Saturday, November 1, 2008

Engagement Gifts

My engagement gifts from my favourite cousin, Kak Uji. Thanks Kak Uji :)
She knows how I lurve to read so she gave me those (see picture below). Two books on Cinta Sayang and Membentuk Istana Bahagia. It came with a card, a ribbons and Teddy Bear box. So sweet kan. Thanks once again Kak Uji. I love you so much :)
And while waiting for my flight the other day, got this "I Love Pink, Red and Fuschia" scarf at Tie Rack for Kak Uji. She saw me wearing the scarf and fell in love on it at first sight. I called her from the airport, told her the scarf will soon be officially hers. Happy she was, in return she gave me a teddy hug in Facebook :)

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