Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonderful Tonight

It was the song I played in my exam just now. Oh ya, it went well, with a lil bit of nervousness but okay lah kot. I am not sure what will happen next i.e when I am moving outside Seremban in September. What will happen to my music journey I mean. My fiance is so supportive on my interest in music and has given green light for me to pursue music. Now the challange is to look for music school near to our home later. I've always love my current music school, which is just 5 mins from home. My favourite teacher, Miss Seline has been with me for almost 4 years now. She is such a sweet lady and never scolded me for being slow/malas practice. Ah, I am going to miss her. Just now after exam she reminded me to come for one more class before June ends and told me to rest from classes to concentrate on my wedding. Ah, so sweet of her. She will call me when the results is out. I so hope she is not freaked out on the outcome HAHA.
The ticker is really scaring me now, as if it accelerates two times faster than before. I've got one more month to go people. But then I really have to juggle between the wedding preparation, work and also other-than-wedding-and-work matters like Meena, the needy and clingy cat I own. On that day after delivering the final presentation for that task force, I felt so relieved because I know I can now start to again enjoy my deep sleep but it did not last long. I was given another assignment at 4 o'clock on that day. I am not complaining and am taking it positively. At least it can help to keep me awake everyday and saves me from being blunt.
Other than that, I have the big day preparation going on. As of today, I am happy to announce that I have achieved my ideal weight, after subscribing to a strict daily diets, gym workouts and herbal teas. Next in the line is hydration programme and to take more water everyday.
Aha, there is also a slight change on the agenda of my Solemnization. It is now will be after Asr prayer on Friday, 17th July. So far everyone is ok with the timing and we are planning to have Majlis Berinai prolly at 8 o'clock on that evening. Just a simple one will do.
1 more month to go. I guess the card distribution can commences starting from tomorrow. Wish me luck and let's pray for it, InsyaAllah.

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