Thursday, November 6, 2008

Such An Admiration

He is back.
And the much awaited time is the gift exchange time. It would be our habit to buy gifts for each other when ever we go and I am more excited on this one than he is (I think).
I was at one of the gifts store and I saw this - woodchuck wooden puzzle. I straightaway bought it because I know he would love it. He dearly so into these kind of things - rubik cube, soduku and all that jazz.
On the other hand, he got me bags of stuffs (thanks dear) and most of them are pink in colour. I love to the fact that he establishes my liking to pink.
On the way back from the airport, we had dinner. He didn't order for food, well fed in the plane he said, with the fact that he will need to finish my meal too, like always.
And we only took off once he was done with his woodchuck wooden puzzle.


iloveshoes said...

halu.. saya link blog kamu ke blog saya


Zal said...

Okie no problem :D

now-im-april said...

hello again! =)

uve been tagged!

Zal said...

Sue, I will respond to the tag somewhere soon okie, promise :)