Sunday, June 14, 2009

Huhu Haha

Nervous lah, esok ada another presentation to the review committee. I hate this feeling! This comes when ever I'm having a presentation. Tido tak lena, mandi tak basah. I can't wait for tomorrow to finish (with great success InsyaAllah) and rest. This presentation is the final part for the 1month task force I'm involved with. Dah sebulan tak tido lena okay.
Sometimes I wonder, is it because of work, because of the music exam (this Wednesday) or is it because of the wedding? For the past few weeks, I frequently have this nervous feeling over things that I am not even sure of.
Prolly because of the presentation and music exam kot.
Anyway, there is an update on my Solemnization. Pak Imam Jurunikah requested for my Solemnization to dipercepatkan .... ....
Dipercepatkan beberapa jam je sebab die nak balik kampung nikahkan sedara die pulak haha.
Pak Imam tanya boleh tak nikah after Friday prayer on 17th July? Well, my fiance and I have no problem with that, cume we haven't asked around yet i.e the family and entourages.
So tomorrow after presentation I will settle this one. Wish me luck for esok ya :D

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