Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roadtrip Anyone?

I realize how cloudy and saturated I am right now. I was having problems with my work where my reservoir could not produce by putting even only 2 wells! So everyday when I go back home, my mind keep on iterating and trying to figure out what could be the problem. My mental is totally drained. If people ask me "Busy ke. Banyak keje ek?" Well my keje x banyak, project ada 2 je. Tapi nak kena fikir nak buat macamana tu yang penat tu. I onced wish that I am a cashier or someone who do the travelling claim or any repetitive work coz the procedure is clear. )ou know what to do next. Banyak keje camne pon, balik rumah paling kurang penat badan tapi tak penat badan and kepala ok. Not like how I am right now. So I think I know what I need anyway i.e a holiday. I am glad that hubby and I are planning to embark on a roadtrip to somewhere this weekend. The main occasion would be a friend's wedding on Saturday but the side dishes are jalan-jalan, makan-makan and lepak-lepak during the weekend. I can't wait!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cerita Pasal Mixer

When I was still staying with my family, I utilize mom's baking accessories and that include her way old and aged mixer. Agak-agaknyer kitaorang sama umur lah. The machine still runs well, proudly to say, it was there for me during I-am-bored and feels-like-baking time.
So when I got married, Lanre, a colleague from the office answered my prayers. He bought me a mixer as wedding gift. The mixer blade, bersinar-sinar ok, and suffice to say, I was so happy that time because I now have my own mixer to bake!
The machine works very hard during Hari Raya. Cookies, cakes, cheesecakes that we made. And then suddenly it stops.
We sent it to electrical shop to get it fixed but sad to say, the motor is already broken and mixer tu memang tak boleh di fix.
Sedih ok.
So last week, I borrowed mom's mixer to bake cheese brownie. Old lady she is, tiba-tiba, the blade patah. Haih sedih nyer. Itulah penamat kepada usia mom's mixer and I still haven't informed her yet about this huhu.
Conclusion is, I am now mixer-less and am planning to acquire one good one, yang tahan lama, yg bagus, yg modern etc etc. Still in the process of scouting for one, hopefully will soon find my dream mixer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Kopet

Kopet is a group in charge of refreshments in my company. Tea, coffee, kuih-kuih, lunch set, brunch set semuanyer diorang ada.
But they are a pure disappointment lah!
1. Numerous of times, food came late, especially for meeting held very early in the morning. During DPE Society time, we usually had our meeting at 8AM and settled at 9AM. Food came only 930AM. Reason why, katanyer kedai kuih-muih tak bukak lagi. Some people actually skipped breakfast for this meeting. But in the end, came out with empty stomach and rasa sakit hati!
2. Or the food never came at all. Reason given, borang order hilang. Borang hilang tu memang alasan yang selalu diberikan lah.
3. Or, the food came at the wrong meeting room
5.We have free supply of coffee, tea and milo in the office but I don't do coffee or tea, only milo. So there was this one morning, milo was no where to be seen. Sedih jugak lah. I havent have breakfast at that time. Suddenly saw the akak Kopet tengah prepare tea and coffee for morning meeting. So I asked her "Akak milo tak de ke?"
Maybe it was her bad hair day, she malas nak layan and simply said "Apa yang ada tu ada lah dik. Yang lain akak tatau"
Motif sangat akak tu. Padahal memang duty die to provide supply of milo, coffee, tea, sugar, creamer whatnot in the office. Sedih ar. For few times I went to the pantry, checking on milo supplies, mana tau ttba datang kan. In the end, I went to 4 level downstairs to make my milo.
6. There was this once, I saw akak Kopet was preparing refreshment for meeting. It was a Secret Recipe cake. I saw her cut the cake and part of it went into her mouth. Aiyor. Pengsan.
7. This happen yesterday, food came one day earlier than the actual meeting day!
The tealady from Kopet called me "Adik, meeting adik harini ke esok?"
"Esok kak. Kenapa?"
"Akak dah buat kuih tu harini lah dik. Akak tak perasan yang tarikh meeting tu esok bla bla bla" she bebeled
I became confused. Apa motif kakak ni call aku then bebebe yang die dah buat kuih harini, when I clearly wrote in the form that my meeting date is 8 April 2010. Then I said
"Akak, saya order makanan tu untuk esok, bukan untuk arini. And saya tak rasa saya akan amik makanan yang akak dah buat tu. Saya harap esok ada makanan tu ye, akak jangan lupe tau"
Akak tu pon buat suara kerang gelak gelak kerang and said ok. Motif sangat akak Kopet ni tau.
8. So today, the meeting went well. I was quite satisfied to the fact that the food came early. I ordered tuna sandwiches and grapes. Tapi bile makan tuna sandwiches tu, rasa cam dah berair and cam dah basi. Rasa cam tuna tu tuna semalam pon ada lah. And that was when I could not stand it anymore and decided to write this post.
Kopet monopolizes all refreshments arrangement within the company. I guess they feel secured and comfortable without any outsider or other competitors to their business and that makes them take things for granted. Nak buat untung je. Everyone know that they marked up their food. Let say if we order croissant from Deli France. On top of Deli France actual prices, they charges few more to that. And that makes their food so so expensive. And their service for me, memang mengecewakan :(
Evaluation form pon tak pernah buat. How can they know where they are right now. Kalau ada evaluation form, memang berjela-jela aku nak tulis.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Debt Free

My ultimate dream is to become debt free. It is not that I am tied up with many debts, cume, I don't want to be involved with unnecessary debts like credit card debt. I love to shop and don't like carrying bulks of cash. But now days I teach myself to plan my shopping and carry cash whenever I want to go shopping or let the other half to pay for it. Ehem. But anyway all I can say I am very happy with my own progress on clearing my debts. A little bit more than I guess I can be debt free and can proceed with creating surplus of RM for our future.