Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bunga Citra Lestari

Aida, Aisyah, Ezzaini and Fairul, sorry to disappoint you for no photos of Roger Federer captured for you guys, except for the ones in the paper theeheehee. I was so tied up that day and only went down at 11AM sharp and saw the line of waiting people similar like que in the LRT at 6PM . No use of being punctual, but be as early as 730AM will only guarantee you the front line. I couldn't afford to be seen (by the bosses) queueing for the signing event, ain't a good impression baby! So, there goes, work is a priority that I have to let go of my Federer, oh Federer~~~
Sedih sangat, even if I manage to get into the line, tak de bawak paper apa-apa pon except my Assessment paper, commented by my bos, yang sempat I angkut because I need to do some changes on it. If Federer were to sign that paper, kantoi lah dengan bos that I pergi jumpa Federer kan. Terpaksa melepaskannya~~
As he was in action at Bukit Jalil, I got stucked in the jam, on my way back home, because of the heavy downpour in KL. I reached home somewhere at 9PM, took a bath, talk to my very own Federer, pouring sad stories on the signing event and few other office and life issues and retire for the day.
P/s Sorry ye title ni tade kene mengena dengan BCL. One update saje, my Teddy is now playing Aku dan Dirimu sang by Ari Lasso and BCL yang telah dinyanyikan oleh Ashraff Sinclair and BCL during their wedding theeheehee :>


aida said...

Aw shoot tak dpt jumpa Fed Ex :-(
It'd be cool to get Federer sign yr assessment paper though LOL!

Btw..assessment ACD ke ni? I have not done a single thing. Must. Do. Fast. :-p

Zal said...

ACD tu lambat lagi. This one is CEP lar. Out of nowhere :p