Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mandi Pengantin

Mama encourages me to go for Mandi Mandi Pengantin, so that what I did today at one of the local saloon in Seremban. I am so used to spas and saunas but not the traditional ones like the one they have in Mandi Pengantin. For example, in Mandi Pengantin, the sauna comes with steam from rebusan akar- akar kayu dan rempah with funny smells (pening), but the whole of 3 hours was fun :D
The first step is to go for sauna with rempah-rempah kayu. This is said could detoxify the body, menguatkan badan dan menwangikan badan. I sat in the sauna place for 30 minutes and masa tu dah mengantuk and penat, because I had to duduk tanpa berbuat apa-apa~
After that, was scrubbing session. Aha this one memang best :D:D:D The luxury of having someone to urut and srub your body was wonderful. I almost dozed off during that session. Then the kakak woke me up for Mandi Susu. This one is funny. As I start to realize the smell of milk in the bath tub, I think of a giant pool of milk and cornflakes, which is my favourite meal for breakfast hihi. And now I am having bath in them. Kind of weird too.
During mandi susu, you are encourage to scrub your body and after that sit and enjoy the bath (but it was so cold in the tub~)
And the last part was the interesting one. Mandi Bunga!
They always said that mandi bunga boleh menaikkan seri. I wonder how does this thing happen and start to ask the kakak. It was the same answer I've got everywhere. Well. Whatever lah, it doesnt botter me much anyway. But the mandi bunga was yang paling best. After the bunga was poured to my body, I felt the coolness and felt freshen up straight away. It gives me a nice smell too. Memang seronok mandi bunga ni rupanye. I stayed in the tub quite a while to play with the bunga before I took shower and finish the session.
So bride-to-be, Mandi Pengantin is fun and you should tried it :D:D


Anonymous said...

katmana eh tempat u buat that mandi bunga semua tu? and how much was it? tq :)

btw, congrats!

Zal said...

I buat mandi bunga tu at Seremban. The cost is around RM200 if I am not mistaken :D

Anonymous said...

hi zal,

i am interested in the mandi bunga before my wedding as i am frm sbn. do u mind to give me the contact.