Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Buying Baking Powder

I plan to bake rainbow cake on Saturday and frustratedly found out that my baking powder is already expired. Sigh.  The baking powder is still halfway full so you can already guess the frequency of my baking activity ever since I am mixer-less. So yesterday I went to a baking store to buy a brand new baking powder and found two sizes of baking powder, one is in a huge tin as shown below and the other is repacked in a  medium sized plastic
Just to share, once opened a tin of baking powder will only last three to four months in a cool dry place. If the weather is warm and muggy, its lifespan will be considerably shortened. Unless you are one avid baker, buying a big bulk of baking powder is a bad investment. So don't buy more than you reasonably need in that time ok.
So I just grabbed the medium sized baking powder, the expiry date is July 2011. Great, just one year from now and could it be possible that July next year is already Hari Raya? If not, I have to find way on how to fully utilize my baking powder. How? Just to share few great uses for your old baking powder. 
Carpet Freshener
One of my favorite uses, it really does well with odors. Mix in a drop or two of your favorite fragrance, and sprinkle on the carpet. Let sit for 10 minutes before vaccuuming up. 
Scrubbing Compound
Sprinkle the baking powder onto your counter, sink or tub. Use a wet sponge to scrub out the stains, and then rinse clean.
Dishwasher / Washing Machine
Sprinkle some baking powder into your washing machine or dishwasher to add an extra boost of cleaning power.
Happy baking people!


izzu said...

zalina, u leh guna expired baking powder utk cuci2 kan ?

Zal said...

aha camtu lah cerita nyer ixxu. tapi i lom guna lagi baking powder i tu untuk cuci sink. masih lagi dalam peti sejuk ;p