Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homemade Chocolate

I've also been wanting to do homemade chocolate and it finally materialize. This is one simple and quick recipe. 200g of compound chocolate shall gives you around 30 small pieces of chocolate. Compound chocolate, cocoa butter and chocolate mold, you can find it all at any bakery supplier shop. I got mine at Yummie Bakery @ Bandar Baru Bangi.
Boleh lah bawak balik kampung during raya nanti.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Saturday, both of us went back to Seremban to berbuka with my mum and dad. I miss them so much! Was so happy to see Meena too. She is mengada-gada as usual :)
On Sunday, we left at noon, with hope to escape the weekend traffic at Lebuhraya Utara Selatan. It was blistering hot and I could not wait to reach home. Macam cacing kepanasan dalam kereta. Adoi!
We reached home at around 1PM, which leaves ample time for me to cook for berbuka and bake cookies. I don't know why, but Ramadhan gives me some motivation to cook for berbuka and sahur. But quite fair lah, since the day before, we bought all our food at Pasar Ramadhan Seremban 2.
So today I bake chocolate chip cookies. I ran out of chocolate chips, that was why cookie is full of chocolate rice.
Rasanye? Tatau lah sedap ke tak u ols. I will provide feedback on my next post. Recipe is from noreenhomecooking :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FJB Warehouse Clearance

This email came to my mailbox this morning.

Dear Customer,

You are specially invited to the exclusive preview of the FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance. For full details please refer to the brochure below.

I have been to few FJB clearance, so, watches, GAP  items, handbags boleh tahan murah. Longgok-longgok je ok. Dan yang paling crazy sekali is La Senza jual longgok dan murah. 
Gugu gaga! JJ~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Buying Baking Powder

I plan to bake rainbow cake on Saturday and frustratedly found out that my baking powder is already expired. Sigh.  The baking powder is still halfway full so you can already guess the frequency of my baking activity ever since I am mixer-less. So yesterday I went to a baking store to buy a brand new baking powder and found two sizes of baking powder, one is in a huge tin as shown below and the other is repacked in a  medium sized plastic
Just to share, once opened a tin of baking powder will only last three to four months in a cool dry place. If the weather is warm and muggy, its lifespan will be considerably shortened. Unless you are one avid baker, buying a big bulk of baking powder is a bad investment. So don't buy more than you reasonably need in that time ok.
So I just grabbed the medium sized baking powder, the expiry date is July 2011. Great, just one year from now and could it be possible that July next year is already Hari Raya? If not, I have to find way on how to fully utilize my baking powder. How? Just to share few great uses for your old baking powder. 
Carpet Freshener
One of my favorite uses, it really does well with odors. Mix in a drop or two of your favorite fragrance, and sprinkle on the carpet. Let sit for 10 minutes before vaccuuming up. 
Scrubbing Compound
Sprinkle the baking powder onto your counter, sink or tub. Use a wet sponge to scrub out the stains, and then rinse clean.
Dishwasher / Washing Machine
Sprinkle some baking powder into your washing machine or dishwasher to add an extra boost of cleaning power.
Happy baking people!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

All I Want for Raya (for the Kitchen)

IKEA Serving stand, three tier
Measuring Spoon
Kitchen Aid mixer 
 Pyrex Store N See

Waffle Maker

Wilton Icing Gel
Wilton Baking Cups
Wilton Metal Cutter
Wilton Cupcake Decorating Set
Wilton Cookie Press

Okie I think I should stop now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Day 1

Kota Kinabalu is my first  visited town in Sabah. Since I have never been to Sabah in moi entire life, I secretly wish for an assignment to look after Sabah field, but, unfortunately it did not materialize. So when I was nominated to attend a conferennce in KK, I straight away say yes. 
No worries on travelling alone as my Lonely Planet never fails to keep me occupied. Plus, I love to travel with Malaysia Airlines because I can comfortably do my reading and oh, I love their magazine "Going Places". It was a two and a half hour journey, I had chicken beriyani and god, they are tasteless.
I swear the flight was full of familiar faces and I suppose, we heading to the same place/hotel. It was also my first time checking-in to Magellan Sutera at Sutera Harbour. My first impression on Magellan Sutera - aiyoooo!!  My airport coach was no where to be send I had to wait for half and hour and later made a call to the hotel, asking for where about of my coach. To cut the story short, I find my own coach and headed to the hotel. Such a turn off, I have not step foot in the hotel, yet my good impression on the hotel was half way gone.
Benda yang paling memboringkan dalam dunia ialah staying alone in a luxury hotel like Magellan Sutera. So to kill my time, I went for an evening walk at around the Sutera Harbour Marina and was so in the mood to snap photos using my new and pink waterproof camera. Snap snap snap.


Sutera Harbour Resort is just 10 minutes from the airport, where resides the business-styled Pacific Sutera and the resort-styled Magellan Sutera. From the evening walk alone, I came across two swimming pools, one is olympic size pool at the Marina Clubhouse and the other one is at the center stage of the resort with water depth around 1.4m. The azure water was very inviting, I could not resist the temptation, straight away changed to my swimming suit and took an hour of evening dip before it gets dark. Need to work on the flabby triceps even on holiday people.
My room was superb, king size bed, bath tub and a private balcony to enjoy breathtaking view of the swimming pool and the sea. After swimming, I had to rush for  our  welcoming dinner at Ballroom 2. The theme was "Colours of the World". The food was not that great but it was ok. We were entertained by art and cultural performances by the locals. I left the hall at 11PM while there were still performances going on. The organizer was behind schedule, but I could not wait as  I need to go and rest. Rise and shine early in KK as it is already clear at 6AM.

Monday, August 16, 2010

All Must Go

Bye bye to my pink artificial flower, it will be sold to someone else in a while. I am waiting for the buyer at Petronas station near my house for COD transaction. Gigih x HAHA. Tudung Ariani polka-dot and baju MNG also waiting to be shipped. I am going to miss that tudung. I dont know why I put it on sale. Hmmm. Entahlah. Whatever, cecepat lah clear sume. Amin.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cute Bag for Cute Cuzzie

Zara was having sale and I saw this bag selling very cheap and thus bought it for my dear cuzzie. The bag is still with me now and I somehow adore the bag so much theeheehee. But anyway, hope cuzzie will like it! Hopefully can pass to her during raya. I cant wait!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

6 Steps to Organizing Your Digital Photos

Hi! I would like to share 6 useful tips on how to organize your collection of digital photos. Article are copied and pasted from The Nest (love em'!)
1. Don’t save everything
Resist the urge to hold onto bad pics or duplicates (how many do you really need of you giving the dog a bath?). Filter first by deleting the ill-framed shots before you download them onto your computer. That way, you’ll keep your hard drive free of oddball shots and reserved for only the best pics. In your zeal to save space, however, don’t skimp on picture size. If you want to enlarge an image later, and don’t have a decent file size, you won’t get a good printout. Your safest bet is to use the highest or next-highest file size (usually 2 to 4MB) when saving images. That said, if you have lower priority pics that you’re just going to be emailing to relatives, a lower resolution is fine.
2. Name wisely
Don’t rely on the gobbledygook that the computer automatically gives a photo (who can remember whether “10YUTJ24” shows your dog Buster licking his bowl or your MIL sneering at you from the corner?). Make sure the names you use indicate what they are. You may find that numbering your photos is useful when trying to remember what sequence the pictures were taken. But for a quick-to-find, organized system, it’s best to be as descriptive as possible -- with the subjects, location, and dates.
3. Transfer to a disk
Save your digital pics onto a high-quality DVD or CD. And, to ensure that picture data is read successfully, use the “verify data” option on your CD/DVD writing software when making a copy. To be completely anal, uh, safe, make two copies of each CD or DVD. Keep one with you and the other in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box. Proper labeling applies here as well. So that you won’t forget what’s on each disk, use a similar labeling process you used when storing the images on your computer. Back up pictures on CDs every six months and label according to the time period. Use a permanent marker on the inner round of the disk so that over time, the ink won’t get on the data.

4. Utilize photo websites
But don’t trust just any old site. Before you upload, make sure you know the terms -- will they delete the pictures if you don’t buy within a certain period of time? And be sure to use a reputable site like or since you never know when the smaller ones might go under. is a simple way to share and organize your photos via the web. Create online albums, then add notes and tags (and even let your friends add tags) to label each photo. The tags are all searchable, making your photos easy to find. No matter what you choose, though, know that you need more than just a website as your backup.
5. Get yourself some hardware
An external hard drive is great for extra storage and will allow you to have those images for years to come. Many available hard drive models have “push button” backup and can hold 100 to 500GB of photos, video, data, and music. That’s a lot of data. It sort of makes spending a couple hundred dollars to protect those pictures you call priceless more than a fair trade. For a Mac or PC, an iPod can be used as a hard drive, holding as many as 25,000 for an 80GB iPod -- keep in mind though that the number of photos depends on the size of the photo file. Plus, you can view slideshows -- perfect for showing off pics to visiting relatives. We also like the travel-friendly 640GB Western Digital Passport Portable Drive ($130, -- that’s enough memory for 128,000 photos! Or go to, one of our favorite tech sites, for a more educated choice.
6. Make hard copies
Of course the beauty of digital cameras is that you don’t have to waste the time or money printing an entire roll of film. But if you want to have print photos as part of your backup plan, or for long-term storage, make sure the inks and paper are archival quality. To do this, take your camera’s memory card, or a CD or DVD, with all your images into a drugstore or camera shop to have them printed. Or upload them onto an online service. Home photo printers have come a long way, but when it comes to pictures that you want to last, your best bet will be to let a professional handle the print job.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mannequin Hanger Is Here


My mannequin hanger is here!
I bought it online at The process was super quick, placed an order a night before and item was delivered on the next afternoon, straight to KLCC.  And suprise, suprise, the person behind the mannequin business is actually my university mate. HAHA. What a small world. And seems like everyone is venturing into online business now. As for me, my itention is pure i.e
To SPRING CLEAN my bursting wardrobe. All must go.

10%, 40%

Tie Rack on Sale at KLIA

I love their scarves and seems like they have it in fuschia now. So tempted to buy.
Hmm it is just so sad that Tie Rack can only be found at KLIA airport and Kuching airport. I secretly hope they would one day open a shop near to my reach.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bekas Kuih

I am currently looking for bekas kuih for raya. This one by Pyrex sume orang pon dah ada kan. What are the other choices ye. Any suggestion?

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rindu Kat Dia Ni

Tengah high lepas kena spray cat nip

Rindu pulak kat die ni. Dah dekat 2 minggu tak jumpe. InsyaAllah weekend ni kalau sempat nak balik jumpe die sebelum g travelling lagi.

Mum says she loves ayam cili merah yg masakan padang tu. That ayam sama dgn sambal hijau tp die guna cili merah. Indon rupenye kucing aku. Nama penuh die Meenachi A/P Sambamoorthy. Nama ni my mum yang bagi haha.

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Kasut Murah


Ani, inilah kasut murah itu.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mannequin Needed!

Looks like it's more presentable to display my pre-loved item using mannequin, so yes I do need one! Anyone know where to get them?

I Am Back

Alhamdulillah kami selamat pulang dan sampai rumah. The first thing I did this morning - checking my leave balance. haha. What is wrong with me? :p

Anyway, my leave balance is 14 days. I plan to carry forward 5 days to next year ( as always). So the remaining is 9 days. I plan to use it all. 3 years back, cuti asik burn aje, now it is time to utilize them.

Ok happy working people!

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