Monday, November 3, 2008

I Am Engaged!

It is official
-25 October 2008-
Wow. That easy huh. A weird feeling at first. But am trying to adapt with it slowly.Anyway, I would like to thank a bunch to those who made it to my Hari Raya Open House and Engagement Party. It meant a lot to me you know :) Thanks to Sasa and Arita, the first couple to arrive, followed by Pejat, and they stayed until the event ended! Thanks to Baby, Ezzaini, Izzu, Daia, Arieca + friend. To my colleague from office, Pakwan, Aida, Sue and bf and to my YSL girlfriends, Hazzy, Najib, Intan, Arin, Tini, Dila, Hani + Hairul, Madia + Izmel. My cousins - Nem, Uji, Irin, Peejat. Thanks to Mama, Ayah, my aunties and uncles for praying for me. To those who unable to make it, thanks for the wishes too. Love you all :D:D
Syukur alhamdulillah, the event went well. It was a memorable event and I am going to treasure every bit of it. Few weeks back, I've been working hard, juggling between work and preparation for the event. Mum and Dad leave it all to us. We were the planner for our own engagement. And we did it well :)


The pelamin was beautiful, the baju was lovely, the cakes, did I tell you the cake was the most beautiful cake I've ever seen! It was another magnificant idea from ratukek, my YSL friend who happens to own a cake cafe. It's only a simple vanilla butter cake but it was decorated with fresh white and pink roses, white ribbons and butterfly and pink dots :) And ratukek sponsored a box of mini cupcakes for hantaran. Thanks dear :)
I love the bunga sireh. The bunga sireh was bunch of pink roses decorated in a wooden box. The roses were the same roses used for my hand bouquet too. The photographers were very friendly, even though that was there first time I met them. They even made friends with some of my friends haha.
Putting on the baju and tudung, I had all this in my mind "Have someone taken care of the door gifts?" "What happen to the aromatherapy, I so hope that the Teddy Dream's oil is still burning" "Pakwan? ohh kesiannye Pakwan duduk bawah sorang sorang, tade orang nak teman die"
I was so worried all those that there weren't bit concern on my mind of getting engaged. I waited patiently and joked with my girlfriends while waiting for the negotiation to end. It was the time when Arin says "Zal, please get ready. They are almost done" when my heart suddenly beats so fast and I had a nervous breakdown. I think I had one.

I took a deep breath. I can do this, that's what I told myself. And the rest was history.
A day after the engagement, my fiance called. He wanted to pulangkan the alas dulang.
Why so rush, I asked myself. But I answered "OK" to him.
He took me to the mall and we break for tea at one of the restaurant. I was keeping quite most of the time. I cant explain how I feel that time but I feel weird. And that was our first date after the engagement.
The next day, he was already thousand miles away. As for me, I packed and get myself ready for the workshop and presentation in LGK.
And I am missing him already.



Your Teddy Dream's oil still burning.. I enjoyed the ambiance.

Thanks to Sasha & Aritha who came down and chatting with me.. :) Bagus kwn2 baik ko nih..

I enjoyed myself and have made few friends, Mish+Madia+Izmel+Hafiz..


Zal said...

Really? haha. So glad to hear that.
Thanks once again Pakwan :D

stabuxguy said...

melepazzz ai... huhuhu...

"selamat bertunang to yu, zal!!"


yg frustt...

K. *wink wink*

SasaShasha said...

i was so happy to be there on 1 of your happiest day. sorry lah pak wan tak dapat chat lama2 hari tu...

Zal said...

Kash, I pon frust gak sbb melepas you :p

Zal said...

To Sasa, thank you hihi. Dah bagi kiss kan aritu :D

now-im-april said...

missed it too! =(

anyhow, congrats again! uve done a really great job for ur engagement babe. oh cant wait for the wedding bells to ring! ;)


Zal said...

Thanks dear, I'm honoured :)

Hana / Mama Qistina :) said...

Hi dear :) Congrates!! So happy for you.. See I told you that there will be someone yg meant to be for you *wink* Do be strong for whatever comes next ya. Im sure it would be pretty tough. Just hang on til u tie the knot!

Zal said...

To Hana / Mama Qistina :
Hana !!! :):):) Thanks for the tips :D:D InsyaAllah. Am praying for a happy ending too :D:D