Friday, August 20, 2010

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Day 1

Kota Kinabalu is my first  visited town in Sabah. Since I have never been to Sabah in moi entire life, I secretly wish for an assignment to look after Sabah field, but, unfortunately it did not materialize. So when I was nominated to attend a conferennce in KK, I straight away say yes. 
No worries on travelling alone as my Lonely Planet never fails to keep me occupied. Plus, I love to travel with Malaysia Airlines because I can comfortably do my reading and oh, I love their magazine "Going Places". It was a two and a half hour journey, I had chicken beriyani and god, they are tasteless.
I swear the flight was full of familiar faces and I suppose, we heading to the same place/hotel. It was also my first time checking-in to Magellan Sutera at Sutera Harbour. My first impression on Magellan Sutera - aiyoooo!!  My airport coach was no where to be send I had to wait for half and hour and later made a call to the hotel, asking for where about of my coach. To cut the story short, I find my own coach and headed to the hotel. Such a turn off, I have not step foot in the hotel, yet my good impression on the hotel was half way gone.
Benda yang paling memboringkan dalam dunia ialah staying alone in a luxury hotel like Magellan Sutera. So to kill my time, I went for an evening walk at around the Sutera Harbour Marina and was so in the mood to snap photos using my new and pink waterproof camera. Snap snap snap.


Sutera Harbour Resort is just 10 minutes from the airport, where resides the business-styled Pacific Sutera and the resort-styled Magellan Sutera. From the evening walk alone, I came across two swimming pools, one is olympic size pool at the Marina Clubhouse and the other one is at the center stage of the resort with water depth around 1.4m. The azure water was very inviting, I could not resist the temptation, straight away changed to my swimming suit and took an hour of evening dip before it gets dark. Need to work on the flabby triceps even on holiday people.
My room was superb, king size bed, bath tub and a private balcony to enjoy breathtaking view of the swimming pool and the sea. After swimming, I had to rush for  our  welcoming dinner at Ballroom 2. The theme was "Colours of the World". The food was not that great but it was ok. We were entertained by art and cultural performances by the locals. I left the hall at 11PM while there were still performances going on. The organizer was behind schedule, but I could not wait as  I need to go and rest. Rise and shine early in KK as it is already clear at 6AM.


aiyda said...

Bestnya swimming pool dia :D
Hotel looks nice ;-)
KK is a nice place to time u kena jalan2 there

Zal said...

Tu lah, itu baru 10% of KK. More to come later :D