Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Can See It Coming

Yeah, it used to be a rilex-rilex weekend, but not anymore. Weekend is now my working day for my socializing life and wedding preparation too. My fiance is around this weekend so we settled few things but still, there are more to come. He will be off again next Sunday (and miss Jes+Hadi's wedding) and we will only have Saturday for wedding stuff. I am so relieved that my hantaran stuff are now complete and is already with my fiance. My hunt for tudung was also successful. Next week we will be hunting for centerpieces and flower for decor pulak and Shopping jugak lah kot theeheehee

Qish and Tinie, my two beautiful bridesmaid visited me at my place and lepak-lepak. Qish ada bagi early wedding present i.e buku Permata Yang Hilang. Aiyor. Pening. She said there will be more books for me. Bagus betul lah Qish ni.

Just now, while getting ready for the girls, I accidentally dropped my lenses case and DANG! There goes my lenses. Those were my last pair for this month, I hate my glasses so I opt for one choice i.e is to buy the lenses at JJ on the spot. I put on my clothes and looked at the mirror and terperasan that I am not wearing my glasses.

Eh macamana tak pakai glasses yet can still see clearly.

Lepastu baru lah perasan that my lenses rupenyer ada dalam mata sendiri. Keji sangat. Macamana lah boleh jadi blur sangat ni. I actually went looking for lenses yang ada dalam mata sendiri :(

Anyway sesiapa yang nak copy of Permata Yang Hilang can contact me here. Hihi.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Bridesmaid and Flower Girl

The kain for bridesmaid are all ready. I managed to get the kain at a very reasonably price and straight away brought 10 of them. So there will be 10 bridesmaid to be exact. My bridesmaid are all my single (single as in not married yet) girl friends. If I male friends are allowed to become bridesmaid, I will definitely invite my Febeles friend and I bet it is going to be a seronok masa wedding nanti. HAHA.
But anyway, I know my Febeles male friends are more interested on the microphone for karaoke *hi izzu*
Cukup 10 orang
The dress for flower girl is also ready. Yesterday, my aunties and I went to shop for the dress and stuff at KLCC. The accessories are from Party Princess but the dress was from Room & Couture (I think this is the name) from Parkson Suria KLCC. I was even mesmerized of the dresses. Memang cantik.
I was planning to settle stuff on my tudung and hantaran but fiance is still away. So the plan will have to defer to next week. In the mean time, the weekend was all about wedding invitation, list of guests and updating my Wedding scrap book.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

If A Song Could Get Me You by Marit Larsen

If there is a song that could how cute Meena is in real life , it will definitely be this song! When ever this song is aired on the radio, I would grabbed Meena and dance with her. She has no idea what is going on and it looks cute!
There was this once, Meena and I was driving around Seremban, this song came out and we sang together and danced cutely in the car.
Here it is~ Here it goes~
I am so obsessed with my cat. Am I normal?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melancholy Post

I am so busy nowdays and hinted this to my fiance hoping that he would understand that I dont have time to collect the card at Jalan Pudu, which is nearer to my office than his office. So he came to rescue and help to collect the card. He just got back from Kedah and it had been days since I last time we met. He was quite satisfied with the outcome. In addition to that, LH Creative gave us free 40 cards and free 50 envelopes. Coolness!And after that, he dropped by KLCC to have lunch with me :) Lama dah tak jumpe my fiance ini. Terubat rindu. I dont know why I feel so fragile today. Maybe because I am menstruating. Tapi memang rasa macam mendayu je. So jumpe sekejap for lunch pon dah rasa terhibur jugak lah. We had lunch at La Cucur. After lunch, he went back to his office. :(. But since I am driving today, I told him I am dropping by his place, nak amik all the cards. Rasa gembira sebab nak dinner together lagi. I can't wait for the office hour to finish, then to the gym, then off to Bangi for dinner and balik rumah. If sempat, nak pergi Ariani or Hajaba for the tudung. Okay, toodles!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Semenjak ada tokan VS ni *hi aritha*, I can now happily browse their website. Saja-saja cuci mata. Furthermore, they are having the semi-annual sale. Yummylicious.
We are having hen's nite for a friend who is getting married in June. Since it is a lingerie and pyjama party, semuanyer gigih mencari panty and nightie for the event. I haven't decide what to wear yet. But today, I went to La Senza to buy panties and straight away bought their RM30 La Senza coupon books with so many offers and discounts within one year. We are also to enjoy 10% discount on top of what offered with the vouchers. Quite worth it.
So okay, nak sambung browse balik. Toodles!

Kad Dah Siap :D

I've been receiving bad comments about LH Creative. From Arin, from Zairul and few other brides. Semuanyer complain about their cards, either lambat or macam-macam lagi lah.
Being me, I like to cross the border and pergi juga meredah even though I've been warned kan. Sort of try my luck or even experience myself lah kekecewaan or the worst to happen.
To my suprise, I experienced the opposite.
We came to LH on 15 April and the card part ni lah part yang agak terakhir untuk di settlekan. Then I ask them, bile card tu nak siap. Then die kata tengok lah wedding I bile, if July, June baru diorang nak siapkan coz nak bagi priority to orang yang kahwin in May for printing. I memang marah betul with that policy. Mana boleh I said. We came early because we expect the card to be early too. Nak send card to oversea lagi bladibla craps I tell them. So diorang kata okaylah, probably in May 20 akan siap.
Our card siap earlier than they promised, one day earlier to be exact. Kalau dalam PETRONAS, PPA dah boleh dapat 2 lah. Means performance exceed requirement. And the designer I am working with mmg sabar betul dengan berapa banyak editing yang kami buat, especially by my fiance. He is so so cerewet I tell you.
And on negotiation part (the one I am good at), I managed to get the a cheaper price and manage to talk to the manager and get few other cost cut to zero. We printed the card to two colours, and the card came with different ink. The services patutnyer come with charges but the boss is kind enough to do it free for us. Maybe it's free pon lah, but what ever it is, we now no need to pay for the cost at all.
And, kami dah 2 kali tukar design kad. Huhu. Supposedly kena charged jugak lah, but we got it for free too.
Okay itu cerita kad. Lagi satu thing that I am experimenting now is Fitness First hehe. I heard so many scary story pasal orang yang join FF but then menangis-nangis nak cancel their membership *hi Nashriq*. So I decided to join FF to experience sendiri benda itu. Am I going to meracau-racau like other people.
To my suprise again. I didn't meracau but really enjoy it. I go to the gym everyday after work to work out and socialize, cos ramai betul colleagues and friends join the gym too.
My objective is not to kuruskan badan, but to burn fat in my body.
Okay lah, I am late for gym.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

2 Months To the Big Day!

2 months! Yikes!
We've just arrived home after a long 8 hours journey from Jitra, Kedah for cousin Nem's wedding. There will be another wedding in Kedah in July. Yani is our second cousin who is marrying a Kedah guy. As for me, I cari yang dekat-dekat je, senang nak balik raya :).
Okay lah, so many things to do now. My mind is like iterating of to-do lists for the wedding, especially now it is only 2 months left.
We would expect the card will be ready this week. And also need to start communicating with Hazzy on my thank you cards, signages, banners whatnot. Hazzy ajak paintballing this Saturday, macamana? can do ke? I know I have wedding to attend at DPF on Saturday and the Kembara Kasih trip is also supposed to be on.
Few of 2 months to-dos:
-I need to settle the remaining RM to my make-up artist, pass her the hand bouquet design and book her hotel.
-I need to discus with Ratukek on my wedding cakes and cuppies.
-My fiance and I to look for tudung at Ariani Gallery or Hajaba at Bandar Baru Bangi.
-Remind fiance to check flight ticket for Dec trip.
-2 months to-go discussion with the Caterer.
-Centerpieces and hantaran decoration.
-Eat healthily and work out
-Enjoy being single
-Quality time with Meena (sunbathing)
-Learn to cook decent meals
-Register for KLCC parking

Thursday, May 14, 2009

KK Home Deco at Nilai 3

Let me share with you my experience dealing with KK Home Deco at Nilai 3.
I simply love their stuff, especially the those flowers and English decor. KK are among the top places where I shop for wedding stuffs. To cut the story short, I ordered my wedding gifts from KK, and that was somewhere in the April. I paid the deposit and left the shop, was singing happily and feeling glad because the wedding gifts part were taken care of, makan keropok lekor and didn't realize that the credit card receipts and deposits receipts were in the same plastic bags which later went to the bin. Damn!
I realized the receipts were gone when we reached home. I called that guy at KK, he was saying
"Akak cari dulu ok, later call saya balik"
At that time, I was almost sure that receipts tu dah kena buang. Then I called that guy again. He told me not to worry, and said later on, just come to the store and collect when it's ready.
I was so so worried, lots of nonsense things were in my mind. What if they dont believe me because I have no proof of purchase? Macam-macam lagi lah.
But since I kind of a frequent visitor to the store, that guy pon macam dah kenal me and my entourage lah hihi. There was this one time, I wanted to drop by KK, nak tengok bunga telur. It was 745pm, still in KL-Seremban hiway. They close at 8PM. I called in few times requesting for them to wait for me till I come and baru tutup. HAHA. It was 815PM when I arrived. They were patiently waiting and sempat lagi layan-layan suruh tengok tu tengok ini. But we left empty handed because Mama didn't plan to get anything.
It took one to two months for the order to come in. "Why so long?" I asked. Katanyer the gifts are imported from China. Oh ye ke. I thought it was Malaysian made. Maybe because of cheap labor cost lah kot.
So somewhere in May, one month after the order, I called them again. Saja je try because I was on my way back from futsal in KL, nak try luck lah. To my surprise, the wedding gifts are all ready. So terus pecut to KK, settled the payment and then terkejut tengok banyak gile kotak besar, 6 of them and wondered, how do I nak sandwich 6 kotak ni to my small car? To cut the story short, kereta tu mmg mendap gile HAHA. And I could feel that the kereta berat sebelah kot, because 2 boxes were on my side, one in the middle and 3 on my other side. Dah lah masa sampai KK tu, my car was running out of fuel. Memang dah nekad dah, kalau lah my car tetiba mati with all those 6 boxes with me, I will call my dad for rescue. Hihi. He onced rescued me kat tengah-tengah hiway KL-Seremban masa temperature kereta naik because one of the hose bocor. Zaman dulu dulu lah punya cerita. My fiance pulak pergi Melaka masa tu. Ish kacau betul lah. Then, the girl at KK told me where to go for the nearest PETRONAS. Thank God, selamat lah sampai PETRONAS sebelum minyak totally habis.
That guy asked me to check one by one but I requested that guy to give me time to check at home. So bawak balik rumah and check the thousands of wedding gifts. Dalam banyak-banyak tu, ada lah 12 yang rosak. So today, after office, I dropped by KK to return the 12. They actually had so many extras, some of them are even displayed at the store. Malu pulak kalau ada orang yang kenal visited that store and realized our name engraved to the gifts. :~)
So, the guy memang tak banyak cerita lah. Even ink yang hilang sikit pon, I ask for replacement and they easily replaced it with the good ones. Once again, die suruh tengok bunga-bunga tu sebab ada discount. Furthermore, I am a member to KK now.
Well, I love these kind of services from KK. Memang puas hati.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red Alert

One of my team mate from the workforce is on MC today, suspected for flu. She just got back from Venezuela. JENGJENGJENG. Doctor said that if she is still with flu tomorrow, she will probably be sent to Hospital Sg Buloh for quarantine. Scary.
Another scary shit is I start to develop sneezing and flu today. HAHA. So camne ni? I told my secretary and saja takut-takutkan die :p
Hazzy just got back from Bandung and Jakarta and bought me a cutie baby tee, which fits me very well. Thanks so much Hazzy :D And then, die ada ajak to follow her for another trip to Bandung and Jakarta and that is so irresistable. And people, esok AirAsia will open for more free tix for International destinations. Apa lagi. Mari!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kedah Here We Come

Friday, the whole family (belah my dad) are traveling to Kedah for cousin Nem's wedding. Hurrah! It has been a while since we last travelled this far, by car. But then I still have not applied for my leave. I am now with the special group project which requires my full time participation for one month, starting from today. Kalau ikut TOC, I am suppose to give my full commitment i.e no training or leave or whatsoever within that period. Pending lagi lah my offshore trips ni. Since the project will finish in mid-June or probably extends until July, nampaknyer tade chance for me to go for long offshore trips before my marriage.
One question, is it too little, too much or just ok for a hand phone bills of RM80? My phone bills has always been more than RM100, usually around RM150 to RM200. But this month, it's only RM80. I am quite surprised. What? Am I an anti-sosial now? But on the other side, okay lah because I can spend the other hundreds to some other stuff.
Okay people. I need to have my beauty sleep. And here is a mental note to myself - to hydrate and moisturize my skin!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gym Buddy

Baby/Apau - Baby subscribes to California Fitness. Die rajin jugak pergi gym. Tapi at the same time, die rajin jugak makan nasi lemak kerang yang berminyak, bos die belanja. But later, he will go to the gym dan lari atas trendmill 65 minit sambil mengenangkan kerang yang die dah makan tadi. I think he looks ok and cute, but still he wants to loose more kg. Pada die, orang yang cantik adalah orang yang kurus
Itak - Itak ada personal trainer, a lady. Die rajin pergi gym, since she is now a SAHM (not yet a mother tapi). She loves to jog too, and selalu die akan jumpe this one kitty masa die jog, and she will share with me stories about the kitty. She aspires to be slim like Taylor Swift. But this lately, die ada hobby baru which is memasak.
Hazzy - Hazzy pon baru berkecimpung dalam bidang gym ni. I pernah share stories dengan die about Fitness First so few months after that, die cerita die dah sign-in with Fitness First. I am so excited because I foresee that we can be gym buddy. Lepastu baru perasan that she actually joined True Fitness, not Fitness First. Sigh. But anyway, she subscribes to a PT too, and the PT is kinda hot (from her defination). PT tu pakai seluar pendek, and pembersih orang nyer. Hazzy has this habit of QC guy's nails and hands because she said from there, boleh tau orang tu pembersih ke tak. I look forward to meet this hot PT coz he will be with us to Kevin Zahri's Fitness workshop.
Wayne - Wayne is my colleague. He is new and this one day, die bawak beg cam balik kampung and I asked him "Wayne, u nak balik kampung ke?" And he answered "No lah, I nak pergi gym" Ooo gym bag rupenyer HAHA. But Wayne ni memang bagus, he has been with the gym for 4 years now, and he focus more on membina muscle. Everday, he would share with me steps to bina muscle at butt and triceps bladibla. And we like to kutuk/complain Fitness First on some parts of their services. Wayne ada bagi satu useful link and he encourages me to go there.
KJ - KJ is my favourite gym buddy. He is so helpful and loves to share his knowledge on fitness. He goes to the gym almost everday and hasilnye ialah cute butt. Semua orang pon kagum dengan butt die. Once I asked him, how can I get butt like yours? Nanti die cerita lah. And he is a true gentleman. He loves to accompany me at any machine and chit-chat, gossip about Miss R, and then teman pergi beli roti at Rotiboy and then balik naik LRT.
Nina - Nina goes to the gym in Kajang and die slim gile now. Last time I saw her, she was like wow, sungguh ayu sekali. Bertudung with great figure. She plans to loose more kg. Last time I talked to her, die bising sebab berat die stagnant for that month. Good luck dear.
My fiance - He subscribes to gym at his workplace. And once in a while, he would bring me to the Fitness shop and buy few equipments like dumbells and this one thing for leg stregth. If he doesnt go to the gym, he will jog or play tennis. Honestly speaking, I think he is naturally cerah, tapi since dia tak pernah dapat recover a sunburn before getting new ones, so die jadi sunburn macam tu lah sepanjang masa. And he is immune to sunburn too. We are getting married in 2 months time, but he is still busy with his tennis thingy, next week in Kedah and end of May in Terengganu. But I have no problem with that sebab with all these passion in sports, I hope his perut tak memboroi after marriage.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is Not PMS. This is Something Else.

The first draft for our wedding card is now ready. That was quite efficient, the designer only took less than one week to come out with the design. Right now I am waiting for mum and fiance to make amendments, then we can proceed with the second draft or hopefully, the final draft.
I am also settled with getting the Imam Jurunikah approval's and booked him for the Solemnization on July 17. Next step is to combine our application and submit it to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan. It is much easier since we came from the same Negeri.
In less than 2 months, I will get married. And recently, I tend to do crazy stuff and all of a sudden, will decide for something I never think of doing. HAHA. Like for example, I signed in for Salsa classes. It was great and fun, doing salsa. I should have done this long time ago. My class is every Wednesday at Aster Spring, KLCC and I usually go with my fellow reservoir friends. The teacher is really good, she has her videos posted all over Youtube I tell you.

We also have plans to do white water rafting with my fellow Young Professionals groupies and paintball, probably. And Hazzy and I have already booked a seat in Kevin Zahri's free fitness class. HAHA.
And all of a sudden, I have this appetite to sign in the membership for Fitness First. Wedding jitters maybe?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Melawat Kejiranan

Today, the landlord handed the key after we made the deposit. The house is in good condition now, the painting is brand new! The landlord bought few new lamps to replace the old one used by the previous owner. Okaylah, he is quite kind anyway. His wife were also there. Since we will only move in in July, they agree to give us discounts for May and June fee. Hurrah.
After closing the deal, we went around to see the surrounding. Believe it or not, baru time ni ada masa nak look around HAHA. Melawat kejiranan katanya.
The Pusat Kejiranan is just nearby our place. And I jumped happily when I saw a tennis court and a swimming pool at the Pusat Kejiranan. Supposedly, ada gym sekali lah, but the receptionist said, I can visit the Pusat Kejiranan at nearby Precinct i.e Precinct 9 or Precinct 8. Okay no problem. Tennis court and swimming pool pon dah okay I guess. There are also Taman Permainan Kanak-Kanak and Basketball/Volleyball court.
And I happen to know that the hi-way to KLIA is just nearby our place. So does the hi-way Utara Selatan, exit at Kajang/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. Since it's getting dark already, we plan to continue the tour to some other time. Here are some photos for every one's viewing pleasure.

Tennis Court
Swimming Pool
More Swimming Pool



Taman dan Pokok-Pokok at the Pusat Kejiranan


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Colourful Me

Believe it or not, I am starting to like the colour yellow, especially mustard yellow. Check out VB in yellow. Coolness!


Loves orange and fuschia too and an avid fan to pastel colours. I used to stick to black on all occasion, but not anymore. I am more colorful now. What is wrong with me? HAHA.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Furniture Hunting

My fiance and I took a day off to settle our HIV and Thalassemia (for him) for the wedding. Syukur lah both of us are free from HIV but for Thalassemia, he needs to wait another 1 month for the results. As for me, I am free from Thalassemia too.
It took us about 2 hours to settle all those. We came early for HIV, at around 2PM, but only went out at 4PM. Sigh. Klinik Kesihatan, biasalah, tak boleh nak expect too much. But then, even Twin Tower Medical Center pon macam tu. I wonder if the claim that doctors only read papers and do nothing at work is valid HAHA terburuk sangka pulak. Sorry doctors!
I am kind of excited about the love pad thingy, because this will be our first home where we can decorate it as how we want it to be. How cool is that? Most of the topic on our conversation was on the pad, like how, where, when etc etc. And it was me who dragged my fiance to the furniture shops. He seems so interested too so off we go to the furniture shops nearby. When it comes to purchasing things, I am more lenient but my fiance is so detailed and particular on every aspects. So I leave it all to him for quality checks and bidding for low prices. I am so not good on that area.
We couldn't stay long because my fiance had to leave for his training at 530PM. I told him to continue this some other time and remind him to bring me to IKEA for paintings and benda-benda pelik untuk digrab.
Okay, maybe I am not detailed or particular on certain aspects but I love organizing and planning for it. What I can think of right now is listing for items needed for the house and they are :
1. Sofa set
2. Arm chair (my part)
3. Dining table + chair
4. Bedroom set with spacious wardrobe
5. Shoe rack
6. Washing machine
7. Refrigerator
8. Kitchen set
9. Curtains (Macy)
10. Centerpieces + flower decor (my part)
11. Microwave oven
12. Kettle
13. Lesung batu :P
14. Blender
15. Pet carrier for my 2 cats
and many more!
This is just a preliminary lists. I will keep on updating these lists accordingly.
And the landlord called yesterday, he said the key will be ready this Sunday.