Friday, December 31, 2010

What To Eat?

I used to be that type of person who does not complain that much when it comes to food. I have no problem eating outside, take away food or never refuse to any offer to have home cooked meal, by any chance. I dont complain if the food is bad, I only take action by not coming to the same place, that is all. And once in a while, I indulged myself with a bit of fast food, chocolate, goreng pisang and the list goes on.
But now that I am expecting, things are totally different. On my 1st trimester, my appetite went haywire. Food does not sound good as it is before, but I still need to eat or I can become very sick. I can not let myself to be hungry. Being hungry is like the worst nightmare, because I dont want the incident that I puked in front of someone's door to happen again. My puke was a combination of sambal hijau, chicken, rice and air sirap. It was a colourful puke, just like nasi hujan panas. It was a disaster.
Now I am very fussy when it comes to food. I only take food which I think is yummy, hot, fresh and clean. Since I no longer cook, most of the time, we bought our food outside. In KLCC, I usually take away lunch from where every I feel like eating. Until one point I became sick of eating food outside, eating food in KLCC, eating food bought from any where near our house or whatsoever. Then I start to crave for home cooked meals. I suddenly craved for my mum's cooking. I asked her to cook my favourite udang and ketam masak lemak cili. I became bored of chicken, fish, vegetable I guess that was why I suddenly craved for udang and ketam. And her cooking is incomparable dengan masakan kat kedai ok. Tiba-tiba ada selera makan and I finish it all.
And today that I am feeling much better (maybe because I am done with LTPF), I actually cook lunch for my husband, after being away from the kitchen since October. And I am so glad that I got to enjoy yummy, hot, fresh and clean food of my own. I am not sure if I will be cooking again in future because it really depends on the my condition on that day. Suffice to say, I am so glad today that I had the opportunity to enjoy real food. So I guess at this point of time, I tend to agree with kata-kata makcik or orang tua yang masakan rumah jugak yang sedap. I dont know lah if I tend to become normal again, just like before after this, cume for the mean time, cam ni lah keadaan nye. Haha.
I hope I will be fine until evening because I plan to do some shopping with husband afterwards. Happy New Year you ols!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bye Bye Maxis Broadband

I finally terminated my Maxis broadband. Memang lah connection Maxis broadband ni agak menghampakan, but the main reason for the termination was purely because of we under utilized the broadband itself. Lepasni nak guna internet, guna Blackberry saje. Save lah RM48 per month.
I still have one more year to go with Maxis. Maybe after that I will re-evaluate whether I want to stay loyal to Maxis or switch to other operator. So far, in term of phone coverage agak ok, customer services pon ok. In addition to that, Maxis center is just nearby my office. So memang convinient.
Eh tetapi ada sesuatu yang fishy about Maxis. The amount of my phone bills for this month and last month is exactly the same, siap dengan sen-sen nye sekali. Sometimes I wonder, betul ke Maxis ni kire usage? Dah lah bill die sangat menyusahkan orang untuk baca. Berbelit2. So since that, I kind of, macam tak rasa sedap hati about Maxis. Sixth sense ghetu.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When Will This Ends

When will this ends? I am so tired and totally drained, been working like H since October.
Okay let's bebel.
I hardly use my baby Macy anymore. Our Maxis broadband went kaput, and that explains lack of blog updates and long silence from my side. With my current condition, I am prohibited to play with baby Macy while having her on my lap. Furthermore, she is bit bulky too. She is not Macbook Air, remember?
I actually missed those time when I can just lay on my bed and play with baby Macy. Sometimes, I think maybe what I need is something lighter, like a Netbook? or an Ipad maybe?
My husband suggested we sell off baby Macy, tapi ada ke orang nak beli?
Anyway, we would like to welcome a new addition to the family -

Even though I am a Blackberry user, I have to admit that, Iphone4 is way cooler than Blackberry :p.
The only thing that is holding me from converting to Iphone4 is my Blackberry messanger friends. Dont worry, I love you guys more than I love the Iphone :>
My favourite Iphone application is What to Expect, haha skema tak?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy and Unwell

November, December and January is a busy period for us. I have been swamped with work, a little stressed out too. But I guess, I will need to manage that. Apa-apa pon, kerja kena siap. Motto untuk sedapkan hati sendiri.
I guess because of that (and some other reasons too), macam-macam penyakit sudah datang. Batuk, selsema, pening kepala, you name it I got it all. Sebelum ni, syukur Alhamdulillah, I am quite normal and enjoy my day to work but now, it is a different story. Those diseases love me so much!
I am not sure if it is too early or too stale to tell that I am pregnant. First and foremost, syukur Alhamdulillah for this gift from Allah. Secondly, I am praying for everything to be ok, sumenyer selamat dan sejahtera selalu, Insyallah. Thirdly, it is a whole new experience for me, I have tough time adapting but I guess, all the support from loved ones, family and friends, have been keeping occupied and giving me courage to go through this wonderful journey.
I didnt know I was pregnant, we had great time in Sabah, doing rafting at Sg Padas, snorkeling at Pulau Manukan and Sapi, jalan-jalan at Kinabalu Park and all those great activities, which are quite rough activities I must say. We are ready for our second white water rafting at Sg Perak and that was the time I told hubby, let me do the test first. I was already late and I only know what pregnant lady is not allowed to do white water rafting.
So it turned out to be positive. Syukur Alhamdulillah. I had to say bye bye to Sg Perak and field trip to Miri, (but they still make me to go next year, arghh!) and reason to skip few meetings which require me to travel by plane. Not advisable by doctor katanye. Kuikui.
Week 4 to Week 8 was difficult. Empty stomach is a no-no! Sebabnyer nanti mesti sakit kepala. But at the same time I was struggling with my appetite to eat.  I can no longer accept those food I used to enjoy. I live only with fiber biscuits, milk and fruits. I dont like anything sweet. I cant stand any strong smell. I hate the smell of my own laundry! But I am glad that I can still stand my husband's smell. Ada satu hari ni je I think he is so busuk, tapi lepas tu ok. And I also think my cat is busuk that time. That was the only time dan sangat berharap ianya takkan kembali. One story about my cat, Meena. That one time I came back to Seremban and hug her, she then came to me and put her paws at my belly, and start giving me cat massage. Owhh, that was so sweet of my Meena. She must have knew! Am glad that she sort of welcome this new life. Mum also said, while she was having me, her cat loves to sleep near her belly. Guess that explains why I love cats so much! Ngeee :)
I didnt not vomit but I have constant nausea and headache, throughout the day. No more cooking and weekend is a bed resting time for me. I missed by BFF's wedding and few other weddings too. Toilet is my best friend
Week 9 till current. I still hate the smell of my own laundry and still struggling with my own appetite. I lose a lil bit of weight but doctor say it is ok. I dont take fiber biscuits anymore, thank God! But I still dont like anything sweet. I tend to crave for food but after I ate it today, I will not want it anymore tomorrow. So currently, I am still struggling to find what to eat everyday.  I bring fruits, dates, almond and orange drink to office everyday for snacking.
I still bed rest during the weekend. I napped during lunch hour and I dont feel like meeting people. I just want to sleep.
I whine and complain a lot. Kesian diorang ni, but thank you for always there for me. I know I need to change this habit and be more positive now onwards.
Okaylah, basically this post just nak cerita je where I have been and how I am doing, because few people ask already. Hehe, this post is for all of u.
I cant wait to be normal and ok again. InsyaAllah. If you ask me what are my feelings now - well I am still clueless and ting tong on what is happening to me. But the first time I saw and hear the hearbeat of our baby, I must say that was magic. Kekadang cam tak rasa tak percaya aje.
Okay u ols, I guess that is all for now. I am thinking to go for a head and shoulder massage after this. Really need one.
Have a good weekend people. I will be on my bed, as always :)


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