Friday, June 6, 2008

Apple MACBook For Sale

I have no intention dumping my baby Macy but pity her, most of the time is left unattended. My boyfriend is tied up with work too, if not he can babysit Macy while I am not around. I only have her whenever I am writing from the bed, too lazy to be seated on the chair.
At the time of writing, I am utilizing baby Dellillah, she is 5 now. 5 and still hale and hearty.
See, pandai tak I jaga barang?
As such, I wont turn down any wishes to buy it at a reasonable price.
This post is dedicated to Kamal. Kamal, this is for your viewing pleasure.

1 year 2 months old baby Macy
Still in good condition, scratch free


Keyboard + protector
Without the keyboard protector
Macbook plastic cover



Macbook manual
Pink Macbook cover

Specification: MacBook 13.3'' - White
  • Processor - 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory - 1GB
  • Hard disk drive - 80GB Serial ATA (5400rpm)
  • Optical drive - Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
  • Display - 13.3 inch (diagonal) glossy TFT widescreen, 1280 by 800 pixels
  • Graphics - Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB od DDR SDRAM shared with main memory
  • Video - Built-in iSight camera
  • Audio - Built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone, optical digital audio input/line in, optical digital audio output/headphone out
  • Ports - One FireWire 400 port, two USB 2.0 ports
  • Wireless - Build-in AirPort Extreme Wi-fi, built-in Bluetooth
  • Networking - Built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • Software - Mac OS X, Front Row, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat AV, Safari, Adress Book, QuickTime, iLife, iCal, Photobooth, DVD player, Big Bang Board Games, Comic Life, OmniOutliner and Apple Hardware Test
  • Also included -Apple remote, 60MW Magsafe Power Adapter, AC wall plug, power cord
Retail Price : RM 4,199
Selling Price : RM 3,780 (negotiatible)


DZG said...

if xde org nak beli biar sy yg beli k..
tp bkn masa skng ni la..

Zal said...

Okie dear, anything for you :)

now-im-april said...

oh babe, now it's already november! ada markdown price lagi tak? hehehe

Zal said...

Further markdown? Nanti I discuss dengan Mr Accountant :p