Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guy Bestfriend Anyone?

Having through the exam, my weekend is 100% purely for unbend and unwind. On Saturday, yours truly bake another round of chocolate cake to consume the left over whipped cream used as toppings. On noon, dropped in Aster Spring for my monthly facial session. Well, much changes since Aster Spring took over Bella Lina, they now served orange juice and cookie as complimentary. That really worth for the hundreds I pay. After that, went for window shopping all by myself at the mall, just 5 minute away from home. I love Seremban 2! Less traffic and easy parking, if compared to hectic KL.
On much awaited Saturday night, girlfriends and I met up and did that thing we do - gossip, girls talk, bitch and gossip again. One of the girl misses the bf and needs company, there we were, to serve for the purpose. Kunfu Panda was our first choice but the ticket was sold out and so Made of Honor was the second pick. Damn, McDreamy is hot and yummy as always, just like chocolata ice-cream.
Watching the movie sites me to recall, have I been in Hannah shoes, who secretly fell for her best guy friend when he doesn't seem to bother. Have I had any "Tom" in my life? Well, nope, I don't think there is one. But I do have few guy or maybe at the time being, one charming guy friend of mine who resembles "Tom" from the movie and he is not gay.
At the early stage of the friendship, I see it coming and we were nearly there but eventually, it did not happen. Maybe the timing was not right, for me, it I was too early, there was no point of rushing and so we stayed as friends, I really enjoy his company.
I was single, he was single too. Then I met someone, and he is still single. The friendship still on. Now he is seeing someone, I am really happy for him. When the news spreads out, I created an imaginary distance, the same thing I did when another of my guy best friend get married. They have another thing to focus too now. He will be busy getting to know her. And I don't be seen as a rival to her, when I am actually not, never were and never will be. But he was stressing he is the same person I know and still want to become friend. As he grow with the relationship, I perceive how he transform from an ordinary boy to a mature man who really care for the girl he love.
I love this friendship. He is the closest man I can refer to, each time I need to understand my man better. And for any matter related to girls, he know where to find me. For my guy best friend who is married, we still go out for lunch, provided that there will be another person joining us, to make it as three company. Guy best friend is a fun recreation. They don't bitch about other person, the most they do is listen to you, as you blab like there is no tomorrow. That's what woman do right? When you tend to be emotional, it is a good reference point to seek to, as guys are most of the time emotionless and very neutral. And what I love the most is when we talk about man, on guy's perspective, the do and don't that I can implement in my own relationship.
For people with loyalty issues, I don't recommend for you to be involve in this kind of friendship, there is a potential of you to divert. As for me, I personally think I know myself well. I don't easily divert, I know where the limit resides. For that tall dark and handsome guy I met on the plane, for that successful but married guy that asked me out, for all kind of distraction I face everyday at my workplace, I still come back to that only one whom I love dearly.
Kita hanya mampu merancang, insyaAllah.

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