Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Sale

The most perfect time to splurge on perfumes and cosmetics is the Christmas time! I can't wait to do my Christmas shopping which will definately include Miss Dior Cherie from Christian Dior, usual skincare regimes, lip glosses and blushers, which suddenly went missing I don't know where.
While in Langkawi and at the airport, I did some price checking and it seems that Dior perfumes are off the same everywhere so might as well I buy it here at ISETAN . Extra points, extra vouchers and they come with miniatures, cute boxes and ribbons!


lilo said...

omg cherie sungguh wangi =*>
i wantt!!!!
shame on u for blogging about it, now i want one as well =P
but i haven't even opened the perfume i got for my hantaran, and that was a year ago! LOL

Zal said...

U should get one more for Christmas. I got myself two bottles of Miss Cherie. Can't get enough of it :P