Monday, January 26, 2009

Graduated in Pre-Matrimony Course

Clap clap!
Seronok dan lucu lah pergi Kursus Kahwin ni. Since it was the CNY long holidays weekend, the class wasn't that full coz semua nyer dah balik kampung. We were sos glad! Earlier on, Itak called me, all the way from TXS, to remind me to book early in Zura's Akademik. During her time, she did walk-in registration but the class was full and ended up coming for the course 4 weeks after that. But don't worry, now days, they have 2 classes held in parallel, one in Bangsar and one in Lembah Pantai. Thank you Itak, that was very nice of you, walaupun tetiba line terputus kan. Muah muah.
Okay let me summarize. So if you want to get married, what you need to do is:
(This example is applicable to bride and bridegroom from the same negeri i.e Negeri Sembilan. Kirenyer case ni applicable to me saje lah hihi. If you are from different negeri, you may have different procedure and criteria for applying the documents and approval. I suggest to attend the Kursus Kahwin lah. RM80 saja!)

The bride and the bridegroom. Do it anytime
1. Go to any clinics to do the Ujian HIV. If you have budget constraint, you may want to go to Klinik Kerajaan
2. Request for Surat Akuan Bujang/Dara from HR
3. Fotostet your IC

The bridegroom. Do it 3 months before the Solemnization. (The duration might differ for different negeri)
1. Go to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan and collect the Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan for you and your bride (be a gentlemen ok). Fill the form but don't sign in the form yet.
2. At the Pejabat Agama, ask for the number of Imam Jurunikah. Call him and make an appointment.
3. Go to see the Imam Jurunikah, bring along your :
- Borang Permohonan
- Sijil Kursus Kahwin
- Fotostet IC
- Surat Akuan Bujang
4. Sign the Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan in front of Imam Jurunikah.
5. And then go again to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan, submit all the documents and Pejabat Agama will issue the Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin
6. And then, pass the Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin to your bride.

The bride
1. No need to go to Pejabat Agama. Collect the Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan from your bridegroom. Puji puji sikit for his kindness sbb tolong ambikkan the form.
2. Fill the form, do not sign the form. Ask the number of Imam Jurunikah from your bride. Puji puji him sikit lagi for being so nice sbb bagi you the number.
3. Go to see the Imam Jurunikah, bring along your :
- Borang Permohonan Perkahwinan
- Sijil Kursus Kahwin
- Fotostet IC
- Surat Akuan Dara
4. Sign the borang in front of Imam Jurunikah
5. And then pass the borang and all the documents to Pejabat Agama Negeri Sembilan. Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin will be issued and now boleh lah proceed with the Solemnization within the 3 months.

It is a very tedious process. I need to take a leave to get it done.
Other than that, the Ustaz and Ustazah at the Kursus Kahwin mmg bagus bagus belaka. Some of them wrote books on Women, Marriage, Pregnancy etc. I bought 3 books i.e Gerbang Perkahwinan, 501 Persoalan Fikah Wanita and books on baby names. But that baby names were my fiance's, it's for her sister who is now 5 months pregnant of her first baby. Anyway let me share with you some questions from the book 501 Persoalan Fikah Wanita bahagian bersolek, sbb bahagian ni lah yang paling interesting kan hihi.

1. Apakah hukum memakai braces atau dawai penyokong gigi untuk membetulkan susunan gigi?
Hukumnya harus

2. Apakah hukumnya memakai contact lens bagi mengatasi masalah rabun.
Memakai contact lense hukumnya harus untuk mengatasi masalah rabun

3. Apakah hukum seorang wanita melakukan rebonding bagi meluruskan rambutnya yang kerinting
Hukumnya haram sekiranya dia lakukan bukan kerana suami

There are more ques in the book. If you wish to know more, boleh lah pinjam from me ya.


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Congrats! Dah graduate! Clap! Clap! :-)

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congrats!! anyway, salam ziarah dari bumi Dublin, Ireland.. saje2 lompat2 blog.. :)

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Thank you Aida, and I know you did well in Concerto class :p

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