Saturday, July 4, 2009

Centerpieces Galore

The one with fresh flowers are bit expensive, mostly ranges from RM30 (simple ones) to hundreds of RM, for ones with extravagant design. As such, I decided to opt for artificial flowers (yang cantik) for my Solemnization and Reception centerpieces. They are totally DIY, senang aje, lipat-lipat bunga then masuk aje dalam flower pot tu. All items were from KK Nilai 3 which was bought few weeks ago.
Presenting the centerpieces for my Solemnization. The theme for my Solemnization is red and pink for centerpieces and mini dais and fuschia (my favourite!) for the wedding bouquet and baju. The flower is so cute isn't it? Both flowers and the pot are at 20% discount (members price). Non-members are entitled for 10% discount.
This will be the centerpieces for my buffet table at the Reception. Aha, this one is a bit interesting. The orange flower was under clearance and sold at RM1 (3 kuntum at one stalk). Masa sampai KK tu, bunga tu duduk kat luar, kesian betul. Macam dah nak kena buang lah. Sold at RM1 lagi. But eventhough it was placed with someother item under clearance yang memang dah torn and berabuk, I realize the potential for this orange flower to outshine with the right combination of flower pot. I think I've made the right choice and I really love it. The orange flower now look very lively.
For this purchase, the tuan kedai gave the orange flowers (5 stalk) for free. So tak sia-sia bile berbaik-baik dengan tuan kedai ni :D I am thinking to utilize this flowers for the bakul which place the door gifts. It looks in harmony when the table centerpieces and the bakul have the same flower isn't it?
So my fellow brides, this would be one way for you to cut some cost and go creative and DIY for your wedding. It is your wedding anyway, so enjoy preparing for it, I know I am :D
p/s I will be selling off the items after the wedding so if you interested to get it at low prices, please leave a comment.


E`n1x said...

i envy ur semangat waja =D

Ddila said...

babe..flower pot cantekk sgt..afte wedng nk sale..jual kt aku eh..ehehe :D


Very carefully planned.
Insya4JJI everything will goes well.

Zal said...

Lily : Thanks aha. Dah start jadi my passion dah decorate decorate ni.
Dila : Ok set aje
Pak Wan : InsyaAllah, pray for us ya :D

aqish said...

syggggg...i sgt2 suka akn flowerrrrrr itu....nk sekuntummmm

Zal said...

Qish you suke flower yang mana, orang ke pink :D

dillanasa said...

brape hrga flower pot tu?