Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Tak sangka it's already 2009 and at the moment of writing this, it's already 4th of January!! Tomorrow is Ee Fei's birthday and Ee Fei if you are reading this, Happy Birthday in advance dear! I love you so much :)
Here is a year's worth of my life in 2008 in less than 60 seconds :
January - Decline the offer to pursue Masters
February - Develop new hobby i.e cooking and baking
March - Lost few kgs, visited Bangkok
April - Assigned to new project, IRQ
May - Busy with work
June - Tried all sorts of cakes and cuppies
July - Addicted to cooking pasta
August - Bf's family came to merisik
September - Anyam my first ketupat bawang, baked my first kuih Hari Raya
October - Settled my car installment, got engaged!
November - Visited Langkawi again, love at second sight to golfing, started to love DVD marathon
December - less work, more holiday, spent most time with friends, baking, jogging and hangout with my girlfriends, threw a surprise birthday party for Hazzy
Cant' wait to know what 2009 holds in store for me but here are some of my wishes and dream for this wonderful year.
1. Spend more time with my family
2. Maintain at 50kg
3. Deliver more than the expected, especially at work
4. Regular detoxing
5. Minimize shopping activity
6. Banyakkan berdoa
and many more.
Happy 2009 Everyone!


KEF said...


Don't get too thin.

Zal said...

Not to thin, not until I loose my curves hehe



lilly said...

happy new year! hohoho
btw, zal, where can u find tie rack in msia? (lari topic kejap =P)

Zal said...

Hie Lily, you can find Tie Rack at KLIA International Airport. One is at Departure Level 5 and another one is at Satellite Building, if you are flying international (dekat depan aerotrain).

lilly said...

hahaha... that means i kene fly off somewhere baru boleh beli? =P

Zal said...

Nope dear, you boleh beli kat Departure Level 5. But it would be cheaper if you buy from Satellite Building sbb dalam sana is tax free already.