Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ayat Ayat Cinta

I borrowed the CD from Balqish but stopped at the first 10 minutes because I found it bit boring. Last night during gossip session with my gurlies at A&W, diorang tak abis abis puji the movie and I was like, girls, are you sure? Why did I find the movie so so boring and slow.
So I gave it a second chance and ooooooo, yes, it was a very touching Islamic love story. Fahry the hot stuff is so shy around the girls. I found it bit funny during the taaruf when Fahry first saw Aisha's face. Tak kelip mata die and lepastu terus berzikir. HAHA. I prefer Aisha than Maria. Aisha is such a strong woman. I have no idea whether I would have the guts to do what she did, if I were in her shoes. I love Aisha's hijab and abaya and her beautiful eyes too.
Yeah, I am always outdated on movies. Even my mom dah tengok movie tu ok. And she was like "Aha Fahry tu kena fitnah je. Die tak jahat"
Aiyor pening-pening.
Well the reason I am writing because I suddenly think a story told by the Ustazah during the Kursus Kahwin about violence in marriage. Domestic violence is a much more disaster than the Israeli assaults on Gaza. Killing and bombing the enemy is much easier be done without mercy. But a husband abusing his wife is a totally different story. How could that someone who love you/you love hit, strangle and push you. The Ustazah shared a story of a wife who is 5 month pregnant. Perutnye dipijak-pijak si suami yang gila and still she doesn't dare to report it to the police because she said she loves him and need him (plus, the husband is a policeman too). Kesian perempuan itu. I pray to God, semoga aku dijaukan dari orang orang sebegini. As a conclusion, an abusive husband memanglah orang yang paling tidak berguna dalam dunia ini.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Graduated in Pre-Matrimony Course

Clap clap!
Seronok dan lucu lah pergi Kursus Kahwin ni. Since it was the CNY long holidays weekend, the class wasn't that full coz semua nyer dah balik kampung. We were sos glad! Earlier on, Itak called me, all the way from TXS, to remind me to book early in Zura's Akademik. During her time, she did walk-in registration but the class was full and ended up coming for the course 4 weeks after that. But don't worry, now days, they have 2 classes held in parallel, one in Bangsar and one in Lembah Pantai. Thank you Itak, that was very nice of you, walaupun tetiba line terputus kan. Muah muah.
Okay let me summarize. So if you want to get married, what you need to do is:
(This example is applicable to bride and bridegroom from the same negeri i.e Negeri Sembilan. Kirenyer case ni applicable to me saje lah hihi. If you are from different negeri, you may have different procedure and criteria for applying the documents and approval. I suggest to attend the Kursus Kahwin lah. RM80 saja!)

The bride and the bridegroom. Do it anytime
1. Go to any clinics to do the Ujian HIV. If you have budget constraint, you may want to go to Klinik Kerajaan
2. Request for Surat Akuan Bujang/Dara from HR
3. Fotostet your IC

The bridegroom. Do it 3 months before the Solemnization. (The duration might differ for different negeri)
1. Go to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan and collect the Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan for you and your bride (be a gentlemen ok). Fill the form but don't sign in the form yet.
2. At the Pejabat Agama, ask for the number of Imam Jurunikah. Call him and make an appointment.
3. Go to see the Imam Jurunikah, bring along your :
- Borang Permohonan
- Sijil Kursus Kahwin
- Fotostet IC
- Surat Akuan Bujang
4. Sign the Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan in front of Imam Jurunikah.
5. And then go again to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan, submit all the documents and Pejabat Agama will issue the Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin
6. And then, pass the Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin to your bride.

The bride
1. No need to go to Pejabat Agama. Collect the Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan from your bridegroom. Puji puji sikit for his kindness sbb tolong ambikkan the form.
2. Fill the form, do not sign the form. Ask the number of Imam Jurunikah from your bride. Puji puji him sikit lagi for being so nice sbb bagi you the number.
3. Go to see the Imam Jurunikah, bring along your :
- Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan
- Sijil Kursus Kahwin
- Fotostet IC
- Surat Akuan Dara
4. Sign the borang in front of Imam Jurunikah
5. And then pass the borang and all the documents to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan. Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin will be issued and now boleh lah proceed with the Solemnization within the 3 months.

It is a very tedious process. I need to take a leave to get it done.
Other than that, the Ustaz and Ustazah at the Kursus Kahwin mmg bagus bagus belaka. Some of them wrote books on Women, Marriage, Pregnancy etc. I bought 3 books i.e Gerbang Perkahwinan, 501 Persoalan Fikah Wanita and books on baby names. But that baby names were my fiance's, it's for her sister who is now 5 months pregnant of her first baby. Anyway let me share with you some questions from the book 501 Persoalan Fikah Wanita bahagian bersolek, sbb bahagian ni lah yang paling interesting kan hihi.

1. Apakah hukum memakai braces atau dawai penyokong gigi untuk membetulkan susunan gigi?
Hukumnya harus

2. Apakah hukumnya memakai contact lens bagi mengatasi masalah rabun.
Memakai contact lense hukumnya harus untuk mengatasi masalah rabun

3. Apakah hukum seorang wanita melakukan rebonding bagi meluruskan rambutnya yang kerinting
Hukumnya haram sekiranya dia lakukan bukan kerana suami

There are more ques in the book. If you wish to know more, boleh lah pinjam from me ya.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre-Matrimony Course

InsyaAllah, this Saturday we will off to Kursus Perkahwinan at Zura's Akademik in Bangsar. The plan has been delayed for so long coz my fiance is so so busy with his coaching class every Saturday. But since next week is CNY holiday, no class for him and we think we should grab this opportunity to go to the course.
We choose Zura's Akademik because of it's qualified Ustaz and Ustazah. I bet the Ustaz and Ustazah from other academy are qualified too, but choosing Zura's Akademik is a our personal preference. Furthermore, my aunty pon ada bagi recommendation to do it at Zura's Akademik.
I don't know what to expect. New friends maybe coz we wont be sitting together, boys at one side and girls at the other side. And we look forward for the briefing on documentation for Nikah and HIV test. This one need to be settled ASAP.


Sabtu (Saturday)
3.00 - 6.00 ptg (3 jam)
- Hubungan Dalam Keluarga
- Pengurusan Sumber Keluarga
- Komunikasi Suami Isteri

6.00 - 6.30 ptg
- Salat Asar / Minum Petang

6.30 - 8.00 ptg (1 jam 30 minit)
- Pengurusan Kesihatan

Ahad (Sunday)
8.00 - 11.00 pagi (3 jam)
- Akidah
- Ibadah
- Akhlak

11.00 - 11.30 pagi (30 minit)
- Minum Pagi

11.30 - 1.30 ptg (2 jam)
- Perkahwinan / Prosedur

1.30 - 2.30 ptg
- Makan Tengahari dan Salat Zuhur

2.30 - 3.30 ptg (1 jam)
- Perkhidmatan Kaunseling Di Jab. Agama Islam

3.30 - 4.30 ptg (1 jam)
- Pengurusan Talaq, Fasakh, Prosedur Cerai

4.30 - 5.00 ptg
- Minum Petang dan Salat Asar

5.00 - 7.00 ptg (2 jam)
- Pengurusan Konflik
- Pengurusan Masalah Tekanan / Stress

7.00 - 7.15 ptg
- Rehat

7.15 - 7.45 ptg
- Penggulungan / Kemusykilan / Soal Jawab / Sketsa

* Jumlah jam adalah seperti yang ditetapkan oleh pihak JAWI. Kursus diadakan setiap minggu kecuali hari Raya Aidifitri dan Korban jatuh pada minggu tersebut

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crocs Bali Super Cute

So, I was informed by a friend that Crocs is having sale at SS15, Subang Jaya. It was quite a good bargain since most of the shoes were sold at around 50% discounted from the normal price. The 3 day sale started on last Friday.
I had set my mind to go on Saturday, after my facial session at KL. Earlier on, I told Ezzaini that I'd like to join their dance class at Pavillion but I cancelled because this session is so difficult to get. Sorry Ezzaini, next time maybe.
At 4PM, I was still stuck at the beauty center listening to my beautician promoting the facial package. Yada yada. I gave Balqish a call, checking on the traffic over there. Balqish has already completed her Crocs mission, 1 flip flops for herself and 1 Crocs for the boyfriend. By the time I came out from the beauty center, it's already 530PM. There is no way I could make it to Subang from Lot 10 in half an hour time. The Crocs sale is only until 600PM. So I told my fiance, let's try again tomorrow.
We have made plans to shoot to SS15 after attending the wedding at Kajang. In the car on the way to Subang I was already excited, eventhough I am not that into Crocs, but I just feel so excited about it. It took quite a while to reach Subang from Kajang because we were trying to find our way to escape Kajang and go to KL. And as we arrived at Subang, we asked around to look for Jalan SS15/5A. We were at SS15 and only few steps to the shop No.25 but we have no idea where it is. We bumped into these bunch of people, 4 of them, 3 girls and a boy and my fiance says
"Cube tanya diorang where is No.25"
"Dun want lah, they don't look friendly, let's us just find the shop ourselves" I answered
And as we passed that bunch of people, one of them taps my window. I turned back and saw her waving at me. I came out from the car and saw MALIZ!!!
She was my friend from secondary. HAHA. Iye iye je cakap diorang tak friendly when Maliz is really a friendly girl.
"Maliz, what are you doing in here?"
"Aku nak g kedai Crocs tu, tapi dah tutup sbb dah sold out"
I screamed "What? Serious ke dah tutup? Man, I came all the way from Seremban tau"
Yeah and we chatted for a while, expressing our dissapointment.
I hopped into the car and told my fiance the shop is already closed. Die percaya but he said let us go and check where the shop is. Lepas satu kali pusing that shop lot, we managed to find the shop. Yeah it was closed. There was a paper posted at the wall saying everything was out of stock. Sedihnye masatu. I told my fiance I was so sad. It's not that I really want to Crocs, but I was so excited on getting the Crocs for us but everything was already sold out. Hee was not sad but he bring me to gerai keropok lekor and goreng pisang dekat depan kedai Crocs tu because he knows that could cheer me up, for a while.
As I ate my keropok lekor, I told him "Sedihlah, I dont want to think about it anymore. Can we just go to Midvalley, buy ourself that Crocs so we dont have to hunt for Crocs anymore?"
He said ok and drove me to Mid Valley and let me to finish all the keropok lekor and goreng pisang.
So at Crocs, he asked me "Do you really want to buy the shoes?"
"Yes" I answered. But then he tried to distract my attention on the shoes and dragged me to go out from Crocs And realizing it was also Asr time, my fiance ajak me to go to the surau and perform the prayers first.
I was so sad to hear him said that. I want that Crocs now! but yeah, it was almost Asr time so we went to the surau. At that surau, I performed my prayers and layan my melancholy feeling. Sedih, pastu dah tader mood nak jalan dah. Maybe because I am pmsing too kot.
And then masa tengah jalan menghala to dont know where, these word suddenly came out from my mouth.
"Sayang, tetiba je I think that I dont want to buy the Crocs now, let's jalan-jalan"I pon dont know mana hilangnye that eagerness feeling towards Crocs that I had just now. And then my fiance said "Yeah, good that u said that. Anyway, we wont be needing that shoes until July. Why not wait until July and kalau tade lagi sale Crocs, then we get the one at normal price"
Tetiba aje mentol menyala. I was clapping and jumping "God, I love you idea dear, that is so true!!" Tetiba rasa berbunga dan sambung jalan-jalan di Midvalley.
Kesimpulannyer, berehat dulu sebelum buat any decision ok :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucu, Baca Jangan Tak Baca

The whole text was taken from Izzu's blog

the Topic : "Do you agree to boycott US products?"
Izzu says :
This is a question from my dear friend which asking opinion regarding this current issue. Well, since this question was asked in the chained email, so it got various answers with different opinion and perceptions. I also have my own answer but I will paste here my chained email friends' answers regarding this issue.
1 - Marleha (bukan nama sebenar)Aku mcm 50-50 je. Ade barang/bende yg i boleh boikot mcm starbucks sbb i mmg jarang makan/minum kt situ.Tp ade bende yg i takleh nk lupekan begitu saje....mcm McD prosperity and i tak sanggup minum kopi jantan, kopi cap aik chiong dan sebagainye (wpun i tak minum kopi/teh sgt)
2 - Jessy Chong (bukan nama sebenar)i tgh cuba nk boikot mcd jgk..mcm sng skit ls since kt cni xde mcd...sesuai dgn cita2 i nk kurus dr u, marleha. haha..ttp kn..i ade byk brg johnson&johnson..nk buang sume ke? pastu i ske gile mkn biskut marks&spencer..tp pasni mmg niat tanak beli dh..maybe selama mana yg mampu..3 - Nestum Nestea Nenas (Memang nama sebenar)
I mcm u jugak. Mana yg I leh elak, I elak. Mana yg xboley, I beli je. Cthnya, xleh starbuck, I minum San Fransisco Coffee/DOME/mkn kt Chilli’s. Matila xde kaitan.
4 - Sharifah Kenduri Kawen (bukan nama sebenar)
Aku niat nk byr gaji pekerja islam aje…I pun byk gile brg gap, Victoria secret, dior segala…Aku pun agree dgn Lina Hangat Lite-Lite, kat bawah ni…kita niat je lah beli brg tu utk bayar gaji pekerja islam yg keje kat situ…
5 - Lina Hangat Lite-lite (Nama reka-reka)
Okie I will respond. I nyer blusher and lip gloss and barangan clinique byk lagi, can I boikot after sume nyer abis? Chihih. Tapi cerita pasal boikot boikot ni mak cam malas nak layan lah sbb mak pernah rasa camne petronas kena boikot masa oil price naik. How we defend the company when other ppl don’t understand what’s really going on in the o&G industry.
And cerita pasal boikot us product in Malaysia ni, most of yang run us product business in Malaysia ni Malaysians gak, so diorang tak dapat cari makan lah. So I niat boikot orang us dan Israel dalam hati I je.
Bukannye ape, lepas yang petronas kena bang tu, baru mak sedar rakyat Negara ni sesetengahnyer cam lalang, orang kata camtu diroang buat camtu, in extreme way lak tu. Mogok lah, tulis blog lah etc etc. Masa oil price high, iye iye je nak nak gulingkan kerajaan and nak naik kan anwar. But now sume puas ati, sume diam aje. G keje pon naik keje sbb oil price turun.
Mak ajak untuk understand that matters really well first before u decide anything okay.
Sekian terima kasih~~~
Izzu says again :
And below will be my answer :i stuju ngan Lina Hangat Lite-lite, kalo kita boikot barang2 us, yg runnning bussiness us kat malaysia ni, adalah org malaysia dan mostly, pekerja2 dan kuli2 ni pulak, adalah org melayu. so, kalo boikot, ngan apa nak byr gaji pekerja ? last2 kompeni buang kerja dan bertambah pengangguran, lps tu akan increase jenayah. rata2nya akan terasa effect adalah org melayu islam yang kelas pertengahan. yg miskin dan papa kedana takyah citerla, sbb mmg diorg awal2 lagi dan sengsara. i think, most of malay family is in middle class category. kalo middle class pun jatuh ke tahap miskin, apa lagi yg tinggal utk melayu islam khususnya ?even dr mahathir suruh berenti kerja dr kompeni us. kalo berenti kerja, dr mahathir dan ahli2 politik ni, leh ke offer diorg kerja ? dan kerja tu pulak, mampu ke utk diorg sara family diorg? tun mahathir okla, sbb pencen dia je pun dan ribu2. tak abis makan. even aku rasa, pencen lagi mahal dan banyak dr gaji korg semua. aku takleh trima cadangan quit job from us company. stupid remarks sgt. mampu ke government nak bagi job utk mereka yg resign beramai2 ni semata2 kempen boycott us ? sdgkan, government pun makan duit tax from product2 dr us yg masuk malaysia. dan juga from tax yg berkaitan yg lain, yang ada involve ngan investor dr us ni. kalo bukan dr tax tu, mana cukup government nk byr gaji dan bonus staff dia sendiri. sure, marleha pulak akan gila meroyan sbb bonus tade dan tade increment gaji sbb government tade duitmalaysia, too dependent with us. nak buat mcm mana, mmg itu cara economy kita di developed dr dulu. kita bukan, us, china, jepun, korea even india yg leh generate income mcm tu je. still depend on import and export. kalo us boycott malaysia, mrasa....byk yg papa kedana. even i pun tak mustahil akan jadi mcm tu sbb kompeni i based from uk dan us. kalo i quit job smata2 nak support boycott us ni, ada ke org nak bagi aku gaji bulan2, dok melaung slogan "boycott us" tu ? aku rasa, kompem aku makan batu dan rumput je. aku rasa, baik kita hantar mereka yg dok menjerit2 ni ke palestin skali. biar dia gi berperang sama. at least itu baru betul2 caranya. i mengaku, i tak seberani itu utk ke medan perang, kalo jd paramedic pun, i rasa i pengsan tgk darah.so, i pun niat benci israel dlm hati je, itu je i termampu, kalo i boycott us, i kena quit company i skrg which i tak mampu nak buat camtu. even kompeni lama i pun tak mampu nak bagi gaji yg i dpt skrg, even lagi 2,3 tahun i kerja kat situ. maybe i kena kerja mcm nak mati campur terlibat opis politik dan kipas2, baru i leh dpt gaji i skrg seperti di kompeni baru. maybe after more than 4 tahun kerja. nasib baik rezeki tuhan bagi murah, i tak perlu nak backstab org, office politic ataupun kipas2 boss utk dpt gaji skrg ni dlm masa tak smp 2 tahun kerja lps grad. company mana yg bg ? company from us gak. tapi i tau, kompeni tak support israel. so itu dh cukup utk membuktikan yg kompeni megutuk kekejaman israel.malaysia pun hanya mampu hantar 10 resolusi je, maknanya hanya mampu hantar kertas bertulis je ke us. kenapa tak antar tentera ? sbb malaysia pun takut, kalo us pulaukan kita dan kita jadi macam negara lebanon, iraq dan lain2 negara2 yg us benci. kita tak sekuat iran, sbb iran ada byk minyak dan gas (no 3 terbanyak di dunia, correct me if i am wrong) so diorg leh kerek ngan us sbb us pengguna tenaga paling banyak di dunia dan diorg juga ada nuclear reactor diorg sendiri. kita punya, reserve bukan byk pun dan most investor utk 0il&gas bussiness di malaysia ni, adalah dr us. kita ada nuclear weapon tak ? so, baik kita pikirkanlah. nak boycot pun pikir2kanla juga, kalo nak buat, go ahead. kalo tak buat pun takpe. hak2 masing2. yg pasti kita sama2 bersimpati pada rakyat israel dan mengutuk zionis ni secera berterusan. sumbangan kewangan pun dialu-alukan. doa adalah senjata org islam. dan itu yg mampu i buat.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Counting Days

If you notice, I have something new installed to this blog i.e the Daisy Path ticker to my Wedding Day. Ouch!
At first I thought that ticker is unnecessary but I almost freaked out when it wrote 6 months, x weeks x days. OMG, time is ticking and it ticks fast!
So today I officially launched the mission "My Big Day" and yeah, hella luva lots of things to do.
You want to know something funny? When we know that we are going to get married, the first thing we did was .. buying tickets for our honeymoon vacation. HAHA. Don't get us wrong, it is not that we are so desperately into that. They were having sale on airfares and it's always cheaper to book early. And my fiance is now busy hunting Crocs (the shoes, not the animal) for the vacation. I am not so into Crocs but since he likes it (he doesn't actually like it but since we are going to the beaches, it would be much easier sliding in Crocs), why not? I told him I want us to have the same colour. I guess I will have to forgo pink.
I left the office early today for my mission to drop by SSF and hunt for Wedding Door Gifts. Last time for my Engagement, I bargained whole lots of stuff from SSF i.e the paper bags, favour boxes, ribbons, flowers, beads for the invitation cards. SSF is now having 50% sale on some of their items. That is super cool! I love every single thing in SSF, their decor style is so in right now. I cant wait to have my own home so I can decorate my own pad with stuffs from SSF. Alamak terberangan :~)
It is fun planning for my own wedding. I have a book and a blog to have everything written and noted on this matter. That blog is actually for my fiance or myself to jot any update or findings on the event. Easier that way because we don't really meet everyday. Unfortunately it is a private blog because we do write about some confidential stuffs too like ... aha. Rahsia! :p
Okay last but not least, does anyone know any talented videographer that I can hire for my Wedding?

I've Been Tagged!

1. Do you think you're hot?
I think I am sexy.

2. Upload a favorite picture of you

3. Why do you like that picture?
This photo really speaks for itself. Indirectly, it shows how nervous, happy, flattered I was that time. The photo was taken on my Engagement day.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Hmmm serious tak ingat. Bile eh? Rasanye somewhere around last year, for the BAKTI Meeting. I organized the meeting, we ordered pizza and Sasa helped me to take away the pizza. That scene is still fresh in my mind.

5. The last song you listened to?
Dinda - Ahmad Band

6. What are you doing right now beside this?
Chatting dengan Ee Fei and Sasa. Out of nowhere, Ee Fei tetiba want me to get pregnant. Nak tengok Zal junior yang mata besar dan bulu mata lebat katanye. Aiyor Ee Fei mmg kuat berangan. And is talking to Dila, excited to plan for my bachelorette party.

7. What name you prefer besides yours?
Apa maksud soalan ni? My favourite name ke? Aha ada this one name. Zahra. Zahra is an Arabic name dan anak kepada Angelina Jolie. How glamour is that.

8. People to tag :
1. Aida
2. Pakwan
3. Ee Fei

9. Who is number one?
My friend from the office but she is in different department i.e the Small Field. We first met in Langkawi for our Reservoir Characterization and Simulation course. I remembered that time, we traveled back together, I sat next to her on the plane. She admired my Canon SLR so much, and she couldn't stop snapping the scenery from the window. Later after that, I happen to know that Aida has a second home in Seremban. Once in a while, usually on every Friday, we will travel back together to Seremban. Sometimes on Tuesday evening, she lepak and watch me play tennis at TTDI. After that, I lepak at her house before I go back home. And yeah, kite rapat pon because she is the Vice President to PED Society while I am the Secretary and most of the time, we planned the club's activity together. One more to go which is the Family Day.,

10. Number 3 is having a relationship with..
Peter si mata biru. After university, Ee Fei and I bersama-sama apply for Masters program oversea. Ee Fei dah dapat scholarship from Chalmers in Sweeden and I got few offers from UK universities. But because I am bonded to my sponsors, I had to forgo the offer and work for them. Ee Fei is free to go because she is not bonded to anyone. So after she completed her Msc in Chalmers, she got the job offer in Statoil in Norway. That is where she met Peter, her fiance. Last Christmas, Ee Fei spend the holiday with Peter's family at his hometown.

11. Who is number 2?
Pakwan was my classmate in Uni. At present, we are in the same Division, but different discipline. But of course, I bumped into him a lot. He is currently pursuing someone. Good luck to him :p

Thalassemia Test

Since Thalassemia Test is covered under ING, I went to the clinic to get myself one. Hip hip hurrah to find out that I am free from Thalassemia. I am now waiting for my fiance's result (eventhough I know he hasn't gone the test yet).
What is Thalassemia?
Thalassemia describes a group of inherited disorders characterized by reduced or absent amounts of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein inside the red blood cells. There are two basic groups of thalassemia disorders: alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia. These conditions cause varying degrees of anemia, which can range from insignificant to life threatening.
What are the different kinds of Thalassemia
There are three clinically significant types: Thalassemia minor, Thalassemia intermedia, and Thalassemia major.
Thalassemia minor, also called Thalassemia trait may cause no symptoms, but changes in the blood do occur. A person with Thalassemia minor generally has no health problems excepting a possible mild anemia, which cannot be corrected with iron supplements.

Thalassemia intermedia, also called mild Cooley’s anemia is an intermediate form of the disease. Thalassemia intermedia is a clinical condition that varies and must be constantly evaluated by the hematologist. No two people with Thalassemia intermedia are the same.

Thalassemia major, also called Mediterranean anemia or Cooley’s anemia, named after the doctor who first described it in 1925) is the most severe form. Thalassemia major is very serious and requires extensive medical care.
How do people get Thalassemia?

Thalassemia is an inherited disease, which means it is passed on from parents to their child through their genes. It is nor infectious and cannot be “caught” like a cold. It will not develop later in life, nor can a child outgrow it. Both parents must have Thalassemia trait in order to pass the disease on to their child, but it only takes one parent to pass trait on to his/her child. Thalassemia trait will never develop into disease. Thalassemia trait can be passed on for many generations without being detected before a child is born with disease. The probabilities to get Thalassemia exist for each child independently of what happened with prior children the couple may have had. In other words, each new child has a one-in-four chance of having severe Thalassemia. The inheritance of Thalassemia genes is purely a matter of chance and cannot be altered. For example if a thalassemic married a normal, all the children will be healthy carriers. They must inherit a Thalassemia gene from their thalassemic parent, but they must also inherit a normal gene from the normal parent, so none of them can possibly haveThalassemia major. (Figure1).

Figure 2 shows that if a thalassemic marries a Thalassemia carrier, in each pregnancy there is a 50% chance that the child will be thalassemic, and a 50% chance that it will be a healthy carrier.
Figure 2

Figure 3 shows that if one thalassemic marries another, all their children will be thalassemics. This situation arises sometimes too, because Thalassemia carriers have so much in common, that they usually decide not to have any children or to try to have children with medical help, for example, by artificial insemination (using semen from a man who is not a carrier).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Tak sangka it's already 2009 and at the moment of writing this, it's already 4th of January!! Tomorrow is Ee Fei's birthday and Ee Fei if you are reading this, Happy Birthday in advance dear! I love you so much :)
Here is a year's worth of my life in 2008 in less than 60 seconds :
January - Decline the offer to pursue Masters
February - Develop new hobby i.e cooking and baking
March - Lost few kgs, visited Bangkok
April - Assigned to new project, IRQ
May - Busy with work
June - Tried all sorts of cakes and cuppies
July - Addicted to cooking pasta
August - Bf's family came to merisik
September - Anyam my first ketupat bawang, baked my first kuih Hari Raya
October - Settled my car installment, got engaged!
November - Visited Langkawi again, love at second sight to golfing, started to love DVD marathon
December - less work, more holiday, spent most time with friends, baking, jogging and hangout with my girlfriends, threw a surprise birthday party for Hazzy
Cant' wait to know what 2009 holds in store for me but here are some of my wishes and dream for this wonderful year.
1. Spend more time with my family
2. Maintain at 50kg
3. Deliver more than the expected, especially at work
4. Regular detoxing
5. Minimize shopping activity
6. Banyakkan berdoa
and many more.
Happy 2009 Everyone!