Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diet Duit

I love to shop, especially on clothes, shoes, handbags, women's essentials you know. And since I don't fancy carrying bulk of cash with me, I always go for credit card. But not anymore.
For 2010, one of my resolution is to minimize my credit card usage. I used to have 3 credit card, terminated one of the card after I got married and that leaves it to two. Two is ok I guess, mainly for traveling or emergencies. I gave one for hubby to hide it (it is in the wardrobe anyway, I know :P) and the one with 15K credit limit is with me huhu. 15K credit limit!! Citibank mmg gile!
It has been a month since I last swiped the credit card. I feel good. I feel light. It is just like detox.
I now pay everything in cash.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Day

So today, my cool boss broke the news : We are going to have a Family Day!!
Finally! the we-don't-give-much-hope Family Day is coming! Bukannye ape, all this while it was all about cost saving here and there. Last time we had family day was during the peak oil period, which was around 2 years back. I was single back then ehem ehem so I guess for Family Day 2010, I'll not be coming alone anymore!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hari Membebel

Hari ni I wanna membebel banyak sikit. Maybe because I am pmsing :p
My kereta buat hal lagi. Sebelum itu, few days ago, ada hal lagi terjadi. At Touch and Go Lane, the car the front end was having problem with her T&G card so everyone at the back had to slowly reverse the car and change to the next lane. Bile dah reverse tu up till satu time tak boleh reverse, I stopped. But the car at the front didn't. I honked and honked and honked him but die tengah berangan agaknyer and boom!!! There goes. Die langar kereta aku. Mak sentap! Bile keluar kereta, tengok tade pape, okay lah selamat. Tapi mamat tu memang bengong.
So on last Monday, I was followed by a penjenayah menaiki motor and menyamar sebagai polis. He tried to stop me and lepastu cakap nak saman sebab melanggar undang-undang jalan-raya. Dah la pakai t-shirt, naik motor kapcai, then helmet, lepastu ada selit telefon kat telinga die. Die ingat aku bodoh nak caya die police ke. He tried to stop me few times but I refused to. Last-last, he took my photo and my car and sped off. Aiyor terkejut ok. Takut pon ada. I went to the police and report the case. It seems that guy is using fake plate so I was asked to be extra careful while driving. My boss reminded me to use different path to the office. Hubby is now driving my car coz I kind of freaked out to drive that car anymore. Takut die cam.
So today, while driving hubby's car, tiba-tiba temperature increases. I freaked out again. Dah lah few days ago I saw one car got burnt down while driving back. Aiyor. Nasib baik it happened near a PETRONAS station. I called hubby and he came to rescue. Thanks dear. He brought the car to the workshop. I wanted to follow and plan to take a day off but he wouldn't let me. So I drove my car to the office and let him to fix the other car. I already told my boss that I am going to be bit late. At KL Convex car park, the Early Bird rate is no longer valid because I clocked in at 9AM. So today I paid freaking RM23 for the parking alone! Sentap~
So at the office, I was told to attend this one training and since the company is now in cost saving mode, we are asked to travel by Firefly or Air Asia.
I called few friends to bebebe. Lega sikit lepas bebebe to my friends and bebebe kat sini :P
It is just another Manic Monday :D

Yang Mana Satu?

I have this one close friend, a guy and is getting married somewhere soon. So today, after lunch, he told me this one funny story.
"Tolong I, I rasa iman I tergugat" he wrote at the messanger
"What? what do you mean tergugat. Cemas ni" I replied
Then we both laughed, and continue
"I went out with a girl, an old friend of mine. She told me that she is now single. I could sensed that she has feelings for me coz when I told her I am getting married, die macam terkejut and terdiam. She is cute, cukup membuatkan iman I tergugat"
Hohoho cane ni u ols~ Layan saje lah. But I know him quite well. He is that type who is into hot girls. But the girl he is marrying is type yang baik and decent, which is the normality nowdays. Nak cuci mata yang hot-hot, nak kawin yang baik. Yeah he is quite comfortable of sharing this with me because he knows I don't against any of that. Biasalah tu guys kan.
I wrote back "Well speaking of experience, biasa lah masa time-time darah manis ni, macam-macam benda yang datang menduga. I've been there once"
Tak sempat nak bebel panjang-panjang kat dia lagi coz today was full of meeting. But for me, biasalah kot. Boys will always be boys. Few of my guys friend pon memang macamtu. Ada tu yang married, tapi bile pandang perempuan or anak-anak dara pass by, bukan main lagi diorang. Tiba-tiba jadi single jugak HAHA.
I would like to observe this "iman tergugat" feeling ni, esok ada lagi tak. Ker dah hilang dah. Memang seronok gossip dengan die ni. Walaupun die lelaki, tapi die suke bergossip. I loike.
Okie xoxo :p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to All :D:D
How time flies, in just a blink of an eye, it is already 5th of January today.
Tak payah lah nak cerita azam tahun baru kan cause it is such a boring topic. Allow me to keep my resolution only to myself.
Okay lah, maybe to share one simple wish I strive to achieve each day i.e to be a better person and live life to the fullest. Boring is in it? haha.
Someone is getting married in August, and the wedding ceremony will be in SWEEDEN!
Seronoknye kalau dapat pergi *mode berangan*
And also, Happy Birthday to Daia and Ee Fei i.e Abang Long and Kak Long!
How does it feel to hit 28? Rasa macam dah tua tak? As me the same question in February okay :)