Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Ozy

Happy Birthday Ozy! You are now 25 :)

Whodahell is Ozy?
The name Ozy originates from the word Aussie, but I was made to understand that the man himself was born somewhere in Tanah Melayu. We went to the same univ, back then he was kind of chubby and still is now. A cat lover, owns an orange fluffy Persian cat called Barb. He can be categorized as ladies' man, very understanding when it comes to women's infatuation with handbags and shoes. On his recent trip to Austria, he bought me an adorable black handbag with a coin pouch in it. A Facebook junkie, it's unbelievable how is he able to manage his Facebook to that complexity. As for me, Friendster is more of my cup of tea. Even my Myspace account was put to sleep few months ago.
Allrite Ozy, no offense to you and your Facebook. Do whatever it takes, as long as it makes you happy. I know you are happier now. Happy Birthday To You!


Ozy said...

tq dear......... happy new year to u too......

Zal said...