Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melancholy Post

I am so busy nowdays and hinted this to my fiance hoping that he would understand that I dont have time to collect the card at Jalan Pudu, which is nearer to my office than his office. So he came to rescue and help to collect the card. He just got back from Kedah and it had been days since I last time we met. He was quite satisfied with the outcome. In addition to that, LH Creative gave us free 40 cards and free 50 envelopes. Coolness!And after that, he dropped by KLCC to have lunch with me :) Lama dah tak jumpe my fiance ini. Terubat rindu. I dont know why I feel so fragile today. Maybe because I am menstruating. Tapi memang rasa macam mendayu je. So jumpe sekejap for lunch pon dah rasa terhibur jugak lah. We had lunch at La Cucur. After lunch, he went back to his office. :(. But since I am driving today, I told him I am dropping by his place, nak amik all the cards. Rasa gembira sebab nak dinner together lagi. I can't wait for the office hour to finish, then to the gym, then off to Bangi for dinner and balik rumah. If sempat, nak pergi Ariani or Hajaba for the tudung. Okay, toodles!


izzu said...

chuu~~~ so cute and romantic

lovey dovey :)

Zal said...