Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy As A Bee

18 more days to go and I've been very busy as a bee, buzz buzz :)
We didn't have any wedding planner and do everything on our own, with many helps from our parents, siblings (him), Meena (me) and beloved friends. I really enjoyed planning for my own wedding, never felt it as burden or feel stressed out over a thing. Sometime I have this feeling that I am now in the wrong industry.
For few days back, I've been busy decorating my room. Our theme for the bilik pengantin is burgundy red. Dad painted the wall in offwhite/cream, which is in harmony with burgundy red. Curtains and bed curtains are all done. And on the weekeend, we went to SSF for the dangling decor and KK for the flower balls, which has always been my favourite.
Meena tolong tengok pasang curtain
Meena is doing her QC job
Flower balls from KK
My bedsheet would be the same bedsheet used during the Engagement, white in colour, bought in ISETAN with 70% discount. The normal price for the bedsheet is RM1,100, which I think is ridiculous. No wonder was sold at 70% during sale (prolly because nobody is buying it at RM1,100)
To make it more interesting and less dull, I add in few cushion with covers and bed runner, both bought from Khazanah KLCC few days ago (they are having sale right now!).
So the bilik pengantin is 80% done. We will have fresh flowers i.e red roses and bit of aromatherapy on the day later on.
This is our guestbook, bought from Memory Lane, KLCC. I really love that classy round diamond in the middle.

Anyway, I am thinking on selling off all those items (dangling decor, flower balls, cushion cover and bed runner but not the guest book :p) after the wedding so just buzz me if you are interested to get it at low prices than the one on store.
Meena kepenatan


Jesz Superfox said...

flower ball~ cantek gile..mak suke..mak ade flower ball gak utk blk pngantin. tp sbb bende alah tu sampe awal, org pgg2, by d time ari nk menikah, bunge dier dh tcabut~ mak redha kn je la..make sure kau gantung bola tu las2 or org xde gatal tgn nk pgg2..haha..

Ita Shadila said...

santekkknyer :)



Dayu said...

cantik nye decoration tu
rasa nak beli lah
dan letak kat bilik sendiri, yg skrg guna bersama en suami tercinta
tak pun buat tirai pintu...*mcm2 idea ko dayu*

anyway...rehat cukup2..dh dekat sgt dah tu..
dan senyum byk2 tau nanti time hari besar kamu, biar gambar meletop

Zal said...

Jes : Sib baik kucing I pendek, so die tak dapat play with the flower balls.
Itak & Pakwan : Thanks :D
Dayu : Selamat Pengantin Baru :D And thanks for the useful tips (tengah senyum sampai ke telinga ni :p)

ErriNa said...

klu after u married nak jual flower ball tu bg tau i tau..i berminat and blh kitar bajet...huhuhu..