Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kad Dah Siap :D

I've been receiving bad comments about LH Creative. From Arin, from Zairul and few other brides. Semuanyer complain about their cards, either lambat or macam-macam lagi lah.
Being me, I like to cross the border and pergi juga meredah even though I've been warned kan. Sort of try my luck or even experience myself lah kekecewaan or the worst to happen.
To my suprise, I experienced the opposite.
We came to LH on 15 April and the card part ni lah part yang agak terakhir untuk di settlekan. Then I ask them, bile card tu nak siap. Then die kata tengok lah wedding I bile, if July, June baru diorang nak siapkan coz nak bagi priority to orang yang kahwin in May for printing. I memang marah betul with that policy. Mana boleh I said. We came early because we expect the card to be early too. Nak send card to oversea lagi bladibla craps I tell them. So diorang kata okaylah, probably in May 20 akan siap.
Our card siap earlier than they promised, one day earlier to be exact. Kalau dalam PETRONAS, PPA dah boleh dapat 2 lah. Means performance exceed requirement. And the designer I am working with mmg sabar betul dengan berapa banyak editing yang kami buat, especially by my fiance. He is so so cerewet I tell you.
And on negotiation part (the one I am good at), I managed to get the a cheaper price and manage to talk to the manager and get few other cost cut to zero. We printed the card to two colours, and the card came with different ink. The services patutnyer come with charges but the boss is kind enough to do it free for us. Maybe it's free pon lah, but what ever it is, we now no need to pay for the cost at all.
And, kami dah 2 kali tukar design kad. Huhu. Supposedly kena charged jugak lah, but we got it for free too.
Okay itu cerita kad. Lagi satu thing that I am experimenting now is Fitness First hehe. I heard so many scary story pasal orang yang join FF but then menangis-nangis nak cancel their membership *hi Nashriq*. So I decided to join FF to experience sendiri benda itu. Am I going to meracau-racau like other people.
To my suprise again. I didn't meracau but really enjoy it. I go to the gym everyday after work to work out and socialize, cos ramai betul colleagues and friends join the gym too.
My objective is not to kuruskan badan, but to burn fat in my body.
Okay lah, I am late for gym.

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