Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crocs Bali Super Cute

So, I was informed by a friend that Crocs is having sale at SS15, Subang Jaya. It was quite a good bargain since most of the shoes were sold at around 50% discounted from the normal price. The 3 day sale started on last Friday.
I had set my mind to go on Saturday, after my facial session at KL. Earlier on, I told Ezzaini that I'd like to join their dance class at Pavillion but I cancelled because this session is so difficult to get. Sorry Ezzaini, next time maybe.
At 4PM, I was still stuck at the beauty center listening to my beautician promoting the facial package. Yada yada. I gave Balqish a call, checking on the traffic over there. Balqish has already completed her Crocs mission, 1 flip flops for herself and 1 Crocs for the boyfriend. By the time I came out from the beauty center, it's already 530PM. There is no way I could make it to Subang from Lot 10 in half an hour time. The Crocs sale is only until 600PM. So I told my fiance, let's try again tomorrow.
We have made plans to shoot to SS15 after attending the wedding at Kajang. In the car on the way to Subang I was already excited, eventhough I am not that into Crocs, but I just feel so excited about it. It took quite a while to reach Subang from Kajang because we were trying to find our way to escape Kajang and go to KL. And as we arrived at Subang, we asked around to look for Jalan SS15/5A. We were at SS15 and only few steps to the shop No.25 but we have no idea where it is. We bumped into these bunch of people, 4 of them, 3 girls and a boy and my fiance says
"Cube tanya diorang where is No.25"
"Dun want lah, they don't look friendly, let's us just find the shop ourselves" I answered
And as we passed that bunch of people, one of them taps my window. I turned back and saw her waving at me. I came out from the car and saw MALIZ!!!
She was my friend from secondary. HAHA. Iye iye je cakap diorang tak friendly when Maliz is really a friendly girl.
"Maliz, what are you doing in here?"
"Aku nak g kedai Crocs tu, tapi dah tutup sbb dah sold out"
I screamed "What? Serious ke dah tutup? Man, I came all the way from Seremban tau"
Yeah and we chatted for a while, expressing our dissapointment.
I hopped into the car and told my fiance the shop is already closed. Die percaya but he said let us go and check where the shop is. Lepas satu kali pusing that shop lot, we managed to find the shop. Yeah it was closed. There was a paper posted at the wall saying everything was out of stock. Sedihnye masatu. I told my fiance I was so sad. It's not that I really want to Crocs, but I was so excited on getting the Crocs for us but everything was already sold out. Hee was not sad but he bring me to gerai keropok lekor and goreng pisang dekat depan kedai Crocs tu because he knows that could cheer me up, for a while.
As I ate my keropok lekor, I told him "Sedihlah, I dont want to think about it anymore. Can we just go to Midvalley, buy ourself that Crocs so we dont have to hunt for Crocs anymore?"
He said ok and drove me to Mid Valley and let me to finish all the keropok lekor and goreng pisang.
So at Crocs, he asked me "Do you really want to buy the shoes?"
"Yes" I answered. But then he tried to distract my attention on the shoes and dragged me to go out from Crocs And realizing it was also Asr time, my fiance ajak me to go to the surau and perform the prayers first.
I was so sad to hear him said that. I want that Crocs now! but yeah, it was almost Asr time so we went to the surau. At that surau, I performed my prayers and layan my melancholy feeling. Sedih, pastu dah tader mood nak jalan dah. Maybe because I am pmsing too kot.
And then masa tengah jalan menghala to dont know where, these word suddenly came out from my mouth.
"Sayang, tetiba je I think that I dont want to buy the Crocs now, let's jalan-jalan"I pon dont know mana hilangnye that eagerness feeling towards Crocs that I had just now. And then my fiance said "Yeah, good that u said that. Anyway, we wont be needing that shoes until July. Why not wait until July and kalau tade lagi sale Crocs, then we get the one at normal price"
Tetiba aje mentol menyala. I was clapping and jumping "God, I love you idea dear, that is so true!!" Tetiba rasa berbunga dan sambung jalan-jalan di Midvalley.
Kesimpulannyer, berehat dulu sebelum buat any decision ok :)

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