Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing You

It was a difficult decision, but Mum said better that way, for her own good. I know she is happy with me by her side, but she seems more happier with more spaces for her to run around, sleep anywhere she wishes too and play with other cats. I had to sent her to Seremban so she could gain her normal life back. Living in an apartment is not really conducive to keep a cat. There were no birds and butterfly for her to play with. No plants for her to pluck.
She only sees us for few hours a day and was left alone for the remaining hours. At least in Seremban, she has the opportunity to pounce Cookie and Boyot, the neighbor's cat. She hated Boyot so much, and never allows Boyot to enter our house. I guess Boyot will cry in pain to see Meena back in Seremban, guarding the sliding door. All this while Boyot been enjoying her leisure time at our porch and I guess not anymore now.
I know she is in a good hand. Mum and Dad can take care of her very well. Few times in a day, I sms Mum and Dad asking for her doing. Mum has new phone with camera, once in a while, I will ask mum to send photos of Meena. And every day after work, Mum will send her daily report of Meena.
"She is ok today. When I got back she was lepaking at the hall. I stroked her and she starts to purr" -Mum-
"Ayah dah bagi die makan and minum" -Dad-
"Mama, she goes to the toilet at 6AM and 5PM and few times in the evening. When she is not eating, hope Mama can check if her blisters are back" -Me-
On our last day together, she followed me every where. She sleeps while I was typing. And when I slowly woke up to go and get my phone outside, she woked up and jumped to follow me. Ahh, she is such a clingy cat. She is so special to me and she is my best friend.
I am going to miss you Meena. I will visit you as frequent as I can. Love u so much!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Borak Borak Kosong

One of my guy colleague, is changing his penama in KWSP. It used to be his parent's name, I guess. He is now changing it to his wife's name. The wife just give birth to a baby boy few months ago. Then, he asked me, have I changed my penama or not. Then the other colleague replied, org perempuan selalu mana nak letak nama hubby as penama. Orang lelaki je fikir about the wife, but the wife ni takut betul nanti hubby kawin lain, then take the money with the new wife. Haha. I mampu gelak je. Tak pernah terfikir to that level lagi sebenarnye. If you ask me, benda yang selalu bermain in my mind is about my mum and dad. They don't have anoyone else but me. Well anyway, I reserve my comment. What say u? ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Maxis Dilemma

I have been a Maxis loyal user since 2000, 10 freaking years people!! And yeah, I tend to agree with some people's statement that Maxis don't value their loyal customers. Up till today, I never receive anything from them. Birthday voucher ke, rebates ke, points ke. Only kononnyer free calls and sms which I think is nothing.
I still remember my first hand phone. It was a Sony Ericson subscribed to a Maxis post paid line. Dad bought a complete set for me. We have the same number, except for his last number was 1 and mine was 0. During university, he paid all my phone bills. My credit limit was only RM250. When it burst, I called and informed dad, he paid and I was able to make calls within hours. That is why I love my dad so much :>
Most of my calls were to my mum, dad and granny. Budak baik baik lah katanyer. That was fmy irst year in university.
I could not remember who pays the bills after that but one thing for sure, my parents were my resort for any financial aids until I got my first job. Now days, I pay all my bills and basically, settle my own financial stuff.
On Internet, my first Internet journey was with TM prepaid cards. It cost you only RM15 and the line was damn slow. That time Friendster was just like Facebook. But those cards comes handy only during semester break, because in university, the Internet is free and it was heaven it tell you.
So got fed up with the prepaid cards, I subsribed to Streamyx Internet. For only RM49, the entitlement for my package was 60 hours per month, which was ok for non-heavy user like me. That time there were no facebook. More to blogging and blog hopping and chit-chatting in YM. I was quite happy with my Streamyx line. Eventhough once in a while it can went berserk just like that, but most of the time, it was reliable and 60 hours was manageable.
I terminated my Streamyx line when I got married and moved in to Bangi. We don't plan to install any telephone at home because our mobile number would suffice. Once in a while, I would work outstation and on weekly basis, I am all over the place i.e my parent's home, in-law's home, holidaying or where ever we tend to be. That was how our journey with Maxis broadband begins.
Suffice to say, I am quite dissapointed with Maxis Broadband :
1. They have no unlimited package
2. Usage goes by volume
3. The services is unstable
4. etc etc
I subscribed to RM78 package which grant me usage limited to 1.5MB per month. 1.5MB per month people!? That explains why I seldom load pictures in my blog anymore. With Facebook and Facebook games (a person tells me that I am addicted to FB games theeheehee), my usage usually went burst for only a week after the 1st of every month. What will happen after your usage burst is the line will go slow and you barely can surf anything anymore. My contract is for one year and will ends Jul 2010.
On Dec last year, I subsribed to Blackberry Enterprise services; the fee is RM99 per month with unlimited usage. My Internet usage on Blackberry is very minimal, mostly on FB updates and that is all. The technology is not up yet that able us to play Farmville using BB, even some websites such as CIMBclicks, Maybank2U can't be accessed using BB. Knowing that, I was a bit frustrated. RM99 per month with minimal usage is a total waste. Well, I happen to know that after I purchased the baby. But am quite a relief to know this baby is able to act as a modem. So what we did now days is to surf Internet using BB as modem but still, we can only do that with hubby's laptop, which is a Window based lappy. I don't really favour his lappy cos the touch pad is driving my crazy, I still think my Macy is the more friendlier than his lappy. And I still havent installed the Blackberry Manager in my Macy to which can hopefully allow me to surf Internet using BB as modem. Some people says this is not possible using Macbook. Am not sure yet. Will check on that.
I know Celcom is now promoting something similiar to what Maxis have; with no contract period. And Maxis seems to follow. I am not sure when will there be days, broadband with unlimited usage, will be launched by Maxis. And I am not sure when will Streamyx launched it's broadband services, coz I will surely go for that. I will go for anything that makes surfing easier and comes with unlimited access and also with reasonable monthly fee.
Any recommendation?