Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When It Is Wrong To Make The Right Decision

I never imagined I would be facing bananas go bananas as I picked up the phone and dialed her number. As I spelled out my intention to forgo the offer, I was bombarded of why, of what, of even who do you think you are?

"You cant simply say you cant go because your boss assigned you to xx project. Bosses aren't even supposed to assign anything to staff leaving for this SGDP. Are you sure that it's not your personal decision?"
Other that I-love-what-I'm-doing-now, I-love-KL, I-hate-being-away-from-my cat; it was sort of a personal decision. Madam, we plan to get married this year. HOHO. This is a no-no answer. So, I answered to her, diplomatically, that it is strongly driven by my career aspiration, nothing personal (which is 60% true)

"Zalina, do you have any idea the flow of processes we went through before coming out with the approval and offer? It took us a year!
Yeah I know Madam. I am aware on the series of processes, the level of authority you have to go through, that is why it's time consuming.

"The SGM.. the Company entrusted you and offered you an opportunity and you simply put down the offer. Now you need to write to all the bosses and explain WHY you choose to decline"
I am fully responsible for my decision. I will write the email.

It had sufficiently caused me mental impairment. But as a xx manager, she gotta do what she gotta do. After a few sec, I am fully recovered and starts smiling again. Hurrah! My To-do in 2008 can proceed as scheduled :)
I have made my call. No more of guilt and confusion of making the right decision. I am wiser now. I know what I want in life. After that much of thoughts, I decided not to pursue my Masters. Correction. Not my Masters. Never even mine in the first place.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Discover Aqua Physics

Freebies suckers!
SK-II has recently launched the latest hydration series made suitable for the young. It helps to maintain constant level of hydration and assure you survived a hectic day in an air-conditioned office. Suits me very well. The sample is already in my possession and let's see how glittering will it be later on. For your own free samples, log in and register at Aqua Physics now!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Love Goofing Around

Happy Birthday January babies - Nadia and Izmel. My sincere apology goes to both of you, and the rest of the YSLs, for my nonattendance to the birthday party last Saturday. Even though I was away, I had you all presence in my mind.
I was at Guoman, Port Dickson for an away day of a community outreach program I subscribed to.
My usual weekend errands and to-dos of tennis, reading, laundry, bingeing and what not were put on hold. Even though it was an away day to a community outreach program, what we did during the weekend was something unimaginable.
1. Met new friends and most of them are young professionals from Miri, Kerteh, Penang and Sabah. No bosses at ALL!
2. Saturday evening hangout at the hotel's bar for a bit of a dancing under the moonlight and star
3. Karaoke competition with songs revealed only on the spot. You are not talking about songs from Siti/Anuar or any famous mainstream artist in here. They ranges from Ibanese rock song to pure Persian/Arabian and even some Chinese songs from which century I seriously have no idea. Can you imagine the madness? My team aimed for some dance/pop song but when a rock song came out, we became numb. Thank God there was this one hairless boy came out with a head banging, a fake one, I suppose and guitar smashing HAHA. Just like Americon Idols, we were judged. We had the "You guys were horrible" remark and won the 2nd last place. HAHA.
4. Kooky outdoor activity. We need to hunt for 3 black ants, 3 red ants, 3 mosquitoes, 5 live earthworms, 1 live crab, 1 live spider, 2 live grasshopper,1 female hotel guests, make a hat from a nature just to name a few.
5. Transformation/Make Over Game. Male to Female. I'll share the youtube video if the boys had the guts to publish it.
I love this. Even though it was sort of a nonsense and does not seems to serve a purpose at all. Once in a while event, why not kan? There is a need to purge out the work acid reflux up there. A calibration to the mind. An outlet to channel my insanity.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beauty Enthusiast Alert!

As a SK-II voodooed user, my entry form must have safely arrived few days after the January issue was published. A goodie bag worth RM101.90, product voucher RM40, hairstyling and make-up tips for a RM40 entry fee? You gotta be kidding! It is definitely a compulsory workshop to be at.
And CLEO was very kind to put me on entitlement to enjoy a 50% discount on the workshop fee. Am not sure whether this offer is valid to everybody or only to yours truly. So tomorrow, early in the morning, Zal must call CLEO, check things out and redeem the 50% discount okay.
Fired to attend now? Go grab a copy of CLEO magazine January edition, fill in the form, and send in the fee by Friday, January 11 (which is tomorrow!!) to enjoy this special discount. First come first serve basis.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

No Need to Read With Sympathy


Due to my lack of skills in laundry management, I somehow washed my panty with this substance.
Anyway the aforementioned substance was bleach and the rest was history.
So the lesson learnt : Never take the Wash Care Label for granted!
My Lady in Lace Stripe Brazilian panty now comes with BLOTCHES!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Ozy

Happy Birthday Ozy! You are now 25 :)

Whodahell is Ozy?
The name Ozy originates from the word Aussie, but I was made to understand that the man himself was born somewhere in Tanah Melayu. We went to the same univ, back then he was kind of chubby and still is now. A cat lover, owns an orange fluffy Persian cat called Barb. He can be categorized as ladies' man, very understanding when it comes to women's infatuation with handbags and shoes. On his recent trip to Austria, he bought me an adorable black handbag with a coin pouch in it. A Facebook junkie, it's unbelievable how is he able to manage his Facebook to that complexity. As for me, Friendster is more of my cup of tea. Even my Myspace account was put to sleep few months ago.
Allrite Ozy, no offense to you and your Facebook. Do whatever it takes, as long as it makes you happy. I know you are happier now. Happy Birthday To You!