Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sex and The City

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When I think of SATC, I'd surely thought of UTP, a place where, I and my girlfriends, learnt about the series. Back then, access to any TV series was just a click away. That was the luxury of living in UTP dormitory, Internet was 24 hours and free. I could remember how we patiently waited for the finale of SATC Season 6 at Elmi's room. It was the story of an American Girl in Paris.
Back then, we had our own SATC friends :p
One of them are already thousands miles away. Yesterday, I had the chance to bid farewell to Aritha and hubby, who will be out of country for 2 years. If we were to look for similarity, Aritha would be Sam Jones. In the movie, Sam Jones are away from NY, following her love, Smith. But Aritha is no where near Sam Jones, even though I know Faizad wouldn't agree with this statement. To Faizad, Aritha is Sam Jones (circa 2004). And I am more to Charlotte York, simply because I am the naive one.
To Aritha, I, We are going to miss you. Keep in touch, you will always be in my mind. I hope you like the present, at least you can think of me whenever you look at it.
To my other SATC friends, let's have another luncheon somewhere soon :)


izzu said...

i rasa, i la jadi samantha jones, ley ?

Zal said...

The floor is all yours :p

Anonymous said...

erm... izzu memang samantha jones. ****erm.....