Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When Will This Ends

When will this ends? I am so tired and totally drained, been working like H since October.
Okay let's bebel.
I hardly use my baby Macy anymore. Our Maxis broadband went kaput, and that explains lack of blog updates and long silence from my side. With my current condition, I am prohibited to play with baby Macy while having her on my lap. Furthermore, she is bit bulky too. She is not Macbook Air, remember?
I actually missed those time when I can just lay on my bed and play with baby Macy. Sometimes, I think maybe what I need is something lighter, like a Netbook? or an Ipad maybe?
My husband suggested we sell off baby Macy, tapi ada ke orang nak beli?
Anyway, we would like to welcome a new addition to the family -

Even though I am a Blackberry user, I have to admit that, Iphone4 is way cooler than Blackberry :p.
The only thing that is holding me from converting to Iphone4 is my Blackberry messanger friends. Dont worry, I love you guys more than I love the Iphone :>
My favourite Iphone application is What to Expect, haha skema tak?


Ita Shadila said...

iphone or bb torch totally not an option for me.. tgn mak jenis basah.. nanti nak slide2, konfem screen basah lenjun

@rep said...

yeah... ip4 on TOP of the chart!

aiyda said...

welcome back! :-D
sabar ye, by january hopefully dah relax ;-)