Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding Gifts

Aritha is the very first person with pressie for our wedding. The pressie is a VSVS (very special Victoria Secret) delivered all the way from US. Aritha is very efficient in getting the right thing for me, siap hantar gambar with many colours to pick. Thank so much, love you sayang :)
And yesterday, I had the chance to hang out with the YSL ladies at S2. Dila was there, she specially requested for the gathering to see me before the wedding and pass me the pressie. She will be out station next week till the wedding day. Thank you love. I have no idea what is inside, it's bit heavy.
I wonder what is inside
Speaking of gifts, last week Jesz asked me what do I want for my wedding. Well, I went out blank and call my fiance and asked if he has anything in mind. After bla bla bla, we finally agree on a consensus.
So people and friends, here I would like to share with you on my wedding gifts
I dont know what I want but I know what I dont want, HAHA
Since we will be living in a fully furnised house later, we are very much ready with all the typical electrical applicances, dinner set what not. Furthermore, we are renting so don't feel like equipping the house with so many stuff, not untill we get into our own place.
Both of us love travelling, and we will be launching our Going Places Program (haha tah pape) soon after the wedding, where we will travell all over the world, provided that we have bit of spare RM and the luxury to do it.
Hint : Fat piggy bank
So as a conclusion, beloved friends, terima kasih kepada hadiah-hadiah wedding itu ye. Semuanye sangat special to me :)

Busy As A Bee

18 more days to go and I've been very busy as a bee, buzz buzz :)
We didn't have any wedding planner and do everything on our own, with many helps from our parents, siblings (him), Meena (me) and beloved friends. I really enjoyed planning for my own wedding, never felt it as burden or feel stressed out over a thing. Sometime I have this feeling that I am now in the wrong industry.
For few days back, I've been busy decorating my room. Our theme for the bilik pengantin is burgundy red. Dad painted the wall in offwhite/cream, which is in harmony with burgundy red. Curtains and bed curtains are all done. And on the weekeend, we went to SSF for the dangling decor and KK for the flower balls, which has always been my favourite.
Meena tolong tengok pasang curtain
Meena is doing her QC job
Flower balls from KK
My bedsheet would be the same bedsheet used during the Engagement, white in colour, bought in ISETAN with 70% discount. The normal price for the bedsheet is RM1,100, which I think is ridiculous. No wonder was sold at 70% during sale (prolly because nobody is buying it at RM1,100)
To make it more interesting and less dull, I add in few cushion with covers and bed runner, both bought from Khazanah KLCC few days ago (they are having sale right now!).
So the bilik pengantin is 80% done. We will have fresh flowers i.e red roses and bit of aromatherapy on the day later on.
This is our guestbook, bought from Memory Lane, KLCC. I really love that classy round diamond in the middle.

Anyway, I am thinking on selling off all those items (dangling decor, flower balls, cushion cover and bed runner but not the guest book :p) after the wedding so just buzz me if you are interested to get it at low prices than the one on store.
Meena kepenatan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Counter?

I am also adding another wedding counter, the one with x number of days to go. Hopefully it will keep me awake and get going. This weekend, I was running all the errands on my own coz Mama balik kampung, dad was busy with the painting, fiance is out station and my PA? I fired her because she loves to sleep rather than helping me with the wedding preparation.
My PA and my wedding files
Last weekend, daddy painted my room and today, those guys from the curtain house came and settled the organza curtains I ordered. Bilik pengantin is almost done, what is left is only few touches of flowers and scents/pot pourri probably.
And on Saturday, my Felebes friends organized a Hen's Nite for me at Skybar KL. Thanks guys, love you all so much. Seronok bergossip je sebenarnye HAHA. We sat at the Pool Cafe, with view facing the KL from Level 33 of Traders Hotel. Coolness! Photos will be uploaded later :D:D
Hen's Nite cuppies by Ratukek.

Wedding Bouquet

I am currently scouting for the design of my wedding bouquet. I love all the designs by The Knot. But then, most of the flowers are NA in Malaysia. Sigh. So I have to limit my searches to Roses, Sunflowers, Calla Lillies which are among the famous ones.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonderful Tonight

It was the song I played in my exam just now. Oh ya, it went well, with a lil bit of nervousness but okay lah kot. I am not sure what will happen next i.e when I am moving outside Seremban in September. What will happen to my music journey I mean. My fiance is so supportive on my interest in music and has given green light for me to pursue music. Now the challange is to look for music school near to our home later. I've always love my current music school, which is just 5 mins from home. My favourite teacher, Miss Seline has been with me for almost 4 years now. She is such a sweet lady and never scolded me for being slow/malas practice. Ah, I am going to miss her. Just now after exam she reminded me to come for one more class before June ends and told me to rest from classes to concentrate on my wedding. Ah, so sweet of her. She will call me when the results is out. I so hope she is not freaked out on the outcome HAHA.
The ticker is really scaring me now, as if it accelerates two times faster than before. I've got one more month to go people. But then I really have to juggle between the wedding preparation, work and also other-than-wedding-and-work matters like Meena, the needy and clingy cat I own. On that day after delivering the final presentation for that task force, I felt so relieved because I know I can now start to again enjoy my deep sleep but it did not last long. I was given another assignment at 4 o'clock on that day. I am not complaining and am taking it positively. At least it can help to keep me awake everyday and saves me from being blunt.
Other than that, I have the big day preparation going on. As of today, I am happy to announce that I have achieved my ideal weight, after subscribing to a strict daily diets, gym workouts and herbal teas. Next in the line is hydration programme and to take more water everyday.
Aha, there is also a slight change on the agenda of my Solemnization. It is now will be after Asr prayer on Friday, 17th July. So far everyone is ok with the timing and we are planning to have Majlis Berinai prolly at 8 o'clock on that evening. Just a simple one will do.
1 more month to go. I guess the card distribution can commences starting from tomorrow. Wish me luck and let's pray for it, InsyaAllah.

1 Month To Go!

Sebulan saja lagi u ols!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Huhu Haha

Nervous lah, esok ada another presentation to the review committee. I hate this feeling! This comes when ever I'm having a presentation. Tido tak lena, mandi tak basah. I can't wait for tomorrow to finish (with great success InsyaAllah) and rest. This presentation is the final part for the 1month task force I'm involved with. Dah sebulan tak tido lena okay.
Sometimes I wonder, is it because of work, because of the music exam (this Wednesday) or is it because of the wedding? For the past few weeks, I frequently have this nervous feeling over things that I am not even sure of.
Prolly because of the presentation and music exam kot.
Anyway, there is an update on my Solemnization. Pak Imam Jurunikah requested for my Solemnization to dipercepatkan .... ....
Dipercepatkan beberapa jam je sebab die nak balik kampung nikahkan sedara die pulak haha.
Pak Imam tanya boleh tak nikah after Friday prayer on 17th July? Well, my fiance and I have no problem with that, cume we haven't asked around yet i.e the family and entourages.
So tomorrow after presentation I will settle this one. Wish me luck for esok ya :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tag~ Tag~

Nyatakan 5 fakta tentang pemberi award @ tag - Itak
  1. We have the same interest i.e cats. Last time in university, kami suke kucip kutip kucing yang tak bernasib baik and feed them with love contohnyer Kucing Keras dan Cikoren
  2. She is the first one to get married dalam Geng Felebes
  3. Among of my fren yang my mum ingat sangat-sangat selain Sasa, Ee Fei, Regina, Acai and Apau chihihihi
  4. Seorang yang penyayang
  5. She is always there for me :D
Nyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.
  1. My best friend is a cat. Nama die Meena.
  2. Saya suke duduk kat rumah. But nowdays tak dapat duduk kat rumah sangat especially weekend sebab busy with wedding preparation
  3. Saya tak pernah kepatahan tulang and sometimes wonder how does it feel (aiyor is this the correct way to say it?)
  4. Saya tak sukakan dengan orang yang kurang ajar dan berkasar kepada saya
  5. I love cross-stiching but dont have the luxury to do it
  6. I love to talk/chat/gossip with anyone everyday. If u put me in place without any chance for me to communicate with other people, I will become very blunt
  7. I love dynamic environment sebab saya jenis yang cepat bosan dan kurang focus pada benda yang terlalu lama dan membosankan contohnyer long meetings
  8. I love to shop (who doesnt). But this lately kurang sikit shopping sbb nak settle the wedding. After wedding can sambung shopping :D
  9. If I am under stress, I will go to website yang ada byk gambar cats and dogs to destress :D
  10. I am me (dah tade idea dah HAHA)

Pilih 5 penerima award seterusnya

  1. Pakwan
  2. Aida
  3. Ozy
  4. Izzu
  5. Pejat

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