Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When It Is Wrong To Make The Right Decision

I never imagined I would be facing bananas go bananas as I picked up the phone and dialed her number. As I spelled out my intention to forgo the offer, I was bombarded of why, of what, of even who do you think you are?

"You cant simply say you cant go because your boss assigned you to xx project. Bosses aren't even supposed to assign anything to staff leaving for this SGDP. Are you sure that it's not your personal decision?"
Other that I-love-what-I'm-doing-now, I-love-KL, I-hate-being-away-from-my cat; it was sort of a personal decision. Madam, we plan to get married this year. HOHO. This is a no-no answer. So, I answered to her, diplomatically, that it is strongly driven by my career aspiration, nothing personal (which is 60% true)

"Zalina, do you have any idea the flow of processes we went through before coming out with the approval and offer? It took us a year!
Yeah I know Madam. I am aware on the series of processes, the level of authority you have to go through, that is why it's time consuming.

"The SGM.. the Company entrusted you and offered you an opportunity and you simply put down the offer. Now you need to write to all the bosses and explain WHY you choose to decline"
I am fully responsible for my decision. I will write the email.

It had sufficiently caused me mental impairment. But as a xx manager, she gotta do what she gotta do. After a few sec, I am fully recovered and starts smiling again. Hurrah! My To-do in 2008 can proceed as scheduled :)
I have made my call. No more of guilt and confusion of making the right decision. I am wiser now. I know what I want in life. After that much of thoughts, I decided not to pursue my Masters. Correction. Not my Masters. Never even mine in the first place.


Faizad @ swanked said...

I'm sorry but I'm not with you on this.I'm sure u've heard the phrase 'opportunity knocks but only once' and u have decided not to answer it this time.I strongly doubt it will come knocking again.Even if it does, sometime in the future perhaps,u will find urself with even more reasons NOT to go for it.
But what's done is done and i can only hope u r really, really happy n certain with the decision u took.I'm sorry if I sound mean but I do want what's best for my friends.

Zal said...

Let's go for a coffee for the undisclosed constraints that were not mentioned here (but no problem on sharing it with you, since you are one of my friend). On your birthday party maybe? Happy Birthday in advance Pejat :)

Fairul said...

The choice is in ur hands..innit? :)

Jai Maddox said...

zal, we need chatter box... better.


Looking at what its offer and what you currently have. It's a logic and wise decision.

Anonymous said...

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