Saturday, November 14, 2009


After being married for almost 4 months, this is the first weekend we actually stay at home. No weddings, no family gathering and furthermore, hubby needs to study for his exam. And allow me to entertain my current addiction i.e Farmville, Cafe World and Happy Aquarium :P
What's new? Nothing much. Last weekend, we went for our second honeymoon at Langkawi. My third time to Langkawi people! The holiday was full of jalan-jalan, beach activity and also shopping for duty free stuff like chocolate and Pyrex, Vision and Tefal for our new home.
The day we left for Langkawi was the day we moved to our new home. Since there were not much things to carry, only one big bulky refrigerator and washing machine, the moving part was bit easy.
My parent-in-law came to help us and later that evening, we left for Langkawi for 5D4N.
I will post my travelogue in Langkawi later.
What is next?
Well I plan to enjoy the rest of my day, relaxing. Hope you will enjoy your weekend too :D