Sunday, February 10, 2008

Even Lovers Need A Holiday

Loyalty was never an issue, I thanked God for that. It was more of a you-me thingy. I wish to plant these 2 points as a mental note to myself, so in future, I'd become a better person. Not only to my bf, but to other person too.
  • Be sensitive to the other’s feelings. You can still disagree, but don’t discount how your partner feels.
  • Remember that once you say things, you can’t take them back.
We are OK now :) And the way forward is re-balancing the relationship.
On a different note,
Do you know that Zal is absofuckingly hopeless when it comes to cooking? I live in a small family of 3. Mum looks after her diet. Dad is someone who doesn't each much. There was no motivation to cook. Nobody would seriously eat the food. But I foresee that as lame excuses for not befriending with the frying pan.
Cooking is just like doing chemistry in the laboratory. In chemistry, you do the math to get exact portion. To master the science of cooking, you will need to learn by doing. To know the right pinch of salt will takes a lot of practices. Baking is easier I suppose. The recipes come with portion. I am too technical am I? Sigh.
I should stop blaming it on the broken oven light bulbs too. When there is will, there is a way.
While on my lovers holiday, I was diverting my focus to something else and you guess it right. Cooking.
I appointed myself as the family cook and will be on operation during the weekend or on any special occasion, subject to availability. Nobody's eating is a solvable issue. Friends are most welcomed to visit me and claim for free lunches or dinner. Last week, I cooked Spagetti for Sha, Sup Ayam and Sambal Udang for Ayah and Bubur Pisang for myself. Bubur Pisang is my favourite.
Here goes my short term goal # 1 :
Bake a chocolate layer cake covered with chocolate icing and chocolate rice toppings for my birthday. Wish me luck!
But first and foremost: Must get the oven light bulbs fixed!

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