Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Galore

I am fully booked for the month of June just to attend wedding!
Anyway, since predicting/forecasting is the nature of my work, I did a simple prediction on wedding I attended/will be attending:
Me in my 20s, would be the peak oil period, is the time where attending wedding is at its max. Wedding of friends, colleagues, relatives. And ever since I got married, the number doubled . Now need to tag along to hubby's friends, colleagues and relatives weddings too.
Me in my 30s, probably the plateau period. Friends, colleagues and relatives at my age are most probably married and busy expanding their families. The weddings I am attending this time would be the weddings of my junior staff in the office or my nieces and nephew or younger cousin.
Me in my 40s, more or less the same with me in my 30s. In the end of my 40s, the plateau shows bit potential of increasing trends.
Me in my 50s, is where my parents and parents in law right now are. They are fully booked for weddings, mostly weddings of their friend's daughter/son. There are similarities of their trend and our trend, that sometimes, they outsource the invitation to us, to attend on their behalf, especially if the bride or groom are our friends. And it is also the time when one by one of our children get married, InsyaAllah.
Me in my 60s onwards, in o&g prediction, it is called decline curve analysis. Invitation is still there. InsyaAllah, kalau panjang umur dan sihat tubuh badan, dapat lah pergi. After this is wedding cucu, wedding cicit and so on.
That is all I guess, a simple prediction on wedding galore :p
Next week ada 4 weddings to attend and I really love the buying present part!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Hobby

Not actually new hobby, but new things to do and keep me occupied. Currently in the process of spring cleaning my wardrobe and getting rid of those unworn clothes or clothes which are not on my favourite list. Am selling them all in So far so good. Hot selling items are my stuff from especially from MNG, Levis and G2000. Maybe I will share few in here when I am free. I am in the mood to buy new clothes, especially those with colours.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Sunday

I am at the tennis court, lepak lepak tgk people play. How I wish I can join them, but better not for the sake of my speedy recovery. Just a lil bit more of time for the wound to heal well and excellently.
I am hungry and sleepy. And I've been resting and laying too long on my bed and that makes hubby drags me here.
It's nearing to 7PM on this lovely Sunday and Monday is half way here. I don't feel like cooking tonight, feel like resting so most probably we do take away or dine outside or just eat simple, like always.
Hungry hungry, cepat lah habis main dear I wanna go back home.