Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

Okay people, I will offline for few days. Wish me luck :D

Mandi Pengantin

Mama encourages me to go for Mandi Mandi Pengantin, so that what I did today at one of the local saloon in Seremban. I am so used to spas and saunas but not the traditional ones like the one they have in Mandi Pengantin. For example, in Mandi Pengantin, the sauna comes with steam from rebusan akar- akar kayu dan rempah with funny smells (pening), but the whole of 3 hours was fun :D
The first step is to go for sauna with rempah-rempah kayu. This is said could detoxify the body, menguatkan badan dan menwangikan badan. I sat in the sauna place for 30 minutes and masa tu dah mengantuk and penat, because I had to duduk tanpa berbuat apa-apa~
After that, was scrubbing session. Aha this one memang best :D:D:D The luxury of having someone to urut and srub your body was wonderful. I almost dozed off during that session. Then the kakak woke me up for Mandi Susu. This one is funny. As I start to realize the smell of milk in the bath tub, I think of a giant pool of milk and cornflakes, which is my favourite meal for breakfast hihi. And now I am having bath in them. Kind of weird too.
During mandi susu, you are encourage to scrub your body and after that sit and enjoy the bath (but it was so cold in the tub~)
And the last part was the interesting one. Mandi Bunga!
They always said that mandi bunga boleh menaikkan seri. I wonder how does this thing happen and start to ask the kakak. It was the same answer I've got everywhere. Well. Whatever lah, it doesnt botter me much anyway. But the mandi bunga was yang paling best. After the bunga was poured to my body, I felt the coolness and felt freshen up straight away. It gives me a nice smell too. Memang seronok mandi bunga ni rupanye. I stayed in the tub quite a while to play with the bunga before I took shower and finish the session.
So bride-to-be, Mandi Pengantin is fun and you should tried it :D:D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate for Wedding

My chocolate dah sampai and they are pink in colour! I managed to get this choc at cheaper price (compared to the ones at Famous Amos). This one is RM45 per kg (120 pieces) compared to Famous Amos, RM5.5 per 100g or RM55 per kg and Choc kiosk at KLCC are selling it at RM66 per kg. Crazy~
And this chocolate rasa die macam Cadbury ok. Thumbs up! I recommend you to get this choc, if you are planning to do choc as a wedding gift.
The cute choc are from Ryverra Chocolate. Check them out here : - website.

Free a box of choc for me :D:D. I wonder how the blue one tastes.

Wish Tree

This tree is for guest and friend to place wishes to the Bride and Groom, I call it a Wish Tree :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weather Forecast

Do you know why I even bother reading the weather forecast? It's because I need to know whether there is a need to laminate the road signages or not. And the weather forecast reads :

Friday, 17 July afternoon - rain shower
Saturday, 18 July morning, afternoon and night - rain shower

Argghhh~~ terpaksa lah pergi laminate esok!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Honeymoon in Krabi, Thailand

We will go for our honeymoon in Krabi, Thailand, in the effort to skip from the common honeymoon venue i.e Bali. Furthermore, I've always be a radio rosak cerita pasal Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island where they did The Beach (the film with Leonardo deCaprio) few years back. Biru air lautnyer (tapi tatau lah boleh percaya ke tak). I actually recomended this place to Zakian, who just got back from Krabi few weeks ago. And I was glad to hear that he really enjoy his honeymoon in Krabi.
We are very much aware of the H1N1 and the craps/prediction on tsunami on next week, but then berserah saja lah. Worst case kami duduk lepak kat area hotel saje. It is much easier I think coz we will be staying in Ao Nang, which is a city with few things to do. What things I am not sure haha sbb tak sempat nak survey lagi boleh tak. Tapi tak pe, I think it has been taken care by someone yang rajin.
Anyway, the bird says that we already have our very own waterproof/underwater camera casing. That is so great, I can wait to take photos of the fishes and whatsoever down there (if any). I wanna go snorkerling because I never had chance to try snokerling. Pathetic me kan. I've been working without holiday for 3 years people, what do you expect?
Pray for our safety ya. InsyaAllah.
p/s Ada sesapa pernah g Krabi tak? Can share their experiences? To Aida, dont worry, I dah print dah apa yang your fren sent me few few months ago. Island hopping will be our must activity!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Early Bird~

I woke up so early this morning, macam nak terus pergi kerja je. Meena was awake too, as usual, meow meowing, seeking attention from me. She knows she can get it from me, a morning kiss, few strokes and caresses and she will starts to purr.
I am already on my long leave HURRAH! No more work until 27 July. My last day in the office was also my last day at Tower 1. The whole PER Dept has now moved to Level 17, Tower 2, closer to the Geologist and Petrophysicist. I don't really favour Tower 2 anyway, it is full of weird people HEHE. So on my first day in 28 July, I'll be clocking in Tower 2 :) :( :)
Wedding preparation? It is now ongoing. For 2 nights in a row, my BFF Balqish came to my place to help me out. So sweet of her. Thanks so much dear! Sambil buat-buat kerja tu mesti lah bergossip kan. Memang meriah walaupun ada kami berdua je.
I've also tried Juvanex for detox before the wedding. I am at my Day 3 now, so far so good. During this period, I have to eat light and drink a lot of water.

Yesterday, fiance and I went shopping at Midvalley, for some last minute staff. Seronok beli sayur ni, dapat release stress betul. The other day, got myself brand new jeans from Topshop, Wide-Leg Bette Jeans. Hurrah!. Lama dah tak beli jeans, and my current jeans ni is not fit anymore. I am so into wide leg jeans, team it up with platform shoes, memang comel. The jeans was at 50% discount, a really right buy for me. We went looking for underwater camera casing but susah betul nak dapat lah. One of the SA told us it costs about RM900. Aiyor leh cayake? Harga menghampiri harga kamera baru. I told fiance to look for it at Sony Wing lah coz the one that we went to was not Sony authorized dealer. And we didn't stay long, we need to rush for few fitting sessions.

I would like to thank few special people for the pressie, ada pre-wedding pressie, ada tu bukan pre-wedding pressie, it's something else but thanks anyway. U know who you are :):)
No komen u ols

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Save The Date

This virtual Save The Date Card was a gift from my BFF, Balqish. Thank Sayang. Cantik kad ni :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Visit to the Florist

Went flower hunting, bought 15 stalk of pink roses and the outcome..


I will blog about it later, penat sangat and baru balik from a cousin's wedding at Bangi.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Centerpieces Galore

The one with fresh flowers are bit expensive, mostly ranges from RM30 (simple ones) to hundreds of RM, for ones with extravagant design. As such, I decided to opt for artificial flowers (yang cantik) for my Solemnization and Reception centerpieces. They are totally DIY, senang aje, lipat-lipat bunga then masuk aje dalam flower pot tu. All items were from KK Nilai 3 which was bought few weeks ago.
Presenting the centerpieces for my Solemnization. The theme for my Solemnization is red and pink for centerpieces and mini dais and fuschia (my favourite!) for the wedding bouquet and baju. The flower is so cute isn't it? Both flowers and the pot are at 20% discount (members price). Non-members are entitled for 10% discount.
This will be the centerpieces for my buffet table at the Reception. Aha, this one is a bit interesting. The orange flower was under clearance and sold at RM1 (3 kuntum at one stalk). Masa sampai KK tu, bunga tu duduk kat luar, kesian betul. Macam dah nak kena buang lah. Sold at RM1 lagi. But eventhough it was placed with someother item under clearance yang memang dah torn and berabuk, I realize the potential for this orange flower to outshine with the right combination of flower pot. I think I've made the right choice and I really love it. The orange flower now look very lively.
For this purchase, the tuan kedai gave the orange flowers (5 stalk) for free. So tak sia-sia bile berbaik-baik dengan tuan kedai ni :D I am thinking to utilize this flowers for the bakul which place the door gifts. It looks in harmony when the table centerpieces and the bakul have the same flower isn't it?
So my fellow brides, this would be one way for you to cut some cost and go creative and DIY for your wedding. It is your wedding anyway, so enjoy preparing for it, I know I am :D
p/s I will be selling off the items after the wedding so if you interested to get it at low prices, please leave a comment.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love You All Too :)

Beatifully written by my Young Sexy Luvly BFF, Balqish :D

Our super duper bestfren zalina zamri aka “z” r getting married!!! Ysl hepi for u hun…hehehehe.. I ,hazy,tini,najib,maliz,intan,dilla,nadia n hani will mis the enjoyable moment wif u…there r many things I n sahabat2 yg lain went tru wif u suka dan duka 2gether..dr zaman muda berhingus til zaman ala2 wanita sejati..dr kita menjadi heroin seremban town lps main tennis krn membuat aduan telefon ke balai bomba akibat kebakaran peti surat di pos off…perkara berbakti n membanggakan kita lakukan pd waktu itu untuk bdr seremban..hinggalah menghadiri..sambutan tahun baru di seremban 2 menyambutnya dgn keadaan yg agak menggilakan.hahhahahaha mmg agk nuclear time tu.hinggalah melepak kat roy spi dpt bekenalan dgn waiter sengal roy..i lupa nama dia..terbaru hazy n maliz pegi class mengaji bersama u smpai kan maliz telah berjaya menyebut “a” tidak lagi hayammm n byk lg perkara yg tak dpat saya nyatakn disini…to z u mmg terkenal dgn sifat u akn mendengar prob kwn2 evn u sdiri ada prob u stil mengukir senyuman u yg manis..hehehehhe.zalina..we YSL will treasure these and many more memories forever.It’s truly an honour and privilege for Ysl to have u as YSL best friends..Ysl wish u n zul a lifetime of love n joy.May the joys you share today be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness,fulfillment and enjoy each day of ur marriage.Semoga bahagia n kekal ke anak cucu dan mendapat makfirah
Two souls with but a single thought,Two hearts that beat as one.
~Friedrich Halm~
Anita Sarawak - Selamat Pengantin Baru
Selamat pengantin baru
Semoga kekal abadi
Bahgia ke anak cucu
Sentosa murah rezeki
Alhamdulillah bertemu jodohnya
Berkat kesucian akhir terlaksan
apabila sedang bersanding
Janganlah suka menjeling
Menjadi raja sehari
Tersenyum nampak berseri
Tenangkanlah hati dengan kesyukuran
Sabar mengahadapi tempuh hidup baru