Sunday, May 17, 2009

2 Months To the Big Day!

2 months! Yikes!
We've just arrived home after a long 8 hours journey from Jitra, Kedah for cousin Nem's wedding. There will be another wedding in Kedah in July. Yani is our second cousin who is marrying a Kedah guy. As for me, I cari yang dekat-dekat je, senang nak balik raya :).
Okay lah, so many things to do now. My mind is like iterating of to-do lists for the wedding, especially now it is only 2 months left.
We would expect the card will be ready this week. And also need to start communicating with Hazzy on my thank you cards, signages, banners whatnot. Hazzy ajak paintballing this Saturday, macamana? can do ke? I know I have wedding to attend at DPF on Saturday and the Kembara Kasih trip is also supposed to be on.
Few of 2 months to-dos:
-I need to settle the remaining RM to my make-up artist, pass her the hand bouquet design and book her hotel.
-I need to discus with Ratukek on my wedding cakes and cuppies.
-My fiance and I to look for tudung at Ariani Gallery or Hajaba at Bandar Baru Bangi.
-Remind fiance to check flight ticket for Dec trip.
-2 months to-go discussion with the Caterer.
-Centerpieces and hantaran decoration.
-Eat healthily and work out
-Enjoy being single
-Quality time with Meena (sunbathing)
-Learn to cook decent meals
-Register for KLCC parking

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