Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A bit. The bowing marathon has given rise to all kind of pain - back, neck, shoulder, arm and numb fingers. It could due to bad posture or wrong techniques too. Yeah, maybe.
I hope I wont be seeing the same pieces again next year. But if I was unfortunate, I will make sure I choose my own pieces, not the professor de violon. And it has to be Pachelbel Canon D.
People, do you know that stressed - is desserts spelled backwards?
As exam is over, let us dropped the word stressed and make way for desserts. I bake a chocolate cake today. The chocolate cake symbolizes a much needed victory for completing the exam.
I rarely eat what I cook or bake. As such, the shown 1/4 portion goes to mum and dad, 1/2 portion goes to my dear colleague (and mum colleagues) at the office.
The other 1/4 portion is for my bf. Even though he tries to skip chocolate as much as he can, he usually finishes anything that I bake. Let me tell you about the disastrous apple pie I bake. I seriously don't know how he did that but he ate one whole slice. I threw the other 3 slices cause it tasted funny and he still talk about it until today. Whatever it is, am feel thankful he is not a fussy eater. Make cooking and baking more easier!

He is in Kuching now. Come home soon dear, this cake is waiting for you:)


lilly said...

omg zal... u have got to teach me how to make that. it looks absolutely scrumptious!!

Zal said...

Dear Lilly, not a problem. So how can we do it? :)