, lampu tepi tol tu padam menandakan it is already 7am. Arggh. There goes my day today. Will try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cerita Ceriti

Well, biasalah, come December, the office is empty. I am the only one at my place. Agak sunyi and lonely. Masa yang sesuai untuk study ACD kan. ACD is my technical assessment session, which will be on February. What else to bebel. I think I wanna eat jambu again today. Sekarang ni almost everyday I eat jambu. Sedapnye nyam nyam. Okielah nak sambung study and day dreaming as always. Be good you all :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Baby Yellow

I've been driving Yellow for 9 years now; Yellow is my yellow coloured Proton Satria anyway. 9 years went well so far but these few months back, Yellow has been hit by series of accidents. No doubt it is painstacking because each time it happens, our pocket bleeds paying for the damages. First was when the fuel cap suddenly went missing. So we went on road without a fuel cap for quite sometime haha until one day we finally bought the fuel cap but it was black in colour. Once again the car went on the road carrying it's fancy fuel cap colour for quite sometime.
Then on one rainy day when we were driving to Ikea, a Honda Civic suddenly went in front of us. Our emergency brake could not saves us from paying almost RM1.7k for their damages and RM600 paid to cure Yellow.
While we were in LGK, we sent the car for fix and coming back from LGK, the car looks fine again. Even the fuel cap is yellow in colour now. Feel so glad!
Few weeks after that Yellow was due for its regular maintenance. Seems that lots of things need to be fix for this ehem old lady. There goes our RMs again.
And yesterday at JPJ, we couldn't turn Yellow on (we forgot to switch of the car lamp for half an hour I think). Thank God there was someone who helped us to jump start the car. The battery is still new anyway but we are ready for any possibilities to buy new batteries, but dad suddenly says no need to sebab the battery still baru.
And today on our way back driving from Linggi in the hi-way, the front bumper suddenly open and hit the front mirror. We paid almost RM300 to fix for that.
Sad but true, hubby and I rasa takut nak drive Yellow lagi. I love her so much, she has been very good to me so far but I have this feeling that Yellow merajuk. Ada lah this few times we dropped by tempat jual kereta, even catalogue or brochure kereta baru pun banyak dalam Yellow. Only now I start to believe that kereta boleh merajuk if you talk about other car or talk about buying new car.
Well Yellow, I still love you no matter what, jangan sedih okay and I so hope and pray for no more of unwanted incidents after this. Kami sudah broke!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buah Jambu

Hello People!
Korang pernah x makan jambu yang RM1 for two jambu tu? I like that jambu! Actually jambu tu sama je dengan jambu lain tapi asam die je yang sedap (for me). Sedapnye jambu itu!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bersantai dan Lepak Lepak

Tema Hari Ini : Bersantai dan Lepak Lepak.
Bestnye lepak-lepak tengah hari Sunday yang sunny ini :>
Hari Sunday ni memang best lepak-lepak, tapi kejap lagi nak keluar rumah kejap, nak g jalan-jalan tengok furniture, beli tudung dan basuh kereta.
Semalam noon pergi KL sebab nak g TTMC. Lepastu pergi Aster Spring collect something and then straight to PC Fair, teman hubby tengok barang-barang PC ni. Ramai gile orang. Manalah datangnyer orang orang tu semua pon tidak diketahui. Lepastu macam macam diorang beli. Pening~ Hubby sebelum ni die kata die tak suke laptop tapi smlm tiba-tiba die beli laptop. So sekarang ni die busy lah main game bola tapi bukan yang Facebook punya lah. I am the only one kat dalam rumah tu yang addicted to FB. HIHI.
I almost bought that B tapi sebab lambat 5 minit je benda tu dah sold out. Sedih ok :( Why lar u have to sold out :( Bile tanya tempat-tempat lain sume kata sold out jugak. Entah entah diorang ni sengaja je create the demand, so benda ni nampak cam hot selling lah.
Baru perasan yang tempat die buat PC Fair tu was the same room where PE Forum was held. Baru perasan yang die bukak semuanyer and the Hall has now became Hall one (1 big all). Masa PE Forum tu, that one Hall was divided into 3 small halls called Conference Hall. Anyway, pengalaman bekerja dengan KL Convex ni memang impressive. For me, diorang ni memang professional in doing their job, service memang bagus and food memang tidak mengecewakan. I heart KL Convex *ttba*
At 9PM keluar from PC Fair and g KLCC sekejap to destress. And then at 10PM headed home, berhenti dinner sekejap and then sampai rumah at around 12 midnight. Malam semalam ada cerita Exorcist u ols. Anyway, ASTRO dah ok hurrah :>
And u ols, ada satu condominium kat area KLCC nama OneKL. Aiyor I sungguh taste apartment tu. Ada individual pool ok. Kalau kat office tu, bile ada meeting kat meeting room yang menghadap OneKL mesti nak duduk dekat tingkap sbb nak tengok condominium tu HAHA. Semalam parking kat Convex so sempat tunjuk kat Hubby my dream condominium tu. Amin.
Aha bile g kerja pon park kat Convex. Why? Sebab nak orang yang dah 4 tahun que untuk parking KLCC pon tak dapat dapat lagi season pass. So kenalah parking Convex, and then sebab tempat tu covered, then selamat sebab ada orang lalu-lalang. Lagipun dekat sikit lah compared parking lain. I dont mind paying a lil bit for all that. Tapi masa PC Fair aritu, tade Early Bird so merasa mencari parking kat tempat lain. I parked at Masjid tapi horor ok. I came early in the morning so masatu gelap lagi and tade orang, lepastu hujan pulak tu. Habis kasut gym basah. And then bile nak pergi office kena lalu KLCC park yang banyak drug addict and mat pit tu. Eeei scary ok. Lepasni memang tanak parking kat situ lagi.
Okay lah people, nak keluar dah. Toodles :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Already

December has always been my favorite month for its year end sale and holiday season. Now is the right time to shop for cosmetics and fragrance especially; everything comes with freebies, miniatures and even vouchers!!
This is also time to relax and to finish off my annual leave!
I have this appetite to go to Genting Highland. Why oh why?
It's because I have never been to Genting Highland :p
Furthermore, it is the cheapest thing to do/go considering it is the school holiday and peak season. Most hotels are already full booked and flight ticket are way expensive!
So Genting Highland saja lah kot, insyaAllah!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


After being married for almost 4 months, this is the first weekend we actually stay at home. No weddings, no family gathering and furthermore, hubby needs to study for his exam. And allow me to entertain my current addiction i.e Farmville, Cafe World and Happy Aquarium :P
What's new? Nothing much. Last weekend, we went for our second honeymoon at Langkawi. My third time to Langkawi people! The holiday was full of jalan-jalan, beach activity and also shopping for duty free stuff like chocolate and Pyrex, Vision and Tefal for our new home.
The day we left for Langkawi was the day we moved to our new home. Since there were not much things to carry, only one big bulky refrigerator and washing machine, the moving part was bit easy.
My parent-in-law came to help us and later that evening, we left for Langkawi for 5D4N.
I will post my travelogue in Langkawi later.
What is next?
Well I plan to enjoy the rest of my day, relaxing. Hope you will enjoy your weekend too :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello :D

Hello people! Wow it has been a while hasn't it?
If you've been wondering where I've been this while...
Tak de pergi mana pon. I am still around, just bit busy with life, work, new home, Facebook and now Hari Raya open house and gathering here and there :>
Work related - Finally I am free. Hurrah :D:D. The work on Project X and Y are now completed. Mid Year Performance Appraisal is done. I am planning to go for Leadership courses (course lepak-lepak) somewhere in November and another skill group training probably before the year end. I will be off to offshore on Sunday for few weeks, need to be out of office for a while. Mana tak nyer, I've been with Project X since April 2007, memang super saturated lah kepala ni. Memang kena keluar jalan-jalan sikit. And right on the time, Bos handed me new assignment. I cant wait to start. Tunggu balik offshore dulu lah :)
New home. Yeah new home is 50% done. Another 50% goes to furnishing the place. Well, dont be suprise to know that we will be moving again somewhere soon. So bile dah settle tempat baru nanti baru lah fikir nak furnish the place and also organize the long awaited Housewarming or Open House. Semua orang pon dah sibuk tanya.
Married life. We are expending! Now there are 4 of us! We've just adopted Niki Niki Nu, who is Meena's scratching post and stationary friend hehe. We are on our way to teach Meena to scratch Niki Niki Nu and not the carpet, but it seems that doesn't work. We've tried to spray catnip to Niki Nu, tapi tak berkesan gak. Haih. I have this feeling that Meena is scared of Niki Niki Nu. Her fakeness is so obvious kan?
What else? Well I now drive to work and seems to enjoy it. I cook for us and love to experiment new recipes. Everything seems wonderful now. Syukur Alhamdulillah.
Okay, see you all in 2 weeks time. Toodles.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Janji Manisku

Sorry for those who actually waited for my updates (check out last post). I don't intend to menabur janji manisku okay, but something came up while I was writing that post and only today I had the chance to resurface, after went missing for a while. Sebenarnya I wanted to share about Loccitane Brume Mist I bought. I lurve this spray so much, it removes unpleasent odour and rambut berbau wangi :>

How is life? Well, busy with work, as always.
And both of us were busy with stuff too. We moved to a new place, this week is our second week residing at our own love pad. The day I wrote "la la la" post was the day we got the house. Hubby went back from his class and invited me have a look at this new place. I like it and we straightaway took the key on that day. So, starting from that moment, we were tied up furnishing the place with necessities, beli barang, kemas-kemas etc.
And on yesterday, mum and dad came to visit us and brought Meena along. Meena is now with us in our new apartment. She completes us :D
We spent this weekend at our new place and made kuih raya, bake cakes and cook stuff (dapur baru beli semalam haha). Other than that it's either Farmville, the Internet or reading Body2Body or New Moon. And today we were quite free so we went shopping for groceries and shopping for my tudung raya at Ariani.
Okay people, time for my New Moon. Toodles!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

La La La

Hubby is away for his tennis class, so every Saturday morning is officially my "me" time. Sukenyer. I love my "me" time coz I've been living with myself for 27 years so I love myself so much. Matilah self-absorbed.
Okay lah I have something to share with all of you. Wait for my next post sekejap lagi ya.
Toodles :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Am Busy With

Farmville !

Monday, August 17, 2009

1 Month Anniversary

Sebulan sudah. Wee~~
Okaylah nothing much to say except for Syukur Alhamdulillah ke atas semuanya. Semoga murah rezeki kami, panjang umur dan bahagia dunia dan akhirat!
Thanks Love :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Honeymoon in Krabi - Day 4

It was already Day 4. Sob sob. Anyway for Day 4, we booked the 4 Island Tour. This half day tour covers the 4 famous island in Krabi i.e Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island and Phra Nang cave. We departed at 830AM from hotel and again took the speed boat from Ao Nang pier. Our boat stop by Railey beach to take more passenger, which was mostly the mat sallehs
Wherethehell is Tup Island?
Our first stop was Tup Island, which was about 45 mins by speed boat from the pier. Tup Island is a very nice beach with sand banks that connects 3 islands. At Tup Island, we lepak for an hour, mandi dan berenang bersama tiger fish and main pasir di tepi pantai :)
Fishes in Tup Island

Us at the sandbanks
Selepas itu, the boat left Tup Island to go to Chicken Island. From the photo below you can understand why the island is called Chicken Island. Rupa batu di situ macam kepala chicken kan :). At Chicken Island ni ada batu je so there was no place for us to stop so kami pass by saje. Tetapi kami berhenti seketika di satu tempat berdekatan Chicken Island to do open sea snorkeling. Hurrah! I loike!

Open sea snorkeling
It was near to the lunch time so we headed to Poda Island. Poda Island ni besar, and this was where we had our picnic lunch. Since the tour guide didnt look like muslim, we converted our mode to vegeterian and only ate the veggies and fruits. Hubby loves the pineapple, sedap katanyer.
In Poda Island kami berhenti lama sikit so apa lagi, bergambar sakan lah kan kitaorang :D







This photo was taken by a tour guide from bot sebelah. He is a very nice person and claim himself as Muslim. Hubby layan lah die borak kan and he starts to cerita pasal kisah hidup die and keluarkan gambar anak beranak die to show to us. Die pon ada bagi contact number, in case we or any friend ada nak cari Muslim tour guide in Krabi. Die pon cerita yang all passanger in his boat are Malaysians. Aha, memang pon, kitaorang ada lah terserempak dengan this bunch of Malaysian :D
After Poda Island was the last stop i.e Phra Nang cave. In here, ada cave where they perform their religious routine, as can be seen from photo below. Dekat-dekat situ pon ada locals jual jagung, pineapple, souveniers or even baju :D
At Phra Nang, I was already tired and sunburnt so I lepak je kat tepi beach while watching hubby mandi-manda.
For passanger from Railey beach, this was their last pit stop as they can walk back to Railey beach from here. For us, kami take the boat to Ao Nang pier after spending 1 hour in Phra Nang cave/area. Kami sampai di pier at around 2PM. Penat dan hitam tapi masih bertenaga lagi untuk berjalan yeah :D


So petang tu at 4PM, we went to jalan-jalan at Krabi town naik kereta hotel. The driver tu ada berhenti at this place yang I lupe nama die ape, and kat sini kitaorang amik gambar-gambar mengarut, as seen below hihi.




After that, the driver drove us to Thai Market, this one is bigger than the one in Ao Nang. It was like a pasar malam which was divided into two area i.e food area and other than food area. I sempat beli 3 spagetti for only 100 Baht. Okay lah, nice and I like it so much. At the food area, we saw many Muslims shops and the food pon nampak familiar like ayam goreng, nasi ayam and nasi minyak. Hubby bought ayam goreng and that nasi minyak. The kakak tempat kami beli nasi tu was actually a Malay. She speaks fluent Malay, so memang rasa comfortable lah masa beli nasi tu tadi :).
Selepas itu, kami told the driver we wanted to go to money changer. He brought us to Tesco haha. Aiyor kat sini pon ada Tesco. Tapi kitorang tak lama kat Tesco, 10 minutes je camtu. I told hubby I want to go to place other than Tesco. So after that kami balik and the driver drove us to the money changer at Ao Nang beach.
Well, at that time we were quite tired so tak de jalan-jalan sangat after that. Bile dah dapat tukar duit, we headed home and retire for the day.
On Day 5, kami packed and was sedih to go. We had our breakfast and then lepak tengok movie at Star World sebelum bertolak at 10AM from the hotel. As we arrived Krabi Airport, we were told that our flight was delayed to 2PM. So what to do, tunggu je lah kat airport tu kan. Nasib baik ada my baby Macbook. So kitaorang tengok-tengok gambar sambil mengisi masa lapang. We performed our prayers before departed to KL. Krabi Airport ni ada prayers room, so no problem lah nak perform prayers.
We safely arrived at LCCT at around 6PM Malaysian time. Glad to be home but at the same time, has already missed Krabi. Good bye Krabi! It was surely a memorable one :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Penne in Cheese and Herbs Sauce

What I love about marriage life is....
The cooking part!! That is because I love to cook!
Menu untuk dinner kami harini is penne in cheese and herbs sauce. Simple saja menu nyer.
Message me for the recipe :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Working Hard

Daytime, I work for my nation. After office hour (and the hours before 8AM and lunch hour), saya bekerja keras di ladang saya :):)
Farmville :D:D
Haha, saja je layan benda ni. Korang ar ni i.e Itak, Jes, Baby, Sasa.. Ikzal pon sekarang dah main Farmville. It all started during the long and boring time in Cherating last week. So tiap ari pon melayan Facebook. And the climax was when we had to wait almost 7 hours for our flight. So apa lagi, memang layan Farmville je lah at the airport.
Right now, my hubby pon layan Farmville hihi, Mafia Wars pon dah tak tengok dah.
Okay lah itu je nak update, nak sambung bertani.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Honeymoon in Krabi - Day 3

It was Day 3. The prediction on tsunamis was only a hoax. On Day 3, the sun was shinning happily and to Phi Phi Island, here we come!
Buffet breakfast at Krabi La Playa, same menu everyday!
The tour starts at 830PM, a van came to pick us from the hotel. The van was also full of tourist from other hotel and it was heading to Ao Nang pier to depart to Phi Phi Island.
Bot-bot yang tersadai at Ao Nang pier
This is our van driver yang bawak kereta macam hantu
We took the tour with speed boat. I know there is another boat to try i.e the long tail boat. I am not sure how much will it cost but the long tail boat looks slow compared to the speed boat. The speed boat memang laju okay. Hubby and I took the challenge to sit at the front and kami (well it was actually me alone) menjerit-jerit as the boat melambung-lambung membelah ombak. Our tour guide namanyer Mohamad. He claims the he is Muslim. Die memang peramah, suka menyanyi and cakap macam ada slang. Die sebut dollar as dola (hi dola~). Hihi. He saw our henna and straightaway came to us and asked
"Abe and Kakak, just married?"
We laughed like hell gak lah because he called my hubby Abe kan. And along the trip pon die panggil hubby Abe.
The bumpy journey took for about 45 minutes before we hit for our first stop i.e Bamboo Island. In Bamboo Island, we stopped for one hour for swim, sunbathing, snorkeling and relaxing. Mat asked us to familiarize with the snorkeling equipment because our next stop for snokerling, it will be open sea snorkeling. For me, that was my first time snorkeling for the whole of my life and I like it so much :) Hubby has no problem with this activity, he has done it several times already.
Bamboo Island from far
After Bamboo Island, the boat headed to Phi Phi Island and on its way, it passed by few places like the Viking Cave and for photo snapping. On ya, before we actually arrive at Phi Phi, we stop at Maya Bay, the famous place from the movie the Beach. We were at Maya Bay for one hour. Hubby and I lepak mandi-mandi and then took some photos around that area. Maya Bay memang cantik :):)
Viking Cave, ada orang duduk dalam ni ok
Maya Bay




Phi Phi Don
After Maya Bay, kami menuju ke Phi Phi Don. Phi Phi Don is actually a small island yang ada development like kedai, hotel, jetty and etc. It's like a small town. You can opt to stay in a hotel in Phi Phi, but usually orang yang go for scuba diving je yang stay in Phi Phi. Most tourist would prefer to stay in Ao Nang because it's the center to go everwhere. In Phi Phi, we had lunch. Mat said it's safe for us to eat the food because it's halal. So kami pon makan dengan gembira. Lunch die pon sedap. They served spagetti, tomyam, ayam masak gajus and mixed vegetable. Spagetti die sedap. Nyum.

Kucing in Phi Phi Don semuanyer gemuk-gemuk dan pemalas, they only sleep

After lunch, we were left to do anything that we want in that island for 1.5 hours. It makes sense to left us for 2 hours in there because there are so many places to venture. Ada banyak kedai cenderahati jugak but we found it more expensive than kedai in Ao Nang. So we didn't buy anything from Phi Phi except for ICE AGE 3 DVD! chihihihi. Kitaorang dah plan nak tengok Ice Age 3 dalam bilik nanti.

Jalan-jalan, makan ice cream, took photos, so it's time for us to leave Phi Phi. Bye bye Phi Phi. On our way back, we passed by at Monkey Beach for a while untuk bagi monkey makan. And then near Phi Phi, this one place yang cantik untuk open sea snorkeling.

Snorkeling area
Aha, snorkeling kat sini lah yang paling best so far. The water is so clear and blue. Ada banyak tiger fishes passing by us. Mat gave us mellons to umpan the tiger fishes to come near us. Tiger fish tu semua suke mellons. Diorang tak takut pon makan mellons from my hand :).
Tiger fish and banana peels


Open sea snokerling




Tiger fishes enjoying their melons
Snorkeling kat Phi Phi tadi adalah yang paling best during our trip to Krabi ni. After that kami balik to Ao Nang, another 45 minutes of bumpy journey. Sampai Ao Nang, at around 4PM, the van sent us back to the hotel. Sampai saja hotel kami terus blackout sampai esok pagi sebab kepenatan, tak makan dinner pon.