Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ayat Ayat Cinta

I borrowed the CD from Balqish but stopped at the first 10 minutes because I found it bit boring. Last night during gossip session with my gurlies at A&W, diorang tak abis abis puji the movie and I was like, girls, are you sure? Why did I find the movie so so boring and slow.
So I gave it a second chance and ooooooo, yes, it was a very touching Islamic love story. Fahry the hot stuff is so shy around the girls. I found it bit funny during the taaruf when Fahry first saw Aisha's face. Tak kelip mata die and lepastu terus berzikir. HAHA. I prefer Aisha than Maria. Aisha is such a strong woman. I have no idea whether I would have the guts to do what she did, if I were in her shoes. I love Aisha's hijab and abaya and her beautiful eyes too.
Yeah, I am always outdated on movies. Even my mom dah tengok movie tu ok. And she was like "Aha Fahry tu kena fitnah je. Die tak jahat"
Aiyor pening-pening.
Well the reason I am writing because I suddenly think a story told by the Ustazah during the Kursus Kahwin about violence in marriage. Domestic violence is a much more disaster than the Israeli assaults on Gaza. Killing and bombing the enemy is much easier be done without mercy. But a husband abusing his wife is a totally different story. How could that someone who love you/you love hit, strangle and push you. The Ustazah shared a story of a wife who is 5 month pregnant. Perutnye dipijak-pijak si suami yang gila and still she doesn't dare to report it to the police because she said she loves him and need him (plus, the husband is a policeman too). Kesian perempuan itu. I pray to God, semoga aku dijaukan dari orang orang sebegini. As a conclusion, an abusive husband memanglah orang yang paling tidak berguna dalam dunia ini.

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