Thursday, November 27, 2008

Apartment/House to Rent at Putrajaya

I am looking for apartment or house to rent at Putrajaya.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bunga Citra Lestari

Aida, Aisyah, Ezzaini and Fairul, sorry to disappoint you for no photos of Roger Federer captured for you guys, except for the ones in the paper theeheehee. I was so tied up that day and only went down at 11AM sharp and saw the line of waiting people similar like que in the LRT at 6PM . No use of being punctual, but be as early as 730AM will only guarantee you the front line. I couldn't afford to be seen (by the bosses) queueing for the signing event, ain't a good impression baby! So, there goes, work is a priority that I have to let go of my Federer, oh Federer~~~
Sedih sangat, even if I manage to get into the line, tak de bawak paper apa-apa pon except my Assessment paper, commented by my bos, yang sempat I angkut because I need to do some changes on it. If Federer were to sign that paper, kantoi lah dengan bos that I pergi jumpa Federer kan. Terpaksa melepaskannya~~
As he was in action at Bukit Jalil, I got stucked in the jam, on my way back home, because of the heavy downpour in KL. I reached home somewhere at 9PM, took a bath, talk to my very own Federer, pouring sad stories on the signing event and few other office and life issues and retire for the day.
P/s Sorry ye title ni tade kene mengena dengan BCL. One update saje, my Teddy is now playing Aku dan Dirimu sang by Ari Lasso and BCL yang telah dinyanyikan oleh Ashraff Sinclair and BCL during their wedding theeheehee :>

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Federer

Federer will be at Twin Tower lobby, KLCC from 11AM today, 18 November 2008. Jom pergi!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Katie

Walaupun keluar bershopping seharian pada hari Sabtu, balik tu dengan gigihnyer menonton 10 Promises to My Dog (2nd part) and Horton Hears a Who sampai lewat malam. Sungguh seronok. I will be getting the copy of Mama Mia and few others soon but this/next weekend tak de lah tengok movie kat rumah because we will be flying to JB. Hurrahh!
Cute tau Katie ni :):)
Katie is a small baby yak with strange habits. She tends to say 'ah' a lot and speak random thoughts. She also has a frog's tongue, and the ability to float, which she demonstrates at the end of the film. Katie is one of the female pupils of Horton.
From the movie, Horton Hears a Who.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Go Holiday Mood

These are few of my magnum opus taken at Pantai Chenang, LGK.
I have been looking forward to unwind by the beach, somewhere after dateline of the project, which is in December. But I guess it will not materialize since the project has been extended with few additional studies to be completed within pretty tight schedule.
No more "after December". It is now all "after April".
And I am not complaining. I am taking it positively :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Sale

The most perfect time to splurge on perfumes and cosmetics is the Christmas time! I can't wait to do my Christmas shopping which will definately include Miss Dior Cherie from Christian Dior, usual skincare regimes, lip glosses and blushers, which suddenly went missing I don't know where.
While in Langkawi and at the airport, I did some price checking and it seems that Dior perfumes are off the same everywhere so might as well I buy it here at ISETAN . Extra points, extra vouchers and they come with miniatures, cute boxes and ribbons!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Engagement Photo

The initial plan was to drop by the photographer office, together with my fiance, once he is back from Korea. But gifted that the photograpers were so efficient, they mailed us the raw files in a CD. There are thousands of them!
What we need to do next is to choose 60 favourite photos for the Engagement Album. It ain't easy I tell you because all of the photos spoke for itself. They are nicely captured and beautiful :)
The one that I am sharing with you are resized files. Once we've finalized the 60 photos, they will proceed with the editing work and for our approval before they produce the Engagement Album.
We are satisfied with their work and we've already agreed to hire them as the official photographer for our wedding. InsyaAllah :)
Check out some of the photos here : Zal-Lula

Sex and The City

Next - Sex and The City
When I think of SATC, I'd surely thought of UTP, a place where, I and my girlfriends, learnt about the series. Back then, access to any TV series was just a click away. That was the luxury of living in UTP dormitory, Internet was 24 hours and free. I could remember how we patiently waited for the finale of SATC Season 6 at Elmi's room. It was the story of an American Girl in Paris.
Back then, we had our own SATC friends :p
One of them are already thousands miles away. Yesterday, I had the chance to bid farewell to Aritha and hubby, who will be out of country for 2 years. If we were to look for similarity, Aritha would be Sam Jones. In the movie, Sam Jones are away from NY, following her love, Smith. But Aritha is no where near Sam Jones, even though I know Faizad wouldn't agree with this statement. To Faizad, Aritha is Sam Jones (circa 2004). And I am more to Charlotte York, simply because I am the naive one.
To Aritha, I, We are going to miss you. Keep in touch, you will always be in my mind. I hope you like the present, at least you can think of me whenever you look at it.
To my other SATC friends, let's have another luncheon somewhere soon :)

10 Promises To My Dog

Apau made me to watch this one, bila habis cerita tengok cerita tu, die kata die peluk cium terus kucing die.
Will I be doing the same thing too, I wondered.
I cried when the mum read out the 10 promises and when it's time to move to the second part of the movie...
I found out that there were no second part because my fiance copied the first part TWICE and this wasn't the first time he did it.
It happened for Kungfu Panda too.

P.S I Love You

I just watched P.S I Love You and I cried.
It was like a river of tears.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Such An Admiration

He is back.
And the much awaited time is the gift exchange time. It would be our habit to buy gifts for each other when ever we go and I am more excited on this one than he is (I think).
I was at one of the gifts store and I saw this - woodchuck wooden puzzle. I straightaway bought it because I know he would love it. He dearly so into these kind of things - rubik cube, soduku and all that jazz.
On the other hand, he got me bags of stuffs (thanks dear) and most of them are pink in colour. I love to the fact that he establishes my liking to pink.
On the way back from the airport, we had dinner. He didn't order for food, well fed in the plane he said, with the fact that he will need to finish my meal too, like always.
And we only took off once he was done with his woodchuck wooden puzzle.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Am Engaged!

It is official
-25 October 2008-
Wow. That easy huh. A weird feeling at first. But am trying to adapt with it slowly.Anyway, I would like to thank a bunch to those who made it to my Hari Raya Open House and Engagement Party. It meant a lot to me you know :) Thanks to Sasa and Arita, the first couple to arrive, followed by Pejat, and they stayed until the event ended! Thanks to Baby, Ezzaini, Izzu, Daia, Arieca + friend. To my colleague from office, Pakwan, Aida, Sue and bf and to my YSL girlfriends, Hazzy, Najib, Intan, Arin, Tini, Dila, Hani + Hairul, Madia + Izmel. My cousins - Nem, Uji, Irin, Peejat. Thanks to Mama, Ayah, my aunties and uncles for praying for me. To those who unable to make it, thanks for the wishes too. Love you all :D:D
Syukur alhamdulillah, the event went well. It was a memorable event and I am going to treasure every bit of it. Few weeks back, I've been working hard, juggling between work and preparation for the event. Mum and Dad leave it all to us. We were the planner for our own engagement. And we did it well :)


The pelamin was beautiful, the baju was lovely, the cakes, did I tell you the cake was the most beautiful cake I've ever seen! It was another magnificant idea from ratukek, my YSL friend who happens to own a cake cafe. It's only a simple vanilla butter cake but it was decorated with fresh white and pink roses, white ribbons and butterfly and pink dots :) And ratukek sponsored a box of mini cupcakes for hantaran. Thanks dear :)
I love the bunga sireh. The bunga sireh was bunch of pink roses decorated in a wooden box. The roses were the same roses used for my hand bouquet too. The photographers were very friendly, even though that was there first time I met them. They even made friends with some of my friends haha.
Putting on the baju and tudung, I had all this in my mind "Have someone taken care of the door gifts?" "What happen to the aromatherapy, I so hope that the Teddy Dream's oil is still burning" "Pakwan? ohh kesiannye Pakwan duduk bawah sorang sorang, tade orang nak teman die"
I was so worried all those that there weren't bit concern on my mind of getting engaged. I waited patiently and joked with my girlfriends while waiting for the negotiation to end. It was the time when Arin says "Zal, please get ready. They are almost done" when my heart suddenly beats so fast and I had a nervous breakdown. I think I had one.

I took a deep breath. I can do this, that's what I told myself. And the rest was history.
A day after the engagement, my fiance called. He wanted to pulangkan the alas dulang.
Why so rush, I asked myself. But I answered "OK" to him.
He took me to the mall and we break for tea at one of the restaurant. I was keeping quite most of the time. I cant explain how I feel that time but I feel weird. And that was our first date after the engagement.
The next day, he was already thousand miles away. As for me, I packed and get myself ready for the workshop and presentation in LGK.
And I am missing him already.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Few Achievements Worth Celebrating

No words are able to describe how happy and glad I am when I :
* successfully settled the final installment for my car and my piano
* will be few hundreds richer next month ($_$)
* can start eyeing for brand new stuffs
* did well in LGK
and also for the "all went well" Engagement Ceremony last weekend. Syukur Alhamdulillah and Hurrahh!!

Engagement Gifts

My engagement gifts from my favourite cousin, Kak Uji. Thanks Kak Uji :)
She knows how I lurve to read so she gave me those (see picture below). Two books on Cinta Sayang and Membentuk Istana Bahagia. It came with a card, a ribbons and Teddy Bear box. So sweet kan. Thanks once again Kak Uji. I love you so much :)
And while waiting for my flight the other day, got this "I Love Pink, Red and Fuschia" scarf at Tie Rack for Kak Uji. She saw me wearing the scarf and fell in love on it at first sight. I called her from the airport, told her the scarf will soon be officially hers. Happy she was, in return she gave me a teddy hug in Facebook :)