Thursday, January 15, 2009

Counting Days

If you notice, I have something new installed to this blog i.e the Daisy Path ticker to my Wedding Day. Ouch!
At first I thought that ticker is unnecessary but I almost freaked out when it wrote 6 months, x weeks x days. OMG, time is ticking and it ticks fast!
So today I officially launched the mission "My Big Day" and yeah, hella luva lots of things to do.
You want to know something funny? When we know that we are going to get married, the first thing we did was .. buying tickets for our honeymoon vacation. HAHA. Don't get us wrong, it is not that we are so desperately into that. They were having sale on airfares and it's always cheaper to book early. And my fiance is now busy hunting Crocs (the shoes, not the animal) for the vacation. I am not so into Crocs but since he likes it (he doesn't actually like it but since we are going to the beaches, it would be much easier sliding in Crocs), why not? I told him I want us to have the same colour. I guess I will have to forgo pink.
I left the office early today for my mission to drop by SSF and hunt for Wedding Door Gifts. Last time for my Engagement, I bargained whole lots of stuff from SSF i.e the paper bags, favour boxes, ribbons, flowers, beads for the invitation cards. SSF is now having 50% sale on some of their items. That is super cool! I love every single thing in SSF, their decor style is so in right now. I cant wait to have my own home so I can decorate my own pad with stuffs from SSF. Alamak terberangan :~)
It is fun planning for my own wedding. I have a book and a blog to have everything written and noted on this matter. That blog is actually for my fiance or myself to jot any update or findings on the event. Easier that way because we don't really meet everyday. Unfortunately it is a private blog because we do write about some confidential stuffs too like ... aha. Rahsia! :p
Okay last but not least, does anyone know any talented videographer that I can hire for my Wedding?


Jesz Superfox said...

try cst production or adan impressive. google and tgk video derang. mak amek cst sbb dh terjatuh cinta ngan video nikah saiful nang yg dier wat. :)

lilly said...

that is soo sweet. wish i was as organized as u =D

Zal said...

Thanks dear, yeah CST memang impressive :D

Zal said...

Lilly thank you. Do you mind sharing me your blog address?, if you happen to have any :D