Sunday, May 3, 2009

Melawat Kejiranan

Today, the landlord handed the key after we made the deposit. The house is in good condition now, the painting is brand new! The landlord bought few new lamps to replace the old one used by the previous owner. Okaylah, he is quite kind anyway. His wife were also there. Since we will only move in in July, they agree to give us discounts for May and June fee. Hurrah.
After closing the deal, we went around to see the surrounding. Believe it or not, baru time ni ada masa nak look around HAHA. Melawat kejiranan katanya.
The Pusat Kejiranan is just nearby our place. And I jumped happily when I saw a tennis court and a swimming pool at the Pusat Kejiranan. Supposedly, ada gym sekali lah, but the receptionist said, I can visit the Pusat Kejiranan at nearby Precinct i.e Precinct 9 or Precinct 8. Okay no problem. Tennis court and swimming pool pon dah okay I guess. There are also Taman Permainan Kanak-Kanak and Basketball/Volleyball court.
And I happen to know that the hi-way to KLIA is just nearby our place. So does the hi-way Utara Selatan, exit at Kajang/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. Since it's getting dark already, we plan to continue the tour to some other time. Here are some photos for every one's viewing pleasure.

Tennis Court
Swimming Pool
More Swimming Pool



Taman dan Pokok-Pokok at the Pusat Kejiranan



Dayu said...

bestnya kawasan rumah baru dia
kalau lah dpt dok area gini
mmg tak kuar jalan time wiken pun takpe...
swimming je kat pool, pn cukup
pastu next week main tenis lak

bestnya... kat mana ni zal??

Zal said...

Dayu, this is only the Kejiranan, not the tempat tinggal :p
This is at Putrajaya.

izzu said...

wow, u komoem dok sana ke ? leh la nnt i jalan2 melawat umah u...suka tgk pool dan taman2 tu

Zal said...

Izzu, itu kejiranan die. Tade orang duduk kat situ :P Nanti datang ok, love to have you around :D